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John McCain's housing problem


For those of you old enough to remember, this could turn out to be the $600 toilet seat of the 2008 election. Or not. Back in the 1980's, when waste and bloat were problems with military procurement (as if those problems ever went away), the American people had a hard time getting their arms around billions and trillions of dollars being spent on defense. Too abstract to compute.

Then a $600 contractor's invoice came to light for a bomber toilet seat, an everyday item that cost less than ten bucks at the time down at the local hardware store. Finally, Joe Taxpayer could visualize the waste. All hell broke loose in Congress as constituents began bombarding their representatives with phone calls and mail. John McCain's not being able to remember how many houses he owns could be another toilet seat moment, the tipping point when Americans grasp how out of touch he is with the rest of us. Or not. After all, it's probably a common problem for fat cat Republicans. Why single McCain out for ridicule? Shame on me.

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Well done, said and drawn. I heard some McCain damage control person trying to say that "well, properties are purchased for Mr. McCain like stocks, how could he possibly know how many he has?"

How could he possibly know how many folks find themselves facing foreclosure, too. Or care?

I really like your work- funny thing, I'm a cartoonist who started by drawing caricatures of teachers too! LOL!


Typical democrat, demonizing SUCCESS and embracing VICTIMHOOD. We have to find a way to limit ballot box access for these mindless creatures. BTW, is olbermann a "fat cat", his condo was bought for over 4 million. How about the messiah, how much is his house worth. Is his brother staying with him in that MULTI-MILLION dollar "shack"??? Keep blaming others for yoour faults boys and girls, it is VERY BECOMING.

Just some moreof the typical media garbage ala Obama. McCains, lack of knowledge proves that his wife is in control of her fortune as they agreed to and that he is concentrating on other things. About that $600. toilet seat..I dare anyone to make me ONE toilet seat to my specs for that amount

Very good statement. Lowe is not Demonizing Republicans, or people who have been successful, rather he is pointing out the obvious. If McCain says he is a regular working stiff and panders to working stiffs for their votes, then he must be like them, or at least express that he understand them. He say’s he understands the less fortunate, while all the time, not knowing what he owns? Sorry, but McCain put this on himself.

To Dan and Democrat Nemesis,

I am a Republican but cannot in any way
identify with the misplaced anger that
the two of you seem to have expressed here.
I see nothing in Mr. Lowe's cartoon
that is not a fair appraisal of McCain's
real problem in trying to portray himself
as an average American.

As for Keith Obermann, HE isn't running for office. As for the Messiah comment: your ignorance is what so many people
fear about our Party. You're not a Republican. You're a hate monger!

Everyone here is wrong, if someone is running for president there is no way in hell that guy is an average American. These are all millionaire elitist that are smart enough to make the stupid people in this county think they are in our same class. When either party or candidate for that matter has to start thinking between either retirement saving or providing for our kids then tell me you’re an average American. Having multi million dollar homes does not make you average.

Wake up people they are both going to screw this county over. You just have to pick who you like to see with their hand in your pocket. And that goes for congress, State, County and city officials. Politicians are the only legal form of theft.

At least McCain knows what city he is in! We will select our next president on issues not on how many houses he has.

Funny how the media never questioned John "Heinz" Kerry about all of his homes

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