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Pied pipers of the GOP

cliff.gifIt's reminiscent of the bad old days of the House Un-American Activities Committee, the John Birch Society and the blacklist of the 1950's.

Now the Republican Party will require potential 2010 candidates to fill out an "ideological purity" form, in which they must correctly score on at least eight out of ten answers on topics such as abortion, gay marriage and taxes, if they are to qualify for national party campaign funds.

Of course, the party has a right to do this--but is it politically sound reasoning? As the GOP circles the wagons more and more tightly around its conservative core, it may develop into an effective force for anointing candidates to win primaries, but in the general election, it will be relinquishing the vast swath of moderate turf--turf most Americans feel comfortable occupying--to the Democrats.

In recent times, the Democratic Party has been more of a "big tent," embracing members from across the idealogical spectrum, including moderate conservatives who, fifty years ago, would have fallen into the "Rockefeller Republican" camp.

Since retaining or augmenting majorities in both houses of Congress is the name of the game, one has to wonder if the GOP has some kind of death wish. Maybe it simply has no credible leaders at the moment, except for the bloviators who make a living by being extremist.

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"Now the Republican Party will require potential 2010 candidates to fill out an 'ideological purity' form...."

Is this true or false?

What I found is a news report that 10 members of the RNC have PROPOSED an ideological purity test to recieve funding.

The RNC has 165 voting members.

If your statement is true, cite your authority.

Just had to say, love the image of the 4 Musketeers leading the RNC into the abyss.

Ahhhh...I have saved the link for this lovely cartoon. I look forward to posting it when conservatives kick the liberals butts in the next major election. The Tea Parties are on fire, America sees what an inept empty suit we have in the White House and the pendulum is swinging hard to the right. Obama will be a one termer just like Carter...just another thing they will have in common.

Remember this post come election day...because I am SOOOO going to enjoy rubbing your face in it. What are Obama's poll numbers now? What is Congres poll numbers now?

A far left cartoon , although usually creative and fun , Mr Lowe often misses the point for his far left newspaper. The reason that the FOX ratings and Rush's radio rating are going through the roof is the independents of this country. This senate , house and white house have lost touch with the people . This is the best country on earth because of free enterprise , not government.The next election will be very telling as the people of the country realize that they made a mistake , as shown by the last 3 years of DEM rule in the house and senate and one year in the white house.I don't like either party but the current people in power all need to go .In business , you get about one month to blame previous management , if you are still doing it 11 months later , you show that you are not up to the job and out you go. Please list for me any major errors that Mr Beck has made in his analysis as if there were any the MSNBC people would be all over it as their ratings are almost non existent . I hope everyone enjoys their holidays !!

The funny (and ironic) thing is, Ronald Reagan wouldn't pass the GOP "purity test".

It's a sad but true fact that sometimes people vote in a manner that can be called "change for the sake of change". This was definitely the case with Jimmy Carter in '76--face it, he was a nice guy with good intentions who got in over his head...and was also the case with Ronald Reagan in 1980. One can argue whether or not Barack Obama's election falls into this category, but there's one thing I'd make book on now: if there isn't substantive, and positive change pretty soon, it'll happen again in 2012.

As I said to someone on the day of Obama's inaguration, "We always knew he good talk a good game--now let's see if he can play it."

Oh, Mr/Ms Pallidin? If anyone--even the most ardent "true believer" on that side of the spectrum--thought that Obama could fix everything in *one month*, I'd like to know what they were smoking...

No, the Repubs should have been shown as climbing up the cliff and, the Dems going over along with Obama, and his Marxsists minion that he has so far appoingted to his cabinet. Take away CAPITALISM, and you may well take away freedom, not only from us, but, the whole world. Just my thinking. US ARMY (RET)

You may be right but don't be too shocked when all those followers walk on air too. The reason they have such a large following is that they are saying things Americans agree with, unlike the Dems AND GOP! The 2010 and 2012 elections should be interesting. Let's just say I'm going to "Hope" for some "Change".

People want political change from this administration AND the previous. We are tired of the same old and we want something new.

Hey Chan, I bet you know why you cant have a cartoon showing the liberals following their favorite media pundits over a cliff....there aren't any! CNN, MSNBC, oh, and how about Air America....yeah, that went well. Should have been called Hot Air America and been done as a comedy sketch.

Lowe continues to reach a new Lowes. He should try reading Rasmussen 44% favor GOP and only 37% favor his dems. Not to mention in all polls conservatives out number liberals in large numbers. Lowe makes this stuff up as he writes it. His column should be called "how low can you go".


Bear in mind that Scott Rasmussen was a paid consultant for the 2004 George W. Bush campaign.

Wishful thinking from the obsequious drones on the left

Obama is a flash in the pan just as his party will be. Most people I know who voted for Obama really just wanted to feel they were a part of history. Lots of White guilt etc...The Democrats in Congress mistook this small marginal victory as a mandate for change. Reality is that at least half of America and maybe more don't want the agenda the Dems are prescribing. Virginia and NJ prove on the left play your socialist game at your own peril. I'll be back to say I told you so next Nov.

Mr. Lowe:

This was one of my favorite of your cartoons of all time.

Here is an idea for a followup:

Divide panel into two.
Left: R. Limbaugh sunning himself in his $43M 2-acre oceanfront mansion in PB scraming "Global warming is a liberal hoax."

Right: R. Limbaugh standing on his roof with his $43M mansion under water saying "I told you so!"

Taxable value source: PB County Tax Assessor website.

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