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Bristol Palin touts sexual abstinence!


You have to hand it to Bristol Palin. Like her mom, she's an expert at turning a sow's ear into a silk purse.

All teens do stupid things. Bristol figured out a way to get paid for talking about her stupid thing, in the form of giving a public service announcement extolling (choke!) teen sexual abstinence.

I don't know if young Bristol's trying to help burnish her mother's image for a presidential run in 2012, but if I were Sarah Palin, I'd be trying to keep her out of the spotlight.

After all, Sarah's shooting for the Republican primary, with all those pinch-mouthed morals voters, and having an unwed teen mother in the family displays a decidedly liberal-style cavalier attitude toward what is good and proper.

But then, if you're Sarah Palin, the Great Foxy Hope for the Conservative Future, they can bend the rules a little. Bristol's "situation" becomes a joyous celebration of life.

Now, if we could just get the girl to fly to Vermont and marry a woman...

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All this really does is reinforce my belief that there is a fortune to be made by the first online news organization that realizes the one thing people would really be willing to pay for is the ability to pick stories and/or people they never want to hear about again. Bristol would be near the top of my list, followed closely by John of John&Kate (I have no idea what the heck that is, but I can already tell I'd much rather read an online newspaper which contains no mention of it and/or them :-). While we are at it, let's throw A-Rod, Manny, and steroids in there as well (and don't forget Bret Favre).

EXCUSE ME!!! This is a young woman who is now living with the consequences of her actions. She loves her child. She knows how hard it is to care for a child. Perhaps she has some insight to actually help other young girls not to make the same mistake. It takes a brave person to admit their mistakes and then seek out how to keep others from making the same. Maybe if young men were taught to HONOR girls and themselves for that matter, teen pregnancy would decline.

I agree with the real grown up!! Why shouldn't her baby be a celebration of life? ALL children should be a celebration of life. Kudos to her for stepping up, loving her child, and showing others her experience and consequences.

If Sarah Palin runs in 2012, Sarah Palin will run. Not her daughter.

Maybe if young men were taught to HONOR girls and themselves for that matter, teen pregnancy would decline.
If young women learned to keep their legs closed, teen pregnancy would decline.

Better yet-- maybe if her mom had put her family before her job and TAUGHT her to keep those legs shut, the kid might not have gotten pregnant.

Another thing for the two morons attacking this cartoon: this cartoon is making the point that the girl isn't celebrating life, nor is it a cartoon picking fun at a girl who got knocked up for irresponsible behavior.

It is one thing to accept one's actions and live with them-- it is an entirely different matter when one seeks to profit from it.

Moreover, this idiot walking around the house preaching to girls her age about self-control that she failed to exhibit is tantamount to the pot calling the kettle black.

You nit pick about a persons personal life, which is only entertaihment for liberals like you who are afraid to put real news about the way your president is bringing down the country in your biased paper. Are you afraid obama will spank you for being naughty?? He already has you under his thumb.

What is with the fake baby she had on Good Morning America? She should show what it is like to have a real baby. Is her program one for those that have teens carry around a pretend baby for days?

What WOULD bring teen pregnancy down, is teaching teen about where babies come from. And giving them loads of condoms. Why do the European countries have like, HALF the teen pregnancies the USA has?
In liberal Netherlands, teens have access to condoms, morning after pills ... AND, they have far LESS sex than the us teen.
US teen pregnancy: 70 per 1000
Netherlands: Fully SIX per 1000!!!

In the last 100 years Liberals, actually Democrats have done this:
They have authored Social Security, Medicare, the Civil Rights Act, women's suffrage, federal deposit insurance, unemployment compensation, rural electrification, child labor laws, minimum wages and the 40-hour work week.

Repukes have supported Joseph McCarthy's efforts to blacklist Americans,
And more recently:
- allowed 9-11 by incompetence.
- ruined the economy, and just to make sure it stayed ruined, ruined the worlds economy too.

@: Robert Taylor
"Moreover, this idiot walking around the house preaching to girls her age about self-control that she failed to exhibit is tantamount to the pot calling the kettle black."
Thing of beauty.

Sarah Palin should absolutely not be the Republican candidate for 2012. No way is she a serious front runner? This is truly a slap in the face to all the serious politicians that have served the country so faithfully over the past several years. She can practice and practice over the next several years but it would simply be a second hand performance. She has no real experience. Shame on all those republicans that taught her as a serious candidate. Women... we must unite and speak up!!

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