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Sarah's non-swan song


Clearly Sarah Palin articulates, in her own folksy way, a mindset that resonates deeply with a disaffected segment of the American public.

Media-bashing has always been a sure-fire applause line with the grievance-ridden Right, and she employed it skillfully in her resignation speech.

What Sarah has is what we call down here in South Florida good old-fashioned chutzpah.

It has been said--with some chagrin by the very media she bashes--that
she wouldn't even have gotten a second look if she resembled, say, Golda Meir. But that's not just a media weakness. I wonder if John McCain would have chosen her as a running mate if she didn't so energize his ticket (not necessarily his message) with her winking, sashaying Betty Boop routine.

Would the crowds have gushed so? Would she even be entertaining breathless questions about whether she plans to run for--gulp--president in 2012?

Let's face it: Sarah Palin is a media creation. She'd be nothing without us. At the same time, we send phalanxes of reporters up to Alaska to shoot video of her fishing because people can't resist watching and reading about her.

One could be offended by her callous treatment of those to whom she owes so much. On the other hand, it's one of those classic sick relationships: Please, Sarah, bash us some more! Your fans love it, and we love to disseminate it.

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This Lowe dude is such a right hater he's using ink to slam a now powerless political figure instead of dealing with the massive topics of the day and the D leaders who are in power. Guess he doesn't know who is president and who makes law! What a waste of a newspaper salary.

Chan, as usual you are right on target. The sad thing is we've become a media circus. All that seems to matter is ggetting your face on TV, no matter how you do it. I don't know how you do it day after day, but then again politics give you a lot of fodder to work with.
As far as Palin being powerless, then why is she the frontrunner for the Rep. for the next election?

Steve -- that's pretty funny. She's the frontrunner in election that is years away. THAT gives her power? I always thought the people in power were IN the white house! I thought they were the ones who WROTE and VOTED on law, raised taxes, etc. Silly me. But Lowe is right there with you, Steve, so you can expect plenty more of this from him. Enjoy!

The lastest buzz is that Track,Bristol,Willow,Piper and Trig are fed up and ready for a name change...Smith!

Who can't resist watching and reading? I record all my news programs on a DVR specifically so I can fast forward past the annoying coverage of Sarah Palin, Michael Jackson, and Jon & Kate, ad infinitum. Usually takes only about 15 seconds to watch any significant news that might pop up between annoying bilge.

Sar'ah Pa'lin n. narcissist, self-serving, self-righteous, prejudice, hypocrite, ignorant, inhuman, killer.
2012 - only in her dreams ...
The only way she can shatter the glass ceiling is with bullets from her hunting rifle.
I hope Tina Fey is resting up ... because this drama queen will be back with more "material." - you "go" Chan!!!

Sar'ah Pa'lin n. narcissist, self-serving, self-righteous, prejudice, hypocrite, ignorant, inhuman, killer.
2012 - only in her dreams ...
The only way she can shatter the glass ceiling is with bullets from her hunting rifle.
I hope Tina Fey is resting up ... because this drama queen will be back with more "material." - you "go" Chan!!!

Brian: it amazes me that you speak like you actually know something about politics and then claim that it is the white house that "wrote and voted on law"

But since you took the time to exemplify your ignorance and the epitome of the right, we thank you again for reminding us of how much WORSE things would have been had we, the moderates, voted for McCain and McDummy.

PS Brian: its the Congress' job to do write and vote on law-- the White House just signs on the dotted line, whether veto or not.

"Sarah Palin is a media creation. She'd be nothing without us"

And what about Obama? He'd still be organizing communities if the media hadn't sat him upon his pedestal. I don’t think a day has gone by since his royal inauguration that he hasn’t had his face on CNN. He’s been on TV in the last few months more than Bush in his last term.

And Leah, I guess Sarah is evil because she kills animals for sport and food but killing unborn humans is okay because you were too stupid to take a pill, use a condom or just not have sex.

Time will tell just how low the media will sink to keep trying to raise Obama’s head above the headlines as he spends our taxes, our kids taxes and our grandkids taxes. Obama’s popularity is dropping with every wasted dollar he throws away and it won’t be long before the American people will be willing to vote for Mickey Mouse to save us.

With all the lies and broken promises (Transparency in government, no pork, no lobbyists in his cabinet, etc.) Obama is off to a great start of making a memorable president. Let’s just hope some more of his friends go off on the cops so Obama can show his true colors and ignorance.

Sarah is a breath of fresh air in a city emitting the rancid odder of donkey manure.

I bet Playboy would pay her a coupla million to pose nude and it would be money very well spent as it would become their biggest selling issue in history. The magazine would be a great place for her - she's fun to look at and we don't have to listen to her while we look. The majority of people find her laughable (laughing AT not with). And since ultra-religious, ultra conservative people like her tend to have a stick up their butts, she'd be standing in all the pictures.

We have got the democrats running the whole country, 100% of it in their massive Chicago corruption styled way. We have unemployment pushing double digits, solders getting killed in record numbers in the "media's good war, Iraq",(that is why its under reported, not like when Bush was pres) . Then we have a racist president, who calls police just doing their job stupid, so he can play the race card. I can go on and on and on about the bad shape we are in due to the inept people running who got elected, and so could the media if they wanted to, but this clown can only talk about Palin? Then in the same breath reduces her speech as just "a sure-fire applause line with the grievance-ridden Right". Does this Lowe clown really wonder why so many independents, like me, and conservatives applauded for Mrs. Palin, and are grievance ridden about a inadequate provda propaganda style press this country has been reduced to? Left wing ideologues like Lowe just don't get it, and never will.Its to bad so many newspapers have to bit the dust because of that.

pointman ... this tidbit is for you!
Wasilla Watch: Sarah Palin and the Rape Kits
Published: September 25, 2008
Even in tough budget times, there are lines that cannot be crossed. So I was startled by this tidbit reported recently by The Associated Press: When Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, the small town began billing sexual-assault victims for the cost of rape kits and forensic exams.
What was the thinking behind cutting the measly few thousand dollars needed to cover the yearly cost of swabs, specimen containers and medical tests? Whose dumb idea was it to make assault victims and their insurance companies pay instead?
The insult to rape victims is obvious. So is the sexism inherent in singling them out to foot the bill for investigating their own case. And the main result of billing rape victims is to protect their attackers by discouraging women from reporting sexual assaults.
"We would never bill the victim of a burglary for fingerprinting and photographing the crime scene, or for the cost of gathering other evidence," said Alaska's then-governor, Tony Knowles. "Nor should we bill rape victims just because the crime scene happens to be their bodies."
my conclusion: This power hungry red-neck has no respect for women. She treats them like criminals.

On Saturday, March 14, 2009, Alaska wildlife officials took to the skies using helicopters and spotter planes to carry out Governor Sarah Palin’s escalating wolf-killing program near the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve.

It was a massacre that claimed the lives of 84 wolves by state officials. The killing only stopped when officials couldn’t find any more wolves to kill in the area.

The terrible photos obtained by Defenders of Wildlife show the aftermath of the wolf slaughter in which some wolves were chased down for nearly ten miles from the air -- then gunned down.
pointman ... last I checked, wolves are not killed for food ... and this is no sport.

...wolves are not killed for food ... and this is no sport.

It's true; wolves are not killed for food. They are culled when their population becomes too great. Then, they are a threat to people, pets and livestock.

Those of us who do not live in your Bizarro world of PETA ethics actually think the lives of people, pets and livestock take preference over wolves.

I am not being judgmental, but I am curious about whether you have anywhere as much concern for aborted fetuses as you have for culled wolves.

The irony here is dripping. I just hope I'm not the only one to appreciate it. Palin is a media creation? Maybe so, but a media-created ("narcissist, self-serving, self-righteous, prejudice, hypocrite, ignorant, inhuman, killer.
2012 - only in her dreams ..." ) monster, the media as a whole says few to no good things about her. Whereas they, as a whole, have apotheized Obama, yet I would never hear it from here.

Oh, and by the way Leah, as a teenaged female vegetarian, I have no problem with Palin shattering the glass celing with her hunting rifle. Except, I'm fairly certain she has never had to, and never will have to.

Palin is bank-rolled by Safari Club International and signed off on a $400,000 state-funded propaganda campaign to justify the state's barbaric wolf slaughter from the skies.

Safari Club International wants the wolves out of the way so they can hunt elk, moose and caribou for trophies! Wolves do not kill unless they need to eat.

The Alaska Board of Game plans to reduce wolf populations by 60-100% in several game management units as part of an effort to artificially boost moose and caribou populations.

Actually Lolly ... I am a member of Defenders of Wildlife and Earthjustice ...

Lolly ... what do aborted fetuses have to do with the massacre of wolves?
If Palin is pro-life ... then ALL life is sacred ... otherwise, your a hypocrite!

Do you value the life of a wolf more than the life of a fetus? The point is, if you're going to get worked up over the wolves, and a human life is more important than a wolf life, then why aren't you upset over the millions of abortions that take place in the US every year? I think the joke's kind of on you, as far as hypocrisy (and grammar) goes. (My a hypocrite what?)

And yes, wolves only kill for food. But when there's too many of them, they'll all be hungry and eat all the caribou and then no one, people or wolves, will have food. And the ecosystem will go completely awry, eliminating many species instead of reducing one.

Oh and by the way, would you kill cockroaches that get into your pantry? They only move in when they're hungry, you know.

As I said, I am not being judgmental. I really am curious how one can be so concerned with the lives of wolves and so unconcerned with human life.

We all have prejudices. I tend to believe that people who are most concerned with "animal rights" are also least concerned with human rights.

I believe that animals do not have rights. I believe that animals are property, and that their owners may do with them as they wish. If that bothers you, you and your friends are free to boycott any entities that mistreat animals. I do not wish to see animals mistreated, and I might join your boycott. However, I would not wish to see human freedom destroyed in the name of animal rights.

If Palin is pro-life ... then ALL life is sacred ... otherwise, your a hypocrite!

Let me repeat; concern for human life does not mean one needs to have the same degree of concern for animal life.

I spoke with a Broward County employee who worked for the division of Animal Control. She told me she believed swatting a mosquito is animal cruelty. The only reason she didn't arrest people for this offense was the district attorney would not press charges.

Maria, exactly where do you draw the line between animal rights and complete lunacy?

Whoops! Apologies to Maria; I meant to direct my lunacy question to Leah.

Maria and Lolly ... Trust me, I am quite sane. Why is it, that whenever one is pro wildlife ... the "human fetus" conversation enters the picture. There is nothing "controlled" about the brutal massacre of the wolves that is taking place in Alaska under Palin's direction.
And, do not assume that you know what I am thinking regarding pro-life vs. pro-choice. This is not my fight! You are barking up the wrong tree.
Maria ... after spending over two years researching the situation in Alaska and following Palin's track record (I knew who she was before McCain chose her as his running mate) it is fair to say that you do not know what you are talking about regarding the wolf population. You are totally ignorant about the situation. Nature, left to its own devices does fine without man's intervention. Especially when it involves unspeakable animal suffering and certain death.
I am fighting for the wolves ... not cockroaches Maria ... perhaps you would like to find an organization that protects them!
I believe that all life is sacred ... Broward County Animal Control has no problem putting an animal down ... I am also a volunteer for the local humane society which happens to be a no-kill shelter.
This is my passion ... I love animals and I believe that their life is just as sacred as yours and mine. They feel pain just like you and I. I have never been "hurt by an animal." Your pro-life fight is misdirected. Take it somewhere else, if this is your passion.

I love animals and I believe that their life is just as sacred as yours and mine.

That is the problem. I do not wish to insult you, but the position that animals are as important as humans (or have rights) is incompatible with private property and freedom.

My position is that respect for private property and freedom are the most important goals in a civilized society. All other good things, like peace and prosperity, will naturally follow.

When private property is not respected, as in socialism, environmentalism, and animal rights, bad things such as war and poverty inevitably follow.

I realize that socialism, environmentalism, and animal rights are not the same thing. However, when followed to their logical conclusion, they all lead to centralized power by a totalitarian government. Yes, most people believe we are a democracy, but democratic totalitarianism is just as pernicious as oligarchic or monarchic totalitarianism.

When has an animal, wild or domestic denied a human being from their rights (ie., private property and freedom)? Man is the culprit. Ghandi said it best ... "the greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated" ... Palin is not interested in environmentalism or animal rights. She has her own agenda. While she was "in power" in Alaska, she conducted business like a dictator. If you did not "agree" with her politics, you were "ruined" professionally and personally ... sounds like a totalitarian government to me!

ps Lolly, wildlife is not private property ... The line is crossed with unwarranted government interference ... the Bureau of Land Management has failed horribly in "managing" many species!

Lolly, wildlife is not private property

That's really not true. If I own land (say because I bought it or homesteaded it) then I have the right to use that land as I see fit. That includes uses of the land that may interfere with wildlife that is living there.

The line is crossed with unwarranted government interference

I agree with you there. However, there is no such thing as warranted government interference.

the Bureau of Land Management has failed horribly...

Of course it did. All government agencies fail at their intended purposes.

The problem with your animal rights philosophy it that it depends on a powerful central government to make rules regarding resource use. This amounts to confiscation of private property, and in the long run that always results in poverty and misery.

Lowe.....Go Drink Some More Progressive Kool Aid bought with your Obama Supplied Food Stamps while You are sitting in your Public Housing.

Why are Progressive so afraid of her. She open, honest and what you see is what you get.

Lowe .. Pick on a real man Col. Allen West

Betcha she don't invite Katie Couric on the show, for a "fair and balanced" intellectual beat down.


I love her because she drives Libs nuts. How ya doin Chan? Hanging in there? Look at all of the posts. She's doing soomething right, or wrong, no matter how you look at it. Electing her in 2012 would be almost as big of mistake as electing Obama.

This woman is an IDIOT!
She didn't know the difference between North & Sout Korea. She didn't know which magazines she read (or didn't). She thought that Africa was a country. In addition, she was elected to serve 4 years as governor ... quit her job with some lame excuse about being a lame duck. She waddled right out of office to make Millions. Why didn't she tell the truth about why she quit?

It's so sad that she has so many supporters. It only proves that this is probably one of the most stupid countries on the face of the earth.

If she becomes president of this great country I'm leaving!!!

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