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Sarah Palin bails


I'm waiting for the other snowshoe to drop.

It's hard to believe that someone as politically ambitious as Sarah Palin would bail out of her first term as governor unless there were extenuating circumstances that we have yet to hear about.

If there is no scandal waiting in the wings, then Gov. Palin deserves to be thought of as a flake not fit for the presidency, regardless of one's political point of view.

Some of her admirers among the Conservative chattering classes are calling this a bold masterstroke, clearing the decks for her to come down here to the lower forty-eight and tour the cornfields of Iowa as well as the mill towns of New Hampshire.

She says she quit to pursue a higher calling. The irony is that another Republican governor, Mark Sanford, chose to pursue a lower calling, and he's still in office.

I suggest we sit tight and wait to see if this calling comes in the form of a subpoena.

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This woman has the personal integrity of a flea.

She won Alaska on a fluke - a novelty act.
Come on.

Then, not even 1/2 way through the job, she drops out to run for VP. She fancies herself a national high stakes player.

She pulls the McCain campaign down, down, down and self destructs in public for all to see.

Now, her fluttery little heart can't stop chasing the limelight. She has nothing to gain in staying the course and serving the residents of Alaska. So what does she do? She decides that the job of Governor is holding her back, so she just drops it and walks away.

This is the single more ambitious and morally bankrupt person I have seen in a long time.

Anyone who votes for this woman doesn't deserve the right to vote.

Rumor has it she and her husband are forming a snow-mobile militia.

Rumor has it she and her husband are forming a snow-mobile militia.


Had you drawn her sitting and rotating on the monument to receive the first strike, it would have been far more endearing to our hearts. Keep up the good work.

What's unusual is she doesn't appear to have stabbed anyone in the back in this maneuver, unless it's the lt gov who now has to clean up the mess.

Then, not even 1/2 way through the job, she drops out to run for VP. She fancies herself a national high stakes player.

Right, and it's really cool that Obama drops out half way through his first term as senator to run for Pres.

Palin is a moron. She isn't just some country (albeit Alaskan backwoods country) bumpkin who has all her teeth. She is an actual moron. Unintelligent. And like Chan says, if there is more to this that will come out later then we'll see her to be even more of a boob than most of us already think she is. So many in the republican party blindly follow her, Rush, Fox News, etc. just because they are too stubborn to give it up, that they'll stand up for her until she either gets indicted or just drops off the face of the earth. Most of the world hadn't heard of her before mccain picked her up and we'll forget about her as quickly as we forgot about the first Pres. Bush's VP (whatever the hell his name was).

Frank, me thinks your math is a little fuzzy.

Obama stepped down from his senate seat Nov 16th 2008 - 12 days after he had already been elected to his "higher calling" - not years before a potential campaign.

So that means he continued to serve (McCain, Obama and Biden returned to the senate on October 2nd after the first bailout bill was rejected)until being elected to a higher office.

According to my math that means he was elected to the senate in Nov of 2004 and stepped down in Nov of 2008 - 4 years later to assume the Presidency.

These two situtations are the same, Obama served 2/3rds before taking higher office, Palin quit.

It's typical left-wing nonsense to just continually throw out insults. What's sad is that the Republican party hasn't learned how to play by their rules yet. I've given up on both parties for the time being. One party is in the middle of raping and robbing our country while the other doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to do something about it. The Left is on a mission to completely destroy the conservative ideals this country was founded on for as long as possible. Hence, their targeting of a woman like Palin. I'll never say that a politician is perfect but lets look at this logically; Palin is obviously a very out-spoken conservative and they can't have that over there on the left. You need to be completely dependent on the government otherwise you won't fit into their brainwashing machine. It's all about seizing power and I pray that the Left-wingers can finally look at the reality of what is going on.

Latest blog post: Palin Keeps 'em Guessin'


Where did you study history? The father of bi partisanship and political smear/insult campaigns is none other than your boy Newt Gingrich. The hatred between the 2 parties can be directly traced back to him taking the speaker role in 1995. It took on a whole new level of ugly when Karl Rove masterminded W's campaign during 1999. Its convient for you to have selective memory with regards to what you want to believe.

Me thinks that the rationale that Maddam Palin is using to bail out of office is a smoke screen. There is something going on behind the scenes besides "frivalous lawsuits"! If she were to run for a higher office what would change as far as lawsuits are concerned? All of the attorney's fees to fight these things come out of taxpayer dollars. As long as she is emerging from them squesky clean, I don't see why she would be bothered unless there is something that she is aware of which is about to surface.

I saw a response that said that Obama also quit his job as Senator of Illinois. The difference is that Obama was REQUIRED BY LAW TO Resign as Senator, as was Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Unlike Sarah Palin who simply quit.

Change the person in the chair to Obama and the caption to "On behalf of America I'd like to apologize" and then you've got something.

Chad...I've heard (don't know if it's true, though) that London bookmakers are giving odds that Palin's next implosion will be in the time-honored conservative 'family values' tradition of...what else? extramarital affair!

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