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Congressional Republicans and the stimulus


Talk about tunnel vision. There are three things uppermost in Americans' minds right now: save my job, save my house, give me and my family medical care. Not among them is the scoring of temporary political points in the Washington echo chamber.

Congressional Republicans, by voting almost unanimously against the only possible remedy for our economic predicament that we've got going at the moment, find themselves in the unenviable position of hoping we all continue to suffer for two more years so they can gain a few seats in the House and Senate if the stimulus fails.

This is truly strange. I thought we were all Americans here. This bill was going to pass no matter what, so wouldn't it have been better to get on board, and shoehorn in some of their own pet stuff in the process? They did get more of their precious tax cuts as it was.

Remember that nutball ultra-conservative Congresswoman from Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann, who distinguished herself last Fall by calling for a full-scale investigation into the patriotism of members of Congress? She had no idea at the time how right she was.

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The part I find most interesting is the sudden emergence of the thousands of Republican staunch defenders of our children's future, all talking about the horrible burden we are placing on them to pay back. Where were all these die hard principled conservatives when the Republicans were the ones spending like drunken sailors? (No offence to drunken sailors :-). I can't decide if their hypocrisy is worse or their utter contempt for my mental processes is worse.

I for one am hoping that this stimulus package works and works really, really, really well. Sure we all need a bailout, but even better would be the next congress

532 Democrats
3 Republicans

I'd bet everything on "Stimulus to Fail" too. The financial crisis was caused by too much spending and too little saving and investing. Keynesian economists are completely wrong in their assessment and treatment of the problem.

FDR's New Deal stimulus package prolonged the Great Depression. Japan's stimulus package prolonged its great depression. Zimbabwe's stimulus package made that very rich country into a financial basket case.

The Bush/Obama stimulus packages will propel us into a Second Great Depression.

The only good solution to the financial crisis is to get rid of the Federal Reserve; eliminate fractional reserve banking; get the government completely out of money creation; eliminate income and estate taxes; allow all insolvent businesses and banks to go out of business; and massively reduce all aspects of government spending, including defense and welfare.

If this were done, we would enjoy unheard of freedom and prosperity within five years. I won't hold my breath.

so you're going for the Hoover solution!
goodbye gop, don't let the door hit you on the way out!

This is brilliant. It reminded me of the outrageous Republican definitions of "patriot" back in the days of "Shock and Awe."


Hoover was a terrible President, but not because his policies were Laissez-Faire. Hoover was known as the "great engineer." He believed in tinkering with the economy. He started a huge stimulus program of public works. Why do you think the Hoover Dam was named after him? FDR's New Deal was actually a continuation of Hoover's policies.

I am not a Republican. I consider G W Bush to be our fourth worst President. Unfortunately, we do not have two political parties. The Democrats and Republicans are the two branches of the Stronger Government party. Their policies are virtually identical. Note how Bush is responsible for the Medicare Prescription Rx plan and Obama is about to be responsible for The Afghanistan debacle (Vietnam II). Both programs will contribute to a significant lowering of your future standard of living.

There is a new book our by Thomas Woods called Meltdown. You might find it informative. I'm still not holding my breath.

Sorry lowell you lose.

FDR's only mistake was not spending enough.

Of course mentioning the estate tax only reveals you for what you truly are - a wannabe oligarch.

I think it's a crime that the Republicans want people to continue losing jobs, homes, and their children to suffer as a result just so they think they can be elected in 2 years - in other words the public be damned. I also find it interesting that they complain about big government while it kept growing bigger and bigger under the Republicans and Bush. I guess they feel do as I say not what I do.

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