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Cartoon caption contest!!!


The response has been overwhelming--we've received approximately 780 submissions. Thank you for your enthusiasm!


We will do our best to have the three finalists posted in the poll by Monday evening, April 27th, and you will have a week to choose your favorite.

Here it is, folks…the moment you’ve all been waiting for. A chance to win fame, swag, and the thanks of a grateful nation.

In observance of my 25th anniversary as editorial cartoonist for the Sun Sentinel, I am launching another Official Lowe-Down cartoon caption contest.

All you have to do is come up with a caption for the cartoon displayed above and post your creation as a blog comment, so everyone can enjoy it. There is no limit on the number of individual entries, in the event you are feeling particularly inspired.

The caption submission period will last two weeks. At the end of this time, a distinguished and learned panel of veteran journalists, consisting of Opinion Editor Antonio Fins, Daily Buzzmeister Gary “The Opinionator” Stein and myself, will carefully comb through the offerings to pick what we think are the top three.

IMG_0031.gifI will then put up a week-long poll where the three finalists are submitted to a Vote of the People. All three will receive an Official Lowe-Down Blog T-shirt (modeled at left). The first-place winner, as determined by the poll, will also be awarded a one-year membership to Morikami Gardens, with all the benefits pertaining thereto.

PRIZE UPDATE: It has come to our attention that the prizes being offered so far have little appeal to anyone under about 50 years old. "What is Morikami?" one teen is reported to have said.

In hopes of attracting a younger crowd to the contest, the Lowe-Down rummaged around in his kitchen utility drawer and dug up two theater chain movie passes that he was given once when he donated blood platelets. They appear to have no expiration date, so we are throwing them into the prize mix. The winner must take his own chances at the gate.

In addition, we will feature the cartoon with the winning caption both on this blog and on the op-ed page of the South Florida Sun Sentinel (suitable for framing, if that’s your thing) with the winner’s name and photo.

Entrants should make sure to use their real names and email addresses, so they can be contacted in the event they are winners.

One last request: Please keep your entries clean and tasteful.

Above all, HAVE FUN!


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"We can't see eye to eye
on everything, you know."

We've come to apply for a "bailout"

We understand you have an abundant crop of hope we might purchase for our ravaged planet?

Yes they are from Mars and we're here to take our Republicans home.

I have to (glork) tell you (glork), I was expecting a little more sympathy for people of color.

I'm sorry, but the position has been filled by Bo.

Okay, we brainwashed everyone and got you elected, now it's time to return the favor.

Obama embraces scientologists.

"So what brings you to my crib?"

President Obama is forced to go off planet to find an appointee without tax problems.

Some say I'm a bit "Over-exposed." I need to expand my brand beyond planet Earth. Wanna make a deal?

Well, well. I see your disguise is still holding after all this years. When do we start phase 2?

Okay, quit kidding around, now seriously, take me to your leader!

Casual Friday for Hillary.

"Did you hear about the recession?" "No." "Iraq?" "No." "Healthcare?" "No." "Energy Crisis?" "No...but we did hear about your dog."

We guarantee returns of 15% for planets investing in our interstellar currency trading fund...

When are you going to clean up all the trash you have been dumping in our galaxy.

We are here to serve man. Where is the kitchen?

"Dear Sir, the universe is your oyster."

"We feel obliged to offer you an exit strategy."

We are here to enforce our patent on genetically modified food.

To commemorate the occasion, we need a wooden egg to take back as a souvenir.

You said your wanted a program for all those that were undocumented

We are here to take back Al Gore

We want the Secret Nixon J. Edgar Hoover Porno Tapes !

Why can't we all just get along ?

I am the back up speaker at Notre Dame

We heard about the free money, thats why we came in the OLD COACH space ship

We just want LAND for PEACE !

We have a problem with the I R S

We need help with our Cable bill

We heard humans taste like chicken and we are all out of chickens on our planet

Bernie Madoff made off with all our planets savings

No, I don't want to play Basketball

Sen Kennedy will not leave our women alone

Sen Kennedy has been drinking on our spaceship again

Illegal alien? ILLEGAL ALIEN?? Well, you're a poo-poo head!

So if I hadn't spilled my coffee and accidentally swerved, that North Korean missle would have totally hit me.

Barak: Your impatience is quite understandable.
Klaatu: I'm impatient with stupidity. My people have learned to live without it.
Barak: I'm afraid my people haven't. I'm very sorry... But it did get me elected.

Klaatu: I am fearful when I see people substituting fear for reason.

"This isn't the type of dog I was expecting"

"No, you cannot date my daughter"

"You are four months too late. You can now find your leader on a ranch in Texas"

"We thought the North Korean's rocket failed!"

"This isn't like Chrysler. The universe really is too big to fail."

I can see Jupiter from my house.

Really? You've met William Shatner?

One more thing: who does your hair?

There's no "Magenta Alert" for trespassing on White House grounds?!?

Resistance is futile. When I win American Idol, all shall tremble at the name of Zorkblat.

Hey! Earthling! Are you even listening?!?

"Mr. President: would you
please tell Kirk Irvine to
stop putting words in my
mouth? You know, he'll do
anything to win a tee shirt!" you landed on the moon. That's IT?!?

When I approached your predecessor he said he thought I was something called a 'flashback'.

{Thinking} 'Great, I wonder how long it'll take congress to decide we need a border fence AND ceiling..?'

We have just taken the international space station captive. we are here to negotiate the ransom for its release.

Look,we both see you as an honest man,Our vehicle's engine is running and we have to leave.Just tell us when the "Bail Out" for Mars will be available.

Ted Kennedy's tumor in his twice weekly strategy session with President Obama.

We got you here now give us North Dakota!

You promised change. You promised hope. We think alien domination delivers on both.

Gort: klatu Obama nikto. This White House never stands still.

Alien to Obama: So I hear you’re going to loosen the restrictions on illegal aliens, and I would like to know how I get all the free care and benefits that comes with it.

What can the US do to improve relations with your planet?

I gotta say I really like your casual "drop by any time" approach to diplomacy. Hey, is Michelle around?

I'm here to here to represent our interests in your new alien reform.


YES!!It's true. I really am the President.

Admit it! You #@*holes have been monkeying with our wormholes!

Obama says, "Sorry, we already have a vice-president."

Not to worry, Mr. President. I can assure you that Newt Gingrich is light-years away from ever occupying your office.

So you're saying if we allow you to take over GM, you'll deliver more fuel efficient cars.

So, I hear you have an open-border policy...

But my question, Mr. President, is how will you be able to over-ride the Republican opposition to our 'Excess seawater for green technology' exchange program without Al Franken being seated in the Senate?

You GM guys crack me up! And what did I tell you about parking on the South Lawn?

Radioactive material in space is a "low priority"? For heaven's sake, man, look at my skin!

The Earth is blocking your view of Venus? I'd like to help out but I kind of busy with the economy and these Somali pirates....

"We enjoy your old television shows and need a converter box for when your broadcasts switch to digital."

Thank the universal powers it's not Cheney in that seat!

Mr. Peepers meets President Ears.


"Have we met before?? You look too familiar to me.."

"I'm sorry Mr. President, but you are just unbelievable."

Mr. President, we have come for a 90 billion dollar bailout for our planet.

Tell me more about the wet foot, dry foot policy!

Low light years, loads of power, classic style... I'm tellin ya, Barack, this saucer is cherry. Now whaddya say we start the paperwork?

A, I'm sorry but you seem to have me confused with Will Smith

There must be a misunderstanding, I asked to be taken to the LEADER!

Imagine my excitement - a new black hole right here in my sector! Now I find out it's just your stupid budget!

let me be perfectly clear. the unired states will never attack mars.

I'm glade to see that we see eye to eye.

did the flight leave on time?

you will definetly be my second choice for secratery of the treasury


They told me about you! I said, I gotta see him with my own segmented eyes! Wow! Your ears are huge!

Relax. I'm hypo allergenic.

we have a thing about illegal aliens.

I'm just trying to find out how we can stimulate our economy.

you got in without a license?

What do you mean you've never heard of our Universe Tax?

she says the g5 is not fast enough.

you were supposed to land at gitmo.

let me be perfectly clear. the united states will never attack mars.

..and it gets 18,000,000,000,000 to the gallon!

"It's stylish, environmentally friendly, and gets 18 trillion miles to the gallon!!"

"I'm here to buy GM."

"I'm here to buy Tribune."

You're getting sleepy... sleepy... your eyelids are getting heavy... heavy...

yes all aliens will be given amnesty.

Obama: So you're telling me we need to call it 'universe warming' instead of global warming? That'll be a hard pitch to sell.

So the home office was like, you know, let's wreak unimaginable destruction. And I was like, you know, lemme go talk to the guy, he'll probably just write us a check. Like, you know? you're from Alaska, you say?

Well… Barack… OK, yes, it’s Amway. But it’s not what you think.

BARACK'S OFFICIAL THOUGHTS: As if having the entire world angry at us wasn't enough...and I knew we shouldn't have cut the parking lot expansion out of the budget!

YES WE CAN eliminate your planet, but we figured we would let you destroy it by yourselves... then you just had to get elected and ruin our plans.

Obama, the Great and Merciful,I humble my poor self before because I hope I can change.

I´m here to apply for the intern position.

We have something in common, you know, I am the first pink commander. They have always been green before.

I have in my vehicle enough of our precious mineral to replenish the US treasury. You know it as sand.

Did you say Dick Chaney recommended you?

"So your a out of work illegal alien, underwater in your spacecraft...hmm..I am sure you qualify for the "affordable home" program...someone has to..

"So your a out of work alien, underwater in your spacecraft..hmm..I think you qualify for the "affordable home" program..someone has to.."

"Sorry,but the "pet" position has been filled.."

I think you qualify for the Hazardous Waste Stimulus.


Can you take care of my vehicle warranty like you promised?

The alien diplomat meets the leader of the free world in an unsuccessful effort to make sense out of our radio transmissions.

"I am the leader"

There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold,
and she’s blocking the off-ramp to Saturn.

My qualifications, Sir?
Well… I’m a joker… I’m a smoker… I’m a midnight toker…

"Say Cheese"

Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez are OK, but no way are we taking Biden!

We have received the distress signal from Limbaugh. Restore him to his natural habitat, or suffer our wrath!

Chan says:
Reader Ray Stuart, who is ninety-one years old and doesn't own a computer, sent in this entry by snail mail:
"Sorry, you can't live here. Lou Dobbs says we have enough aliens."

Trust me, your back taxes will not be an issue. Tell me you'll be my Ambassador to the rest of the universe.

Of all the oval offices in all planets in all the universe, he walks into mine.

how's the milage on that baby

do you all look alike?

Mr. President, I have resisted taking the human form.....Barney Frank was the last to try it and you see the results.

alien: I'm here for Joe Biden, his craft crashed here years ago...he is the heir apparent to our throne.

obama: Pelosi goes with him!

"Barry, your poll numbers are through the roof!!! How does "President of the Universe" sound?

Most Honorable Leader, Please see the vehicle on your great lawn is our new molecular, non polluting, high light year mileage craft designed to save out planet if you can provide a bailout to Jetson Industries.

What do you mean!Take you to my leader?I am the Leader.

GOD! I love the White House! Can you still get hookers here?

Keep it clean and tasteful? You’re kidding, right?
Man, ya’ll ain’t done nuthin’ clean and tasteful here
since Stardate 6.02.7

We come in peace and we offer free delivery.

Take me to your lender

No, I can't give you a permit to hunt for Cheney. They are out of season right now...

Some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the gangster of love.
Some people call me Maurice… a-wee a-wee-uh…
But ?Barack Obama?? …heh heh heh…
HA HA HA ha ha…

Yes, even you could become the President some day.

Mr. President, I've come to discuss how we handle our economy "up north."

All right, one more time: Zorkblat. Z-O-R-K-B-L-A-T.
It’s a very common name where I come fr…
Hey, wait a minute! Look who’s talking!

Mr. President, I'm honored to have been the "Recruiting Czar" for
your cabinet.

Torko, just what do you mean, you discussed this
in depth with Nancy Pelosi ?

We can offer a very heavy discount if you book Nancy
on a non-return trip.

Barack, I’ve been your psychatrist for a long time now.
And I’m telling you: Absolutely. Drop the b**ch immediately.

Don't even try...your charismatic ways hold no power over us earthling...

If we take these Guantanamo prisoners, what's in it for us?

Barack, we went to 2nd grade together at the madrasah in Jakarta. I sat right in front of you! It's me, Fubar !



You have HOW MUCH oil?

I'm sorry ,but you must have misunderstood....we're bailing out AIG not UFO

...and, I'd like to send Mr. Cheney back with you as my envoy.

Boxers nor briefs. I've instituted a thong with the Presidential Seal. Are you with Fox News?

And you need this money because . . . ?

With characteristic poise, Barack carefully weighs his response to the trickiest political question of all: "Does this outfit make me look fat?"

The Aliens that reach earth are allowed to stay, and the ones you capture in space you may deport back to planet Abuc.

We will call it the Space Foot, Earth Foot Policy.

Yes, Mr. President, I know you never tire of jazz hands.

You should hear what they call MY aunt!

But I just got here. It's too soon to go back!

So I just hover over Ohio until Groves is finished?

A what? Well… in this economy, we do have available space…
Sure, why not? You can be a constellation.

"We heard this planet now has a Black leader. I didn't believe it, I had to come see for myself."

I thought if Castro was willing to sit down with the US, so could we!

Aw, c’mon man… pleeeze???

3.02 x 1023 DUI’S…

they’re gonna take away my LICENSE,

(pres. to alien)

You were detained by WHAT border control?

I knew Abe Lincoln. Abe Lincoln was a friend of mine. Mr. President, your're no Abe Lincoln!

Mr. President, with all due respect, this crackdown on druns and gugs…
wait…drugs and guns…oh man…
Dude, I am SO WASTED!

"Yes, Commander Beekzog, free SSI benefits extend to all aliens of color."

Sorry! I signed a four year contract here. Maybe,I can "CHANGE" your planet after that.

"I told GM to reach for the stars and they produce something out of this world. It's nice to rule the universe."

The Obama administration reaches out to illegal aliens.

Yes, I'm sure you came in peace but you landed right on top of Michelle's garden....

"Barney, I'm somewhat offended that Nancy and Harry chose to stay in the car."

So, exactly how many of you are hypoallergenic?

3 conditions for the "Cuban Talk"
1-Best recipe for Black Bean soup
2-Best Mojito drink recipe
3-A great"cuban cigar"
no more of that other
cigar junk.

I have a solution to bail out of the car industry lets trade all the junk cars produced by U.S.A and trade Cuba for cigars,rum,and the vintage cars they have, that still running.

Yes,we can!

"no, no...I'm not Alex Rodriguez"

"You really think that after becoming President of the United States you would be a surprise to me?"

thank you, but I already have 2 Airforce 1 planes.

No, you can't borrow Michael Jackson...but how 'bout 'Octomom?"

I promise to give your planet financial aid if you can quietly make Carl Rove disappear

I thought you could help us with our transportation problems!

:That's non-sense...Oprah is a human being, contrary to the rumors you've heard on your planet"

you are not exactly what I meant by a greener earth.

"what's google"?

"Ok, when do we leave?"

...What is true is this!! I've already extended the time once. Get rid of the antennas or we're done!!!

Malia gets a new boyfriend.

Can I offer you some change

Is that a mercades

How do you get your hair to grow like that !

we would like to send our Secratary of State to meet with your leader

How much will it cost to take V.P. Biden with you?

(obamas says) hey yoGORT

what theirs free cigerets on ur planet

Man i cant even get a hair on my head

good job i am now president

So how do you poo

Mr. President, my government’s position is unchanged.
However, I am authorized to propose the following:
Let’s… do… the time… warp… again.

I need to Explain what I meant by "illegal aliens"

So you say you already have
a UNIVERSAL healthcare plan

Alien mama for Obama

alien: so may i have date with the dog or not

we come in peace with a small charge of a date with biden or we can shoot

alien dada with a small bladda not weres the bathroom

Take me to Viagra.

Sir, with our replicators we can get a fleet of these babies to you at a quarter of the cost.

It's not your typical Mobile Oval, sir, no.

You could call it "Cosmos One," sir.

Mr. President, could you please explain what a Teabagger is?

Sorry Mr. President, Limbaugh would put us over our payload capacity.

"Let me get this want to know if I can relate to your planet having water & air pollution, an economy in crisis & your people experiencing over 100 years of discrimination?"

Sarah Palin's latest attempt to attract media attention

may i rub you r eye stalks

so........ weres michelle

does earth have bathrooms

Obama says: what are you glaring at

obama says: now tell me weres the smokes

obama says:now do you love now that i am prez

plz tell me do would you like to investnin our stok market

"your stimulus check is in the mail, what do you mean you don't want the money"


I don't think we're asking for too much. Texas is half your problems anyways.

"No problem... I have an open door policy with aliens!"

If you only give us Rush, you're greenhouse gases will all but disappear.

Do I look like a "Bush" to you?

No you can't Become a Bank!

Unless Fanny Mae or Freedie Mac own your loan, you can't modify your spaceship Mortgage.

We have no plans to extend the Warantee on your GM Spaceship.

Obama says' " You are the "Heads" of what committee?"

Obama says, "No, they are not exta eyes, they are called ears!"

"So haw is "My Favorite Martian"?

Tell me that again? You forced my spaceship manufacturer to merge with Chrysler?

You called me here to force us to merge with Venus?

Take it from me, the book is wrong, Men are not from Mars.

Let me make sure I understand, we MUST merge with Pluto to ramain a Planet? Is that about right?

Obama says, I know, I know, State Farm is non renewing here too.

"Tell me more about my eyes"!

These are not your biggest problems. Your world is spending 1.7 cents to make each copper penny and a whoppong 9.5 cents to make each and every nickel you produce.

Why can't we all just get a "Bong"?

"Earthling Obama, your stimulus package has reached otherwordly success, we seek advice for our alien galactic civilizations"

"So it's a deal? You get some seat time in Jupiter One, I get to hug Queen Elizabeth."

we heard that you look and act so different, you may be one of ours


"You want 20.6 billion to bail out WHAT!?!

Oh yeah? Well let me tell you about your ears!

Uhm, er, ah, Yes - this Hawaiian COLB will take care of all the details.

I would like to apologize to the people of Glorp for the arrogance and narrowmindedness of the American People.

I have a policy of granting amnesty to all illegal aliens who come to America. You will be provided with free health care, housing, and preferred status in the job market.

You've been making all the right moves, but this time you are wrong; life does begin at conception.

we have plenty of stems and cells to donate if your scientists can help us look better!

don't worry about the space trash, we have sold it all on eBorg.

I am very proud of my son. He is the money you could be saving when switching to Geico.

Forget Fox, I'm talking a total ET Network.

"Well, since you've lifted the Cuban travel restrictions...we are hoping you'll let us travel without restrictions too!"

'Seriously. Take me to your leader.'

Ahhh....remind me again....which campaign site did you work for?

You know I don't believe in "Ear-Marks", but in your case it's no problem..

we are worried about your DNA testing implicating us in those unexplained mysteries.

I know Dick Chaney is a friend of your, but $800B is tops I will pay for used spacwe ships.


Do you think you can help detroit?

A rate of 8% per light year?

I would like a foreign work visa as an intergalactic astronaut.

"in the past our country has been very dismissive of aliens and for this I apologize. My administration will ask our congress to extend immediate recognition and full human rights to ALL aliens."

Mr. Gork. We currenlty have a don't ask don't tell policy. Exactly how did the INS identify you as an illegal alien?

We must be certain that your species will breed in captivity.
Now for the last time, hand over one male, one female, two clawfoot bathtubs
and a bottle of Chablis. I will supply the sunset.

let's make a deal, leader of the house pelosi is alway's late for her pedicure because the g5 jet is to slow

"Mr. President,I want to be your friend?"

#1. Just how much is 4 billion snicknods in US dollars?
#2. If your not Bill Cosby, you must be Will Smith.
#3. I don't understand. George Bush always enjoyed my visits.
#4.No, I can't arrange for you to meet Britney Spears.
#5. Thanks, but we have already found a dog.

Yes! Mr. President the wheel covers will match the Emblem perfectly.

We'll clean your Space Debris in exchange for Wall Street and Congress!

#1 Tell me the truth. Did Dick Cheney send you?
#2 I can get you on Oprah, if you can get me Osama bin Laden.

Mom saya you have to come home, dinner's ready

We were only doing 8MG PI over the Capitol! Are your Ears REALLY that good?

But, NANCY told us we could get Social security!

" I apologize."

"How Much Do You Need"

"So as Limbaugh's waving his cigar around, I said:'re supposed to blow that smoke out of your mouth..."

"We know you have it, Mr. President and we want it back. It's in a hangar in Roswell and I know you can get it for us!"

"Forget the Vulcans. We can get you a Warp Drive cheap!"

"We're cruising along minding our own business and suddenly...the heavens opened up, everyone's singing 'Kumbiyah' and next thing I know we're here on your lawn!"

"...and so, Mr. President, that's why they called them inalienable rights!"

" when Hell froze over late last year, we had to visit Earth to see what happened."

Thats right please make the check payable to the Andromeda Intergalactic Group.

"How may we pay hommage to YOU, the new Messiah, as proclaimed by your media?

Can we form our new religion with You as our god?

You need a stimulus package? Talk to me-I'm all ears!

"Before going back, can I take a photo for the folks back home?"

Pardon me, Mr. President, but I can't focus right now. I'm a little spaced out.

Mr. President, I’ve been in politics since the Earth was a diamond in the sky.
And there’s one thing I can tell you:
“foul Error makes plain the Shortstop’s soul.”

You've been talking about "change" - when will I see it?

How about letting us work with you? We don't have any TAX issues!

Funny! You don't look Jewish!!

Never forget that we are ALL in this together! Don't make me come see you again!

I've had to come to Earth to talk to every new President - you are no different! None of them listened either! Are you listening?

First, you must Register as a alien!

Are you a Register Alien!

"Are YOU the Anointed One, as predicted by the ancients?"

The job is just talking care of a dog! do you experience?

"we missed you at the summit meeting!"

"You speak like a man who's got experience with other two-faced beings, Mr. President."

OK, lets talk. You have a surplus in moonbeams and I have a surplus in homes in the sunbelt.

"My administration is committed to a new day of sustained engagement with our neighbors."

OK, OK I got that part...You had a dream, you had a dream. Now get to the part where we spend billions and billions.

Well, you don't look like your profile picture either.

Yes, I do think the Steelers can repeat.

Our immigration situation is complicated enough!

Honestly, I'm open to ideas from anyone on how we can fix our financial mess!!

Honestly, I'm open to ideas from anyone on how we can fix our financial mess!!

So you want to understand our tax system? Well, as a rich person, I am about to be taxed more than ever, but fortunately I won't be taxed on what I inherited from George Bush!

Obama: "So your here for the new healthcare czar position"
Alien: "Si yo soy presidente de mi pais, todo nuestro ciudanos tienen seguro medico, quieres un cigaro fino?"

Obama: "I'm sorry but this is not the Men In Black..."

Martian huh, On behalf of the United States of American, I apologize for the rude behavior the Motion Picture Association of Amercia has bestowed upon you.

I'm sorry but the girls wanted a dog.

Take me to your LENDER!

"Yes,I did say I'ld negotiate with everyone."

there's been budget cuts on the Space Force I, I'll be contacting you via SAT phone more frequently.

FREEDOM at any cost? We "OWN" the space over your planet and we came to collect USER FEES NOW!





"Would you be interested in a reduced demand for the ransom of Joe Biden"?

"Our energy program doesn't use gas, electricity, solar or wind power- just Mars bars."

Congrats on that retirement thing, Rev. , what's next?

"We landed on the White house lawn. Hope we didn't disturb Michelle's garden."

"Yes, I use ProActive. Why do you ask?"

"Mister president, may we have Chan Lowe back please?"

Of course, I'll meet
with you... didn't I
meet with Chavez,
Ahmadinejad and all the others that have
ALIENated us?

"We were waiting, finally some intelligent life."

"well that does it, you're the last off the Axis of Evil list"

Alien: Not too sure, but I think the presidents asleep. Should I leave and return, the same way I arrived or borrow the limo and reach out to my counter part, newt?

President:If I continue to pretend that I am asleep, it's possible she will go away. Hmmm, not too sure who that is, in front of me, she sounds like Palin, or is it Ann Couter trying to convince me that she really understands the real world?

"I am committed to maintaining relationships with our neighhbors."

"Yes, I have always believed that,two heads are better than one."

"We got here as soon as we could, Mr. President. That's our latest fuel efficient, hybrid model on the lawn."

Mr. President, the Federation of Planets has decided not to renew your lease and because you trashed the place we will not return your security deposit!

No, I'm sooy. You're too late. I already have a pet for my girls.

The better to hear you with, my dear.

"You're going to mess with the Healthcare system next? Are you kidding????? Why do you think the Canadians and I come down here!!!!!"

"We love what you've done with the place, but Pelosi and Reed have got to come back to Mars now!

"We assumed you were one of us. You'd have to be from Mars to mess with Limbaugh!"



"We heard that after you're world tour, you might be interested in purchasing some of our carbon credits!"

"So let me get this straight. You bail us out, and you become Supreme Leader of Gorgon?"

"So what's with this Green movement. You got something against PINK and GREEN!"

'We heard you were meeting with "Code Pink"! But I think you had another group in mind!"

take me two your telaprompter

"We're here for our apology."

"We're a little concerned about your proposed assault weapon ban. Does that include Proton Beam Generators?"


"Can you believe Chan Lowe has been doing this for 25 years??? What a scam!!! A couple of glasses of wine and I could crank this stuff out till the Wampa's come home!"



we heard you had openings in the treasury department....



We have money invested with Bernie Madoff. Are you him?




"So, you want to be in charge of this mess?? I don't get it...."

we were invited to the tea party by sasha and malia, are you the mad hatter?

"so, then Hillary says to me, don't worry about that Obama guy, he doesn't stand a chance.....Bill will handle him. What was she thinking???? I may be alien, but I wasn't born yesterday!!!!"

we feel you need to rethink your late term abortion policy......look at us, we're not perfect either!!

"Im pretty sure I promised the girls a dog,not some kind of E.T. ......sorry."

"Yeah, yeah, Earth Day. Whatever.... You guys still don't get it. You're missing the BIG picture! You think this all happened by chance???? Are you serious????"

"Black or white, what's the difference. PINK or GREEN? Now we're talking real change!!!"

sorry.......the girls thought the dog was cuter

"Torture? You try flying THAT stupid thing for three light years. It's like being in a tuna can! Gitmo sounds like a health club after that!"

Ours gets 100,000 miles per gallon, never needs recharging, no carbon emissions, and a large spacious trunk....

I think I better call General Motors !

....but I only want a 4 year lease

...and it was just painted.

I came millions of miles to meet Lucy and Rickey Ricardo and look who I get, Wieezy and George Jefferson .. just wait till I tell the folks back home.

Mr. President what ever they told you about Area 51 .. It's all true ! want political asylum because..

sorry... at this time we have no wet foot, space foot policy.

No... you didn't land in the middle of a Charlston Heston movie set.

We come in peace, a piece of New York, a piece of Ohio, a piece of Texas, a piece of Florida, and a piece of California.

"Have any TARP money left over? We need to control the banks too".

"We're here to swap your toxic assets, with our toxic assets on Planet Obama."

"Can we talk?"

"Thanks for bringing me my original birth certificate. Now I can finally squash all those pesky rumors."

Hillary ! will you please get out of that halloween costume ... you'll scare the children.

You have a impeccable resume, you have an eye for being competitive in this market, your just the type of person we need at the helm of GM.

We've come for George W. The village misses him!

Do you drive GM products? Do you have funds invested with Madoff?

YOU'RE HIRED! Secretary of transportation

Well to be honest with you Mr. Zot, I really need Hillary here right now. But let me direct you to someone named Sarah who may be more sympathetic to your needs right now.....

Mr. President, I am here on behalf of the thousands of homeowners whose homes were built with drywall made in China. Can you help us?

Mr. President, I "heard it through the grapevine" that planet Earth is looking to go "green." Our company GM (Green Martians) sells exactly what you need.

Palin, is this the new style for camouflage fatigues? A new "plane" for aerial hunting too!

"It's about time you got here, we've been in orbit for eight years waiting for signs of intelligence..."

er, uh, uhh, Axelrod! Gibbs! Get in here! And bring the uh, ya know, the uh, teleprompter!

"okay, Zork, your planet will get bail-out money if you take Rush
Limbaugh back with you."



"Hmmm,'SPREAD THE STEALTH'? Yes, I do like the sound of that!"

The first thing we need to do to get you working is get your green card. or is it pink card, or blue card ....

WE Are always looking for new energy sources,but how long would that pipeline be?

"Rush... they're here for you ... Siberia was not far enough... "

Et Tu, Zorkblat?

My advice on your deficit? "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!"

so you want us to tell your mother-in-law we're taking her to a spa

yes! and don't forget the darn cat

what about hilary


Klaatu barada nikto.
Ok, there I said it.
Now will you leave me alone?

Sorry Alberto, but the position has already been filled.

I AM the leader, and NO; we can't.

Thanks for the advice George, but I think I have the situation in hand.

...but Zorkblat is as constant as the northern star,
Of whose true fix’d and resting quality
There is no fellow in the firmament.
The skies are painted with unnumber’d sparks,
They are all fire and every one doth shine…

I've asked you here today, Mr. Zherghta, because I'd like you to head our newly formed Cabinet department, the Department of Interplanetary Security.



Mr. President, we are willing to share with you our technology for intergalactic travel in exchange for your iPod technology and an explanation of why Paris Hilton is considered a celebrity.

of color? check! (little green men...)
green card? check!

i guess we qualify for the green jobs!!!!

… so the wife says, “What’s the matter with you? You’re scr*win’ like a Glorkian!”
But seriously, Mr. President…

… so the wife says, “What’s the matter with you? You’re scr*win’ like a Glorkian!”
But seriously, Mr. President…

I represent the Intergalactic Prize Patrol. You've just won 20 trillion dollars and tickets to
Morikami Gardens.

I represent the Intergalactic Prize Patrol. You've just won 20 trillion dollars and tickets to
Morikami Gardens.

Alien thinking: Hmmm, those ears look tasty!

Alien thinking: Hmmm, those ears look tasty!

You want the secret to Michelle's arms?

No, I can't validate your parking here.

You need Aretha Franklin's hat for a charity thing?

I agree. Susan Boyle is amazing.

I'm not sure if Ashton Kutcher does know you have more than one million followers.

Americans are strong and compassionate. We want peace and cooperation with ALL NATIONS, ALL PLANETS, ALL GALAXIES!
Alien thinking:
Hmmm, those ears look tasty!

We want change too!

Obama meeting with Bush

Enough goofing around, Michelle-- lose the costume.

Ish Binn Amerikana 2

"As the CEO of Alien Interplanetary Group, or AIG for short, I have come to discuss with you our share of the stimulus package."

If you can close down Gitmo,We want the Area 51 prisoners released as well!

ish binn Amerikaner 2.

Ish binn Amerikaner 2.

Rahm, get ACORN on the phone...

Let me assure you, we are a tolerant people on my planet. Interspecies marriage will not be a problem.

Michelle, honey, dear would you come in please and bring one, better make that two, of your lipsticks. I have a press conference in 5.

The alien says to Obama, "If you think things are bad on Earth, you should see my planet. I'm here to seek refuge."

"Take me to Hugo Chavez."

I'm sorry Mr President but closing your eyes will not make me go away.

I've come to your planet to get a copy of your constitution to show my people how to become democratic.....

What constitution !

I've heard that you have a wonderful past time called waterboarding that will be the delite of all my people...I'm sorry but you must have that confused with snowboarding !

Yes i'm thier leader..but unfortunity according to congress i am leading them into the next great depression !

Yes i'm thier leader..but unfortunity according to congress i am leading them into the next great depression !

Yes i'm thier leader..but unfortunity according to congress i am leading them into the next great depression !

Yes they think i'm thier leader..but from what i hear from the republicans...i'm leading them to another great depression

Yes they think i'm thier leader..but from what i hear from the republicans...i'm leading them to another great depression

We owe you money too?
I'll just close my eyes and pray to allah that your debt will be satisfied

I'm open to suggestions from anyone or "anything" on how to save our planet from Global Warming.

it has come to our attention that you are allowing illegal aliens to stay

Don't try to pin that on me !Barney Frank helped to design your flight coveralls

Hillary ? sorry she's not for sale..But i do have Bubba's phone #

"So what can I do for you fellas?"

Wait a minute..what is Bush's phone # ? he's the one that borrowed a trillion dollars from you..i'm just the new sheriff in town

Let me think ? What would reverend Wright do in a situation like this ?

o.k you have me stumped...just how many states are there in the USA ?

No your're wrong ! i'm not asleep..just contemplating...who will be the NBA Champions this season...?

Hold on ! I've only been in politics for a few's going to take a little time for me to answer that question..JFK ..WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU THE MOST !

I'm sorry my little friend but your twenty four years too late, we've already made a movie called the " Color Purple " !

Now I remember where I've seen your face, didn't you star in the film " Mars Attack " ?

The evidence is overwelming Mr. President that earth is being visited by intelligently controlled UFO's out of earth's atmosphere.

You don't say ...

" UNO " !

"We have enough illegal aliens in this country, we have no more room for your kind"

"We have enough illegal aliens in this country, we have no more room for your kind"

You have nothing to fear. J and K are just fictional characters.

Thanks for the book, Hugo. I could not put it down.

The only Men In Black you have to fear are the Secret Service if you don't get your space ship off of my lawn.

I am here to take Nancy Pelosi home.

well it is used...but gets 55 million mpg.. wake up..if your're interested?

You can't be serious. I mean yes it gets 37,000 mpg but we don't know a thing about taking over a car company.

Having learned from his experience with the Queen, President Obama knows not to touch the Alien leader.

Gimme a sack of slyders, large fries and a coke.

Hey Barack, it's me, jerry Garcia!

Michelle is looking for an unknown fashion designer who focuses more on the essence than size of a woman.

I did not have sexual relations with that alien.

Mr. President, my mother couldn't afford proper pre-natal care.

Mr. President, the only house we could afford was by a toxic waste site.

Outsourcing! That's the ticket.

Where's President Bush? I'm his imaginary friend.


Wow, Monica! You've had some work done. Would you like a cigar?

There are more things in heaven and earth, Barack,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
But honestly… I just stopped here because I had to pee.

“Breakfast without interstellar combat
is like a vending machine without Moon Pies.”

“Oh oh oh oh oh!
the Cosmos, solar wind comes sweepin’ down the plains...”
GOD I love karaoke…


Capital One credit cards. What’s in YOUR wallet?

“I’m not the Great Gazoo and I don’t know a Fred Flintstone.”

Spotted Purple People Eaters that I represent are thrilled that you are for rights for EVERYONE!

“Can Sarah Palin see our galaxy from Alaska?”

...and upon meeting the Queen of England,you will gift her with a tacky ipod. Now, on the count of 3, you will open your eyes and have no recollection of this meeting.

"How do you get along with YOUR mother-in-law?" you're a Portugese Water Dog!!!!!!

...hmmm? No, Governor Blagojevich, I don't think they'll recognize you...

You can tell them "We're Changelings They Can Believe In."

"We are delivering the 'change you can believe in'"

Obama:"So you have plans to take over the ENTIRE world?....I'm listening..."

Mr President...we've been sent to relieve you of the effects of the global stimulus package. We are obviously too late.

...Hmm? No, Governor Blagojevich, I don't think they will recognize you...

When I said that I'd meet with any foreign leader without preconditions, I meant it!

Yes Mr. President we are Republicans too, We told George not to do it!

Obama:"So you have plans to take over the ENTIRE world?....I'm listening..."

America's latest attempt to export debt.

Give us our stimulus check or you will be assimilated.


We heard there was amnesty for aliens.

OR just

I want to apply for amnesty.

We heard you are offering amnesty to aliens...

Congratulations Ms. Napolitano, you are now the Head of the Department of Homeland Security.

"Can you perform our inter-stellar universal galactic union ceremony in the Rose Garden."

We come from Chanloweland, a place far, far away.

Hmmm. Never been there, but do you all have deja vu there?

I'm looking for just the right one to head our space program!

You're hired but you will need a green card to start working here.

Being from Mars shouldn't stop you from running for President...look at me!

Do you think I'd have a chance in 2016? My mother's saucer touched down in
Roswell just before I was born.

Mr President, thank you for approving the bail-out but could you make the payment in Euros?

Have you been

I'm glad your here! I'm gonna need a good excuse for when the RAPTURE happens:)

Have you been

I'm sorry Bo peed on your spaceship.

"This explains alot, Mr. Cheney."

I know real estate has become attractive but don't you think it's a long commute?

Barack, you've had 100 days, now it's time to come home.

Bill Clinton's inner self. Poor, poor, Hillary!

I hope "How to Serve Man" is more interresting than that lousy book Hugo Chavez gave me!

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to you, and the rest of the "non-terrestrials", for the negative portrayal of your people in movies, t.v., and media. We realized that American would not be America without aliens ...

Obama to martian; "and you need how much $!"

Einstein’s theory of mindless chatter in the universe.

"We come from a galaxy far, far, away....but men are from Mars and women are from Venus."

Obama to martian; "and you need how much $!"

Einstein’s theory of mindless chatter in the universe.

I'm sorry but we've already picked a Portuguese Water Dog

Alright pal its cash call time again. Going to need a little more this time though.

Mr Alien, please understand It was before me. However everything in the galaxy that has gone wrong, America takes full responsibility for. And even though you are a violent dictator who brutalizes your own citizens basic rights, I look up to you, and respect you.

"Yes, I completely understand when you tell me that you have been alienated."

I can't help you Mr. Klatu. It's not called the TROUBLED ALIEN RELIEF PROGRAM.

"You’re looking for your 3 birth parents here?
Harriet Miers, Karl Rove, and Ann Coulter you say?"

Mr Alien, Thanks for the book. And even though you are a violent dictator who brutalizes your own citizens basic rights, destroyed democracy on your planet, I look up to you, and respect you as more than an equal

Finally, someone I can recommend for a cabinet position with no prior tax problems.

Did Astronaut Mitchell send you?

Michelle I told you not to mess with your moms fashion ,you have gone to far.

I confess. The stain on Monica’s blue dress
was my galactic ectoplasm.

Larry the Cable Guy from Outer Space. (Git-R-Done)

then on 14, I hit 7-iron when I shoulda hit 6-iron and dumped it in the lake, got up and down though for bogey, then on 15, I figured I'd lay up with my new hybrid but I caught it a little thin but still managed to make par, then on 16....................

Tell them "We're Changelings You Can Believe In."

Sarah Palin's mind high on life.....any questions?

No Mr. Cheney, I can not promise you amnesty... but if you and yours were to get back on that spaceship and return to wherever it is you came from, I can assure you no one will try to stop you!

New NASA Administrator
(No Washington Lobby ties)

And what was Joe saying about "look on the bright side, considering all of the problems you're dealing with, it can't get any worse"

Governor, can you really see Mars from your front porch?

Your in luck, as an illegal alien you'll receive, free healthcare, section 8 housing, food stamps, and a complete education for your entire family. !

no have me confused with Leonard Nemoy..he was the one with huge ears that was on Star Trek !

To Obama: "Area 51 makes Gitmo look like an amusement park! Can you declassify some of that information? Cheney wouldn't budge!"

You're in luck ! as an illegal alien you will receive, free healthcare, section 8 housing, food stamps, and free education for everyone in your family !

"Where is the village idiot that sat there before?"

I want to go on the " Space Mountain " ride at Disney World.

It's a marvel of martian ingenuity, it's got three bedrooms and two and a half baths. A proton accelerator television, and get's a million light years per gallon ..

It wasn't my idea Mr. President to vacation on your planet, it was my wife and kids..

"I'm here to pick up Dick Cheney..."

HOlY COW, that's some kind of herb they've got growing in the new White House garden.

"Take me to your leader"

Take your shirt off!!

I apologize that America has been arrogant and dismissive towards aliens, and we have failed to appreciate the leading role Mars has played in our solar system.

A Lily Pulitzer alien? Wait till I get my hands on the White House chef?

The U.F.O.R.D. union refuses to make any concessions on our legacy costs!

And we come shovel ready!

Your Flying Saucer need to get more light years to the gallon to be considered "Green".

Alien: Take me to your leader.

Obama: Hey, will someone get Michelle on the line please?

Hey Nancy, just wanted to say how good of a job you are doing as Speaker of the House.

My goodness, Joe. Something needs to be done about those hair plugs.

Alien: Mr. President, the planet Vulcan called. They don't appreciate you making fun of their ears.

Obama: But these are my real ears!!! Honest!!!

1) Obama thinking to himself: ... just don't ask for any money..... just don't ask for any money....
2) Well... it's like this. We've been orbiting your planet for over a half century, and basically... you're the first sign of intelligent life we thought we might have even a CHANCE of communicating with.

1) So.... uh.... remember... during the campaign.... when you brushed off a question regarding our existence.... saying Americans had REAL problems to worry about...
2) Bet you didn't think it could get much worse, huh?
3) Alien: Betcha didn't think things could get much worse, huh?
Obama thinking: Betcha??? Please be Sarah Palin... please be Sarah Palin...

I'm sorry. I'd love to give you a bailout but I consider you a flight risk.

"well, er...uhmm..I'd like to apologize for all the debris my country has left in the atmosphere that you encountered on the way in ."

Mr. President. Please! Set your planet straight! Men are from VENUS. Women are from MARS.

So tell me, Governor. Can you really see Mars from your front porch?

I have to ask: Did you come through Mexico or Canada? Janet Napolitano will want to know.

So I heard you're bored with Air Force One already!

"We'd like you to release the detainees from Area 51."

Yes, Mr. Obe Kenobe. I understand times are tough. And Governor Blagojevich may need to appear on a tv reality program on your planet in order to feed his family. But I'm not going to overrule my immigration people on this one. The visa he needs to travel is NOT a credit card.

Mr. President ...I only have eyes for you ....

So we agree the problems on Zlyhfgt are American's fault, too?

We've been waiting for the Robinsons to show up years ago ... but we just figured they were "Lost in Space".

The audacity of the whole thing, Be Famous !! Win Prizes !!. Silly earthlings, is this how you treat a guest ??

"... and America would like to sincerely apologize for littering Space ..."

I don't want to be any trouble. I've come to pick up my cousin, he's been trying to "Phone Home". Is he in some kind of trouble ??

It's a deal, Mr. Obe Kenobe. You bail out my auto industry. I'll bail out your space travel industry.

"I'll bail you out for a Chan Lowe t-shirt!"

I have come millions of miles in reference to your bailout, and my supreme commander told me to give you this message..nor a borrower or a lender be !

Yes, I did campaign on granting amnesty to illegal aliens, but right now your parked in a tow away zone, and we need to address that first

So to sum up our agreement, In exchange for a stimulus payment, I will become the Master of the Universe, Is that correct?

Auditions for "Survivor: White House, Alien Nation"

Illegal "alien" immigration brain storming session.

"My species has a new idea for a revival."

"I need to brainificate before I can shape shift BACK into human form."

"If space ship A, traveling at Worp 9, left the milky way galaxy at noon...."

Obama, do you think you can spare a couple of days to straighten things out on my planet?

"Mr. President, can you teach me how to use my new Blackberry and iPod?"

Obama, do you think you can spare a couple of days to straighten things out on my planet?

"Can I get to ride the Space Shuttle at Disney World?"

"Mr. President, can you help me get Neil Armstrong’s autograph?"

"My daughters watch Shrek. I know Shrek. Mr. Alien, you’re no Shrek."

I'm trying to be an elected leader of my planet and my people are considered a minority. Teach me how you won the votes so I can make good changes on my planet.

Obama speaking.

So there is no unemployment, stocks are up, free health care and you need a new leader...
When can we leave?

"Water boarding? No, my species calls it meta-ectoplasm-kinesis."

"This isn’t Area 51? But I stopped at a gas station for directions?!"

"My NCAA brackets picked ALL the galactic cosmos winners."

"No Mr. President, Tom Cruise is NOT from outer space."

"Yes, we visit in UFOs but do NOT perform anal probes.
Those people are just NUTZ!!!"

"Mr. President, here’s my resume for Pirate CZAR."

"Just look into the two floating tentacles. You are feeling VERY sleepy....."

"Mr. President, Einstein was a ALL wrong."

"Mr. President, Einstein was VERY optimistic."

"My species has exhausted our galaxy’s supply of Viagra."

"Invest your money in galactic stem cell star-dust research."

"Mr. President, I propose a trade. We give you the cure for cancer and AIDS,
and you give us the formula for VIAGRA."

Barack! Think my new TATS will get me a little more street-cred?

"I’m here to audition for a commercial. Captain Kirk sent us."

"Mr. President, I have the bio-weapon antidote for Jack Bauer."

The "CTC" text? Chill out Barack, I was just asking if you would care to chat?

Larry the Cable Guy from Outer Space.
Tlhap Daj ta’pu’ (Git-R-Done)

Fashionista? No, it's just that there are no eggs where I come from and I didn't want to disappoint the kids at Easter

Taping of the Interstellar Universal Galactic "Aliens Gone Wild" video.

"Mr. President, if it's any consolation, we have toxic assets in our galaxy too."

"I’m here to help you celebrate EARTH Day. Then we must take Al Gore back home."

The stairs? Well, the R&D dept. damn near littered the entire universe with lab-rat parts tryin to get the bugs worked out on that "beam me up Scotty" thing

"Let’s play rock, paper, scissors for your planet."

OK Barack, now look away. What colors do you see now?

"My species is looking to sponsor a NASCAR team."

"Mr. President, we give you the cure for cancer and AIDS, and you give us the formula for VIAGRA."

After I leave here? I'm gonna go see this guy Blagojevich - says he can sell me the plans for Santa's sleigh

"Two space ships leave the milky way galaxy station at noon....."

Just between you and me Barack, If GM decides to buy the patent rights to this baby, put everything you got in Dramamine futures!

I appreciate the heads-up Barack. If I ever get married I'll be sure to move somewhere that doesn't have a moon.

You gotta be more specific, Barack. Put it where which sun don't shine?

We're concerned about your planet, Barack. Shouldn't Beavis and Butthead be in foster care?

I know you are but what am I? No, seriously Barack, what am I?

This is your mind. This is your mind on drugs. Any questions?

So, of course, the day the warranty expired, the wheels fell off

"No, go ahead.....really.....pull my finger."

Mirror, mirror on the wall...I'm the...

"Can you show me how to text msg my mate on Remlack?"

I did call AAA, Barack. But they'll only tow it 200 miles!

Love the costume, love the ship. However John (McCain)
The People voted...The job's been filled.

Love the costume, love the ship. However John (McCain)
The People voted...The job's been filled.

Tickled Pink and awaiting a bailout?

Twitter? I can bearly use spellcheck!

allright Barack. BEER PONG, best two outta three. If I win, I take Hawaii. If you win I take Pakistan. Deal? Deal.

the economy... iraq...the alien...the economy...the alien...

So, let me understand: You want total domination of Earth? Welcome! Welcome!

"Sorry about the lawn. Our universal docking ring didn’t fit your International Space Station."

Alien's twitter entry: Barack Dude even has a Blackberry!

"OK.....a Rabbi, a Priest, and a Martian go into a bar....."

"It's true... Aretha Franklin's hat WAS quite noticeable on Inauguration Day... But I had no idea you saw it from THAT far away!"

"I'm sorry, this just isn't the kind of change in Washington I had in mind!"

"A bridge in Brooklyn? Ever heard of GM? Have I got a deal for you!"

"Well, as President you must be able to see both sides of every situation -- uh, sorry, no pun intended!"

You say you come in peace but you landed on Michelle's victory garden




"As long as we see eye to eye, I'm all ears."

i'm sorry...but you have me cofused with Leonard Nemoy...he was the guy on Star Trek..and yes he also had HUGE EARS

Now that you’ve shown it can be done, I’ve decided to run in 2012.

Don't worry if your constituents don't agree with you, just add the word " Change " to every other sentence ....You'll have them eating out of your hands !

Now that you’ve shown that a guy with funny ears can win, I’ve decided to run.

I'm sorry..but you have me confused with Leonard Nemoy...he was the guy on Star Trek..and yes..he also had HUGE EARS


Mr. President , Since I've arrive on your planet I have been listening to a lot of discussions on your television and radio related to Congress and to "Fat and Pork ".

Oh don't worry .. that's what the American public has learned to swallow.

OKAY....Give me a minute to think about the question..Knock Knock ? Who's where ?

why dont you let my wife help you out with that outfit dear

So tell me, Governor Palien. Can you really see Mars from your front porch?

Well, since you didn't come in on the Mayflower, but rather stole across the border, you're welcome to stay. Get your first check on the way out.

Well, since you didn't come in on the Mayflower, but rather stole across the border, you're welcome to stay. Get your first check on the way out.

Let me guess; you're here seeking a bailout as well.

Your probably not harder to negotiate with than Fidel Castro.

Your probably not harder to negotiate with than Fidel Castro was.

It's high time we meet in person, Mr Obama. I'm the chief Republican strategy advisor.

The Intergalectic Council has sent me to tell you that the Earth has been reinstated after an 8 year suspension.

I expect you to release all the prisoners from area 51 too.

I expect you to release all the prisoners from area 51 too.

Yes President Obama, except for the Repubican Party, the rest of the universe wishes you to succeed.

I am here to take Al Gore home. Our galactic ruler misses his court jester.

I am the casting director for the next Star Trek movie and I need another Vulcan and thought your ears (I mean you) would be perfect for the role.

Well I pretty much looked like you till they outfitted my spacecraft with Chinese Dry Wall.

No Mr. President, it's mostly the females who shave under their eyes.

Actually my mother was the lava lamp and my father the snail.

I was supposed to have been born a lava lamp, but with space pollution .....

Five fingers huh, wow that's odd!!

Wow, we heard there might be a black President, but I still can't believe my eyes!!

Believe me, I look better without my glasses on!!

Seeing eye to eye is a worthwhile goal but this is ridiculous!

Hey, back off. Eye contact is just an expression!

So tell me, Governor PALIEN, can you really see Mars from your front porch?

Glad to finally be here. We were actually able to make this trip for the last eight years, but were waiting for signs of "intelligent life" on Earth.

I understand your concerns about Secretary Nepolitano and let me apologize for the cavalier manner, which the United States has dealt with Mars. Take a bail-out application with you on way out!

"Universal Healthcare, yes..well..I can see where you may have been misled"

"Bail out! You too?!"

There's two kids I'd like you to meet!

Yes ...Your Space Craft is very landed it on the future site of the White House Basket Ball Court

Should we hold a rally or a town hall meeting up there ??

First...I'd like to see your resume'..and second...I would have to persuade Nancy resign..

Bush ? I haven't heard a peep out of him since January 20th...let me think...what is his address in Crawford Texas ?

Monica Lewinski ? No I hear she favors a fine Cigar !and no again..she is not under my desk !

I'm all can actually spin "GOLD" from straw?

I knew my stimulus plan was out of this world!

Let me think...Do you really want me to discuss my stimulas plan...with you Martians ? But..I'll give a phone call to Pelossi anyway...She's out of this world..

" How much money do ya' want?"

"Who the heck is ACORN and why do they keep sending us Absentee Ballots"?

" I hear you're in favor of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens".

"As CEO of Interstellar UFO, I'm sure my experience will revitalize GM."

"ET called. He said we may be eligible for a stimulus package."

Obama Discusses his Plans for his Next Whirlwind Tour.

Sorry, no more out of this world bailouts!

I'm from the InterGalactic War Crimes Tribunal. "Take me to your former leaders."

How long have you worked for FOX News?

I'm here to vaporize the guy who sold us that Chinese drywall.

"Look Barack, The way I see it if you don't bailout the aliens the universe as we know it may soon colapse"

Alien to Obama: We hear you are looking to relocate the prisoners from GITMO

Obama to Alien: I'm afraid you've been misinformed - the "T" in TARP dos not stand for "Terrestial"


If you persist in these efforts to remake your planet in your image you'll destroy the delicate balance of the universe.

Well, as you said, it is MY planet.

Alien to President Obama -

I am going to make my offer one last time......

hand over the dog or we will conquer Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia!!!

Our ransom demands are:
One DVD of "E.T.
10 bicycles
Drew Barrymore

"Let me get this straight, Your saying that with my illegal alien status I'm entitled to medicare and social security benefits! I don't think I'll ever go home!"

"So you can see Mr. President how the term 'illegal alien' is politically incorrect. Perhaps, priviledged guest may be more appropriate."

NO we're not hiring!!
I'm just here to drop off your birth certificate.

You ever seen the movie "Independence Day"?

Obama: We have two things in common. Illegal aliens & global domination.

Obama to Alien:
I don't know which of your eyes to look at. I have the same problem with my tele-promptors.

Monsters vs. Aliens, Part 2

I've arrived for Earth Day, but I see the change you promised hasn't happened yet.

If your from Hawaii then I'm from Mississippi.

Mr. President , I've come a long way and I heard that your the man that knows his BS !
What the heck do you mean by small pink friend..
Oh! I'm sorry I was referring to Barbara Streisand...

Mr.President .. If the Federation of Planets was worried about your current escalation of atomic power and your nuclear arsenal....We would have destroyed your planet before you had a chance to take office..SURPRIZE !!

Take me to your TELEPROMPTER !

Dad, how many times have I told you not to park on the lawn in broad daylight?

Don't bother embarrassing yourself with the teleprompter, earthling. We know what you are REALLY thinking.

When Obama said that he wanted to bridge all cultures, he wasn't kidding!


You've had over three months and there's still resistance?! This isn't going to look good on your resume` back home.

Ummm.....No..uhh...I said we would cover only GM Warranties!

What job that Americans don't want to do are you applying for???

Yes, Mr. President - the leader of our planet is willing to lend you the money, but I have to tell ya, the interest is out of this world!!!

Yes, Mr. President - the leader of our planet is willing to lend you the money, but I have to tell ya, the interest is out of this world!!!

Mrs. Speaker, I'm relieved to see that you're finally using your own transportation, but, you really shouldn't come out in public without makeup.

Now that you Humans are
almost done with planet
Earth, we where wondering
if We could have it?

No...I'm not the money you could be saving with Geico.

We don't call them Alien abductions,we prefer enhanced vacationing.


Yes..I do first 100 days of The Presidentcy...has NOT been very impressive...O.K. BEAM ME UP SCOTTY

You said you would give us a BAILOUT. When we opened the box, it was just papers with pictures and numbers on them. What good is that?

First of all..I'm not your "Brotha " and second..I'll look into the fact that your RIMS..from the Space Craft...were ripped off !

Hopefully, Barack, this will stop your people's panic about little green men

Actually, I'm here to see Jimmy Choo about some matching pumps

My Medicare doctor said I should speak with you regarding your BILEout plan.

"Of Course I can rule the Universe!"

" Don't worry Mr President,we have things that make Waterboarding look like a walk in the park"

This is what happens when you are exposed to Chinese Drywall for too long.

Please tell Joe Biden it is time for him to come home.

Sarah Palin in her true form

"So you're saying that I should make everyone legal Aliens?" - Obama

I know the contest submissions have ended, but here are a few I thought of over the weekend:

"I’m Norman Einstein, your friendly Space Melvin."

"I’m Murray the Hebrew space alien here to help you and Hillary
negotiate a lasting middle east peace."

P.S. LOTTS of great entries!!!!!!!

Mr. President. Our Bibical scholars and scientists have been debating to
"intelligent design " for centurys. They have asked me, to ask you ......
" What's your excuse ? ".

And Mr. President, we will lend you 35 Trillion at 21% to pay off China.

Mr. President, Our scientists have been studying your planet for years, to your concept of
" intelligent design ". And I'm sorry to say that they have yet to find any
" intelligence " to your concept.

"My galaxy was told that e-TARP stands for Extra Terrestrial Alien Recovery Program."

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