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Dick Cheney cries out in the wilderness

We were deep into 2002, probably five or six months after 9/11, before my editor would even entertain the idea of my drawing a cartoon that did not portray George W. Bush in anything but a favorable light.

"We're not ready for that yet," I remember him saying. He was probably right, as far as the sentiments of our readers were concerned.

The terror was still fresh, the country had rallied around its president, and unbeknownst to us, Dick Cheney was quietly machinating behind the scenes to exploit our national myopia and expand executive power to unheard-of levels.

It was a failure on the part of the media as much as anyone else, but consumers of news weren't ready yet for hard-nosed reporting, or commenting for that matter, about our leaders.

These are different times, and the man who used to condemn the Bush naysayers as unpatriotic didn't even wait for the inaugural platform to be disassembled before he began loudly trashing the new president. It's his right. Too bad he didn't see it that way when he was on the receiving end.

As for setting himself up as the world's authority on keeping us safe, let's remember that clever locution Cheney and his supporters like to use to justify their excesses: "The terrorists haven't hit us again since 9/11."

As I recall, Dick Cheney had been running this country for almost eight months when the terrorists did hit us on 9/11.

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Cheney expand executive power to unheard-of levels? Like bills taking over the Internet from private citizens? The fairness doctrine? Did Cheney appointing 32 czars, that don't answer to congress but only him? Did Cheney take over the banks, the auto industry and wall street? Is cap and trade Cheney's idea? I guess to this Lowe clown it only matters if there is a R after the name, or a D after the name. The R's get smeared, and the D's get a free pass to do as they please. Who says their is a liberal media bias in this country, they must be crazy? Same old liberal partisan boring predictable read.

Dave, you're post is as ignorantly angry in tone as you must be about having a Democrat-led government.

Let's clear up a couple of things here:
Cheney expand executive power to unheard-of levels?
Yes, perhaps you never heard of the Patriot Act that has consistently been analyzed to be the brainchild of his. No? Google a Time article titled "Frenemies" about Bush and McCain and you'll get a nice eyeful.

Like bills taking over the Internet from private citizens?
And what bill would you be referring to here? One that hasn't passed or one that doesn't come close to this action? Or wait-- how about Cheney and the CIA secretly and illegally tapping all internet traffic through the NSA and then granting telecomms post-facto immunity? Maybe you missed that too.

The fairness doctrine?
Was a GREAT thing. It kept reporting balanced and required broadcasters to keep slant AT A MINIMUM. Too bad the republicans got that eliminated. I'm all for free speech-- as long as editorials aren't posited as news to the ignorant-- much like Fox News posits its talk show hosts interweaving broadcast news.

Did Cheney appointing 32 czars, that don't answer to congress but only him?

No, but who has? Oh, are you referring to members of cabinet? Perhaps you failed civics 101, but cabinet posts report to executive leadership and when someone uses the term "czar," is doesn't mean its a reference to a political ideal, perhaps a dictionary might help you there as well.

Did Cheney take over the banks, the auto industry and wall street?

Actually, Bush did. Or did you forget that he passed the first Bank bailout. And the first auto industry bailout, and essentially "kicked the ball downfield" when it came to really dealing with the economic issues that dominated his last year in office?

Who says their is a liberal media bias in this country, they must be crazy?

How can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you can't even distinguish between "their" and "there?"

As for the rest of that anger-laced tirade, you should work on digging a little deeper and stop suckin' on Glen Beck's boob before you post anymore ignorance like that.

I chose the name "Ditto," because I agree with everything posted by "AntiDope" in response to "dave."

Dick Cheney can't handle being irrelevant. Thanks for the counterpoints AntiDope.

Five Deferments to avoid military service while always "supporting" war (as long as OTHERS pay the price for his "toughness").

Calling for strict Law and Order while he seeks ways around or even violates laws.

Cheney is incapable of embarassement.

In my childhood Jamaica we had a useful saying: "When you throw stone in a hogpen, the one who squeal is the one you hit!" Slo if 'antidope' is squealing, can you imagine the sounds coming from Cheney? Many people now recognize him as the most evil man to serve this office, but how many realize he was probably the most incompetent? Just reckon the damage, domestic and international, laid directly to his door and his policies. And who can forget those epic lies and misjudgements on Iraq snd his war there he uttered so publicly?

But perhaps we got the Cheney we deserved, Dave. Your editor may have recovered his senses in five or six months after 9-11, but it took America fatefully longer...

Cheney reminds me of a villain from 24. Right now he's probably trying to plot Obama's assination by lethal virus or arrange an Al-Queda attack to say "see I told you so!" Someone find Jack Bauer quick!!!!

Cheney makes a perfect villain, with his sneer, cynical rhetoric, and street hood aura, but let's not forget that he wasn't an unknown quantity or a populist upstart before he took over. The power elite knew who exactly he was when they made him regent to Slacker Boy. And now that he's out of power, and his virtual antithesis, Mr. Intelligent Caring Down to Earth, is president, nothing in US foreign policy has changed. If Obama were to try to change anything (not that he'd have a chance of getting it through Congress), he'd be quickly eliminated, and Joe "I Never Saw a War I Didn't Love" Biden would take over.

AntiDope is the ultimate Dope. Obama hates America

No he doesn't and remember it's "George Bush doesn't like black people."

It figures you would call yourself "patriot". Coward.

Dick Chaney at least had the kahunas to make a stand and stick with it..I would give my right arm to have a "Dick Chaney" over a pink panty Obama any day of the week. Your hit was "eight months in office" when we did get attacked, The entire Middle East is disintergrating under Obama, and you compare that to "eight months in office"??

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