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Chan Lowe cartoon: Sarah Palin, literary lioness

palinbook.gifSomehow the words "book" and "Sarah Palin" don't fit comfortably in the same sentence.

Oh, well...if George Bush Sr.'s dog could pen a best-selling memoir about his years in the White House, I suppose anyone can.

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Why not a graphic novel? with big print? and pictures?

Actually I think that demographic prefers popup books

OUCH! Too funny, Chan.

I'm in her demographic. I would buy one of the print copies.

Actually, the words "book" and "Sarah Palin" fit together much more appropriately than "Chan Lowe" and "insightful political commentary."

Anyone want to take bets that she outsells the Community Organiser in Chief?

Looking at how the Democrats spit out 1000 page bills and want them passed the next day they must all be speed readers.

I guess pointman has never heard of the patriot act

I have and I did not agree with it. A wise man once said "Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither"

While some of his choices may not have been the best I'd still rather have Bush at his worst than Obama at his best.

Bush, just like every other president, made decisions I did not agree with, but unlike most of the Democrats out there I don't blame him for everything that ever went bad.

Obama is leading this country into a cesspool that will take years if not decades, to get us out of. Some call it Socialism or Communism or fascism, I just call it dangerous.

Obama is a fool and has no place in the White House but he is there and I respect the office, but not the man.

And just for the record, I'm not a racist, I don't like the white half either.

To Pointman:
Cesspool 1 that will take decades to get out of: Failure to prevent 9-11
Cesspool 2
Cesspool 3: Iraq
Cesspool 4: Patriot Act
Cesspool 5: The destruction of the moral image of the USA
Cesspool 6: Katrinagate
Cesspool 7: The Financial Crisis

History will just call it the "Bush legacy" or Bush at his best.

It is amusing to see a guy who deals in pictures go all snarky. Given a choice between a book by Palin and a book of Lowe cartoons, Palin wins.


Anyone who's offended by an editorial cartoon is a moron.

Can't believe anyone reads any of the "look at me i'm important" books. There are REAL biographies and historical novels out there.
Chan got it right, except the recorded book should have been done in 3D cartoon instead!

I would purchase and read a book Sarah Palin wrote...I voted for her!

The Chan-Vortex of Left Brain/Right Brain Collisions (You can't divide by zero),0,6946956.story

Chan, once again your looney leftiness is showing. Did you do a similar cartoon for Pelosi's bomb? 1.5 million preprinted is not a bad number. And no, I don't have time or stomach to read the drivel.

To Pointman:
Cesspool 1 that will take decades to get out of: Failure to prevent 9-11
Cesspool 2
Cesspool 3: Iraq
Cesspool 4: Patriot Act
Cesspool 5: The destruction of the moral image of the USA
Cesspool 6: Katrinagate
Cesspool 7: The Financial Crisis

History will just call it the "Bush legacy" or Bush at his best.

It kills me how the Bush haters just refuse to contemplate exactly how OBL got the idea that 9/11 would swell his ranks, have us tossing more appeasement swag to stop further actions and have us do nothing but withdraw from the reason. Treating acts of terror as criminal acts meant he just lost 15 stooges. Or that measures that were meant to strike a balance between civil rights and defending ourselves in an age of landlines and snail mail and sovereign countries were a big fail when disposable cell phones and email and videoconferencing meant international meeting left no stamped passports, plane tickets or credit card receipts.

And just once it would be great to not have to rebuild our Intelligence Agencies and defenses after a Dem administration. Bush didn't deliberately slap obstacles to share info between domestic and foreign organization.

No worries. Holder is making sure we get to once again have to pay the bill while the current regime is in the restroom after feasting.

Just put the DVD for the last season of The West Wing in a continuous loop and pretend it's really President Bartlett and things will end well. A cool mom ice cream truck of foreign policy is on the case.

Lowe should have waited a day. The book skyrocketed to number 1 . . . .oops.

What Idiot drew that????


Confess...once you stop repeating your mantra you know in your heart of hearts that the Governor has more executive experience in one of her eyelashes that the Affirmative Action President in all his 'messianic' body including the teleprompter!

Anyone else surprised that it wasn't written in crayon?

Only in America con one make a career of being a blithering idiot. Republicans have turned anti-intellectualism into a virtue.

why does the left continue to smear this woman?

You guys one....we lost....oh wait, your worried about what's to come..........

Jon Keene,

Can any of you spell?

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