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"Birther" true believers


There must be a great deal of consternation and disappointment among certain circles that Barack Obama has been in office for six months already, and to date has not placed a mark on the Oval Office wall indicating the correct direction of Mecca.

Since the Muslim rumor has proven to be unsubstantiated, one must resort to a backup line of attack, the notion that the Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth is a forgery, and that Obama, actually born in Kenya, is therefore not qualified to hold office.

One can only wonder whether the "Birthers," as they are called, would have been so zealous in their pursuit of truth and justice had John McCain been elected, considering that his claim to naturalized birth (Canal Zone) is much more tenuous.

Nor can we escape the irony that several of our very first presidents--among them the sainted George Washington and Thomas Jefferson--were born British subjects, since there was not even a United States at the time within whose borders they would have come into this world. But nobody is questioning their legitimacy.

This whole affair would be comical, except that it does play to the worst aspects of the American character. In stressful times like these, such messages of hate have a way of rapidly infecting a fearful and ignorant populace. And there are certain public figures, who, for their own selfish reasons, are pouring fuel on the flames.

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.

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I may be dating myself, but, does anyone remember the John Birch Society?

See Eccl. 1:9 one doubts the first presidents' legitimacy because section one article two of the constitution states "No Person except a natural born Citizen, ****or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution,**** shall be eligible to the Office of President..." which makes the early british subjects-turned-presidents perfectly legitimate. I agree with you on the Obama birth certificate thing, he's a natural born citizen and we should focus on plan and policy instead of birth requirements (ie-- calm down world, just drop it and mooooovvveee on), but the founding fathers comment was kinda dumb.

I like the cartoon!!

Chan says:

You're right, Maria. That was a dumb comment about the Founding Fathers. I think I just skipped over that clause when I was checking up on that article of the constitution. It only makes sense that citizens of the new nation would have grandfathered themselves in.

Thanks for correcting me.

why does the writer feel that we are "a fearful and ignorant populace"? BOTH sides try to use scare tactics to push agendas and this includes the anointed one's rhetorical healthcare speeches.

Still I have to wonder, why not show us the birth certificate? Why not show us his college records? IT DOES SEEM SUCH A SIMPLE THING. Where is the openness, transparency, all the hope and change?

Still I have to wonder, why not show us the birth certificate? Why not show us his college records? IT DOES SEEM SUCH A SIMPLE THING. Where is the openness, transparency, all the hope and change?

He's hiding the document, his team has blocked college records, we are heading right into the big scandal of 2009, too bad this happens 6 month AFTER inauguration, the mess and crisis will be only much bigger.....

The Birth Certificate issue is a RED HERRING. The White House is only allowing discussion of this issue now (why now after 6 months) so as to focus on the BC when the real issue is the fact that Obama ADMITS the his citizenship was "Governed" by Britain at the time he was born. This was due to his father's Kenyan Citizenship at the time. Dual Citizens at birth cannot EVER be a Natural Born Citizen, The Writer of this collumn is appallingly clueless, as evidenced by his lack of knowledge of the Grandfather clause which allowed Washington and 12 others to become POTUS. They were British Citizens at birth also, the problem for Obama is that he was born after 1788. Natural Born Citizen is Born on US SOIL to 2 Citizen Parents. Obama knows this since he is a Constitutional Lecturer. He has curiously scrubbed Fight the Smears from the internet, which is the place that he had admitted to being a British Subject at birth, and thus NOT QUALIFIED. His aim now is to concentrate the focus on the BC and Not his dual citizenship at birth, which is the true LEGAL ISSUE.

"The One" to prove something?!?!?!?!

News outlets have demanded medical records, tax docs., This or that from past presdents for years. Why is it, Raciest, to ask the HNIC this? This bum is using the race card to hide behind.

I don't see what all the fuss is about. Our government routinely ignores many sections of the Constitution as well as all the Bill of Rights except the third amendment.

If the people who own this country want Obama to be President, who are we to complain about one small unimportant paragraph in Article II.

He only provided a certificate of live birth which is given to anyone and everyone. He didn't provide a true copy of his birth certificate. If there is nothing to hide, then why did he hire so many lawyers to keep his true birth certificate hidden?

I wonder why the conspiracy theorists all think a long form birth certificate is so much more difficult to forge than a short form certificate? And why do they even care when the same group is gonna be clamouring for a constitutional amendment to let Arnold run for president in the next election.

this cartoon is good but has one small flaw - that whole clicka, clicka thing. The "birther" morons who have too much time on their hands probably aren't bright enough to work a computer.

The "birther" morons who have too much time on their hands probably aren't bright enough to work a computer.

The name calling may be getting old. How about arguing a point with facts, logic, references, quotes, links, etc. Insults reflect poorly on the insulter.

...the same group is gonna be clamouring for a constitutional amendment to let Arnold run for president in the next election.

After the mess he has made in California, I cannot imagine much support to make Arnold president. Heck, I don't even think I'd want to see him in another Terminator movie.

The clause requiring the President to be a natural born citizen is uniquely American. European countries were routinely ruled by monarchs born in another country. In many cases, they did not even speak the language of the countries they ruled.

Mr. Lowe is right on point until he drags in John McCain. Both of McCain's parents were U.S. citizens and it has long been accepted that a child of U.S. parents is acitizen at birth regardless of the actual physical location of the mother at the time of the birth. In addition, McCain was born under the American Flag as the Canal Zone, at the time, was leased by the U.S. from Panama. To say McCain's claim to be a "natural born" citizen is even more tenuous than Obama's just needlessly exacerbates an already ludicrous issue. Of more import is Lowe's ignorance of the Constitution with reference to Washington, Adams, Jefferson Article Two of the Constitution explicitly exempts persons born before the adoption of the Constitution from the "natural born" provision. It reads as follows, "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President." The "or" eliminates Mr. Lowe's point regarding our first presidents completely. He really should be more careful. By adding this type of hyperbole to his otherwise right on comments he only diminishes his own effectiveness.

Thanks for your comment, Steve. I admitted earlier up in the comments postings that I screwed up on that grandfather clause that allowed the Founding Fathers to be presidents, but I think you're wrong on the "physical location of the mother"issue.
Alexander Hamilton was born in Puerto Rico, I believe, and this is why he could never be president. If I'm not mistaken, Congress actually had to pass an act during the campaign declaring that McCain was legally a citizen, and that his CZ birth would not be an impediment to his serving.
I could be wrong on this. You're the third person to tell me about the grandfather clause. I'm sure
you or I or both of us will be corrected in due time.

The birthplace doesn't matter. Waht does matter are the domestic and foreing policies that are destroying the country.

Why don't we look at what the constitution says: from Article II Secton 1 -- No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;

Although natural born Citizen is not defined, it appears to be a citizen born within the United States. I believe that Alexander Hamilton would have been eligible since he was a citizen at the time of the adoption of the constitution. Thanks to Aaron Burr, we never actually found out.

McCain's being eligible to be president is problematic. Congress took care to clarify the issue before the election. Obviously Obama is eligible to be president if he were born in Hawaii and ineligible if he were born outside the country.

If he is a Natural born citizen (and I don't think he is) why did he spend millions on legal fees to keep from showing his birth certificate? That is what makes me believe he's not eligible--I can get my Fla BC in 10 minutes--as can anyone IF THEY HAVE IT.
How did he go to Pakistan in 1981 without a US Passport? Do you really think his 17 year old unwed baby mama thought to protect the citizenship in Jim Crow America in 1961 of her half-black illegitimate infant so he could be POTUS?? What ARE the odds???

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