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Hillary diehards


First, the idea floated by Hillary herself that her supporters need some kind of "catharsis" before they can be convinced to vote for the presumptive Democratic candidate is patronizing (matronizing?) on its face. It's exactly the kind of notion that feeds prejudices about why a woman would make a lousy president: that a female is more likely than a male to sacrifice common sense and reason to the altar of emotion, and God help us if her finger is on the button when she's having one of her...days.

It's surprising that a woman as smart as Hillary would buy into that line. Or, maybe it isn't so surprising if you believe that she's really out for Hillary and that the whole "Joan of Arc of the Women's Movement" trope is just her vehicle for getting where she wants to be.

For those "dead-enders" (to quote Donald Rumsfeld, which I try not to do too often), who would rather vote for John McCain or sit on their hands than settle for half a loaf, I have three words: "Supreme Court nominee."

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I have two words that trump your three words:
Democratic Majority!!!

To kmb08,

You do know how to read, don't you?
Great. Do a little research for yourself. Why not Google "electoral college?" Good place to start your education as to how our democracy works and what rules govern how we elect our leaders. Having a "democratic majority" is just great, but it won't get you elected--unless, of course, you think you can
break the rules.

Justine: yeah, we know. We're just emerging from eight years of a nightmare of lies, war and corruption that resulted from precisely that little snag in the system.

And anyway, I am really sick and tired of these whining Hillary supporters. They lost. What are they going to do, vote for McCain or stay home so that Hillary can be the nominee in four years? And then what will they do when the disenchanted and bitter Obama supporters - and remember, there were more of them - stay home or vote for her opponent as a comeuppance? I started out as a Hillary supporter, then decided that she was an idiot - and an anachronism - after watching her conduct her primary campaign. She's never going to be President no matter what happens to Obama this year. The sooner she gets that through the two thus far impenetrable layers of her skull and her ego, the better off both the Democratic party and the country as a whole will be.

It's amazing how nasty Obama supporters are toward the Clintons, when Obama is begging for their support. He knows that he can not win unless the Hillary supporters back him. There are just as many Hillary supporters that think Obama is a bommer as vice-versa. Keep in mind, just because we are asked to support Obama by Hillary, it doesn't mean that we will. It is great to leave in a country where voters have they free will to vote for whoever they want to vote for. The attitude of the Obama's supporters is certainly helping me make up my mind.

Ashlin - which means what, that you're going to vote out of a loser's spite instead of on the issues? If you were supporting Hillary one assumes there were some things she stood for that you believed in - unless you were just, in effect, a political groupie. So you're going to vote for McCain, whose entire program is the opposite of everything Hillary claimed to stand for?

Sure, Obama supporters have been nasty to a lot of the Hillary supporters; like you, they're whiney, spiteful sore losers who would rather screw the country up by voting for an extension of Bush administration policies than get behind someone who essentially represents the same things Hillary did. Whether Obama loses or not, people like you are the biggest losers in the pack.

As a former Hillary supporter, I am disappointed at the ugly comments directed at us. First, we're wacko hair-pullers who won't "let it go, and move on" and now we're mindless robots BECAUSE we let it go, moved on, and support the Party candidate. But I heard something that put it all in perspective for me when a talk radio host said, "Those whining, Hillary hanger-ons remind me of the 2000 election and all that whining about Gore."

Point of fact:

Obama didn't "win" the nomination. The Democratic Party primaries ended in a stalemate where neither Hillary or Obama had the number of primary votes needed to get the nomination. it was only by some kind of backroom deal by superdelegates at the DNC that the nomination was *HANDED* to Barack Obama by elites within the party.

So Hillary Clinton had just as much right to the nomination as Obama. If she was not cheated of the Florida and Michigan primary votes, she may have been a bit ahead of Obama, although ultimately both needed DNC superdelegates within the party to seal the nomination. And for whatever reason, the elites chose Obama.

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