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Chan Lowe: Obama and the Afghan whirlpool

afghani.gifThis is one of those times when you wonder why anybody would want to be president, much less spend years of his or her life running for the job.

I remember the 2000 campaign, and drawing a cartoon commenting on how Al Gore had been preparing all his life to be president. He would probably not take a loss well.

Bush, on the other hand, looked like somebody who'd been drafted because his brother was defeated when running for governor of his state, which happened to be the case. After losing, he would probably shrug and say, "I tried, Daddy!" and happily go back to running his baseball team.

To him, being President was all about the cool plane and getting to wear that nifty windbreaker with the presidential seal on the chest. The rest--sadly--is history.

There is no upside to the Afghan war. We won't know when we've won, but we may well know if we've lost. Like Vietnam, it could go on and on, ensnared in the tentacles of geo- and domestic politics.

Not something you'd want to be commander-in-chief for in your worst nightmares.

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Excellent cartoon about a real tragedy.

An indecisive buffoon that calls himself Commander in Chief. But WOW, doesn't he sound and look good up there staring down his nose at all of us when he speaks?? The voters remorse has been unlike anything I can remember....

Actually, the answer is readily available in the historical record: Absolutely no one ever wins in Afghanistan. That leads to the simple corollary: The sooner you pull out, the sooner you stop taking losses. The only real difficulty arises if you are a first term President planning to have a second term. That's the only source of any real angst.

Even tho you're wrong about it, Fore is so easy?

Maybe it's just a lack of balls.

Still shooting "par" Mr. Lowe. The demagogue that currently resides in the White House made this war an issue during his campaign; specifically stating that our resources should be directed towards it rather than Iraq. It seems you and the rest of your cohorts relish in finger pointing at your favorite bogeyman when your policy makers are failing to live up to their promises.

"Absolutely no one ever wins in Afghanistan."...let's see...yes, the persians, alexander the great, russians and many more have left w/ their tails between their legs. What we are doing is SO MUCH DIFFERENT though. They were all trying to conquer the afghan people. we are not. the last group to lose...the soviets w/ 1980's technology fighting against afghans funded & trained by USA. Are you seriously going to compare 1980's soviets w/ our current military? Get some perspective dolt.

That cartoon was a good one. Though I have been a BUSH supporter, after all he kept us from a repeat of 9-11, Mr Obama is stuck with a plateful of problems, and so far, has done little to solve any of them. Maybe he needs to prioritze and just get one thing done at a time.

I am apalled that rather than make a decision on whether to pull us out of that Afghan quagmire or to add troops, our president and vice president are too busy campaigning for others. I guess that your priorities are right on track with our so-called president that has yet to do anything but throw money at big buisnesses that have failed due to their own missdeeds.
Mr. Lowe must not know anyone that is in the armed forces and waiting for him to either send them help or take them home. But then again with this president, campaigning is what he does best and so why should a little war or the unemployment numbers ruin his date night with the wife or the good ole campaign trail.

Funny, how you illustrate Bush playing golf, BUT its Obama who has played MORE golf in his first 10 months than Bush did his entire Presidency. Chad let Bush go, Obama has been president for a while now. ITS HIS ALREADY!!!

This cartoon is dead on. Some people believe that the consideration of different options and various viewpoints prior to deciding on a solution to a problem is a waste of time. They think all decisions should be made on ideology alone and not from an aspect of reason or knowledge. Thoughtful and considerate people know this is a strength, not a weakness. Keep up the insightful work Lowe!

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