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The torture memos


George W. Bush is a lucky guy. He will never be a tragic figure.

A tragic figure is a man who is brought down by some fatal flaw in his own character, and no matter how roundly George W. Bush and his benighted administration may be condemned by history, he will not be brought down, for there is no anguish. His conscience and his sense of his own rectitude remain unshaken.

George Bush has probably never lain awake one night in his life second-guessing a decision he made. This is the advantage of leading "from the gut," rather than by reason.

Gut leadership is strong, swift, sure. Reasoning is more deliberate, and can easily be read as tentative by an electorate that demands immediate action.

George Bush is probably not lying when he says his administration never approved torture. He may be horribly wrong, but he believes he is telling the truth. He has effectively, and enviably, insulated himself from the consequences of his decisions.

If only the rest of us could.

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If anyone thinks water boarding is torter, then they have never been to a Catholic baptism. I say. screw the terrorist and the camel they rode in on, I couldn't care less how they feel. Ok , I said how I feel, so what! Does anyone think Daniel Pearl liked it when the same toilet bugs, that people like this guy want to protect, hacked his head off with a dirty knife? I think we were to easy on these scum bags in gitmo . We should thank Bush, in spite of his other screw ups, because he got this one right; note to America, we had no attacks here since 9/11. People who are now running things that have the same mind set as the clown who wrote this article, and it worries me. I sure hope we don't, but logically I don't see how we wont have any attacks like 9/11 in the next 4 years.

Every war since at least WWII has required the good guys to adopt the methods of the bad guys, however repugnant. The war on global terrorism is no different. There is no Geneva Convention. Waterboarding? Too easy on 'em, IMO.

If anyone thinks water boarding is torter, then they have never been to a Catholic baptism.

Do you even think before you write?

Every war since at least WWII has required the good guys to adopt the methods of the bad guys...

Since the good guys are required to adopt the methods of the bad guys, how can you tell which guys are good. Oh wait, it's root root root for the home team.

It is quite courageous to advocate torture when you are thousands of miles from the action. Perhaps the problem is democracy itself. Why should you two bozos get to vote for my foreign policy?

"Why should you two bozos get to vote for my foreign policy?"

Then shut up and vote next time.

Then shut up and vote next time.

You delude yourself if you think voting makes a difference. There is no real choice between candidates. Would you like fascism with socialism on the side? Perhaps socialism with a second helping of fascism.

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. I am tired of being fleeced. I don't want my property stolen in the name of taxes. I don't want maniacal wars fought around the globe in my name.

I want to govern myself. I do not want to be governed by the majority, by a dictator, or by a group of sociopathic politicians.

These methods of information gathering are a Vitol tool. They save lives by making evil people uncomfortable. I can live with that and so can you by the information the interrogators get that prevent terrorist attacks.

And just so you know, every soldier that has to go through SERT training gets tortured, its part of the training. If its okay to do it to OUR soldiers I have NO PROBLEM doing it to theirs!

They cut off our heads, we pour water on theirs….those poor, poor babies. You bleeding hearts need to stop complaining about how you are being protected and start thanking those protecting you.

"They save lives by making evil people uncomfortable."

Actually evil people are quite comfortable with the concept and actual practice of torture. It is civilized people who are uncomfortable.

If they are comfortable while being tourtured then I really have no problem with it at all.

The definition of torture would imply discomfort. The fact that so many people are happy (I won't use the word comfortable) about Americans torturing other people is very disturbing.

This is not a Republican vs Democrat argument. This is civilized vs barbaric. Torture is morally repugnant, whether performed by individuals or by government representatives.

Where was the moral outrage over the terrorists who hacked off he head of the young American worker or the soldiers captured.

Thousands of US troops go through waterboarding as part of their training.

If waterboarding is torture should that be stopped?

In the memos it is clear that great efforts were made to simulate harm rather than to inflict harm. Unfortunately the 19 terrorists of 9/11 did not take similar precautions so that 3000 Americans died a horrible death.

I don't have any sympathy for the confesssed mastermind who is proud of the deaths he caused. The fact that he was waterboarded repeatedly is merely a small downpayment on the punishment he deserves.

War is hell people. It is not pretty. No one, NO one is taking a similar interest to protect our troops or you for that matter. Remember that first young man named Nick who was beheaded on video was a civilian not a soldier. He was only repairing equipment in Iraq and had not hurt any Iraqi or otherwise offended any follower of Islam. So it could be you bound and waiting for a maniac to saw through your neck with a dull blade.

like a one in hole.
gets 'em teed off.

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