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Chan Lowe: No presidential slack

vaccine.gifOne thing Mr. Obama has learned about being president is that nobody ever cuts you an inch of slack.

When he went to Denmark to argue Chicago's case for the Olympics, he was criticized for using up all that aviation fuel and coming home empty-handed. Had he not gone, he would have been accused of not doing all he could to help out a great American city.

Another example: Now the gay rights movement is upset at him for not going up to Maine and making the pitch against repeal of that state's gay marriage law. They feel that it's just one more in a long string of Obama disappointments related to their cause.

They might want to remember that Obama always said he was against gay marriage. He prefers civil unions with all the rights pertaining thereto, to use the dry legalistic phrase. Gays have plenty to be disgruntled about--it looks like "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is still in place despite his assurances to the contrary--but Obama's silence on gay marriage should come as no surprise.

With so many other irons in the fire, Obama has had to perform some painful triage in order to get his top priorities accomplished. It's hard, understandably, for interest groups to accept that their top priorities may not be his. Maybe this is one of the reasons presidents serve four-year terms, to force a restless public to be patient.

If Obama still hasn't delivered by 2012, then those with a grievance have a remedy. I wish them the best of luck with the Republican To Be Named Later. So does Barack Obama, which is probably why he made the political calculation he did. It's cruel, but that's politics.

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Obama'"top priorities?" Does he have any priorities?He bailed out the teacher's unions and the UAW earlier this year and conducted the "beer summit;" other than that I am unsure what he has been doing. If it were reported that he sits around the Oval Office playing video games it wouldn't shock me. He is the "hands off" "do nothing" President.

Could you please get your nose out of the Presidents rear long enough to know that you need to stop bashing the people that don't like the job he is doing. I am tired of the political slant you give. Republicans bad Democrats good. You have to ignore what party they belong to and just man up.

Please reread Mr. Lowe's first
paragraph. I believe that he was commenting on the impatience of Americans with all of their presidents. As for the cartoonist's "political slant," that's his job.

I got your political slant right here!!

Read this and tell me it's not true:

It's all about race...Obama is the white Knight who can do no wrong and Bush is the Black sheep who is to blame for everything since the inquisition. This is proof that the mainstream media is full of racists.

What do you expect, Bush stole two elections and Obama walks on water.

Obama has the same beliefs as most media outlets, America is bad, capitalism is evil, the poor should be rich and the rich should be poor and they all want that to change.

I’m not rich but I love America for what it is and I believe in it and is founding principals, therefore I disagree with Obama and his loyal press core. We will see how this all plays out, the future will set the record straight.

Slanted? Lowe's so slanted he's horizontal. Lay-Down Lowe!

Perhaps some can skip this vaccine but the delivery mechanism is nevertheless critical.

Duplicity is a Democrat mainstay. Want some slack? Stop slacking. Morphing an unintended outcome into the predicted objective screams Slacker. Barrack the Slacker. He may show up late, but he leaves early.

I remember vividly...the reporters interviewing seniors...asking them how nervous they were because there was not enough vaccine...interviewing mothers holding children...the media in a 24/7 cycle about why Bush didn't have vaccines for the weakest among us.

Now? well, since Obama cant say he inherited a vaccine shortage...we barely hear anything...except cartoons like this one. Lowe takes a vaccine shortage and makes it a slam against conservatives? Since Farrakhan is the one saying "dont take the vaccine"...i hardly think you can attribute that mindset to conservatives.

Did you actually READ what Lowe wrote? There's no slam against conservatives. Read it again. Are you really that paranoid?????

When Lowe doesn't insert his extremely biased political views, the material is pretty funny and his art is effective and humorous as well. That being said...he's an niave fool the minute he brings politics into it. His relentless conservative bashing is too much to take. I can't believe the Sun Sentinel continues to publish this slanted crap. Where's the Obama criticism? Oh, that's right, his only fault is not repealing the don't ask, don't tell policy...give me a f-ing break. "A communist is someone who reads Marx and Lenin, an anti-communist is someone who understands Marx and Lenin". I think Lowe reads Marx and Lenin

... and real anti-communists understand Marx and Lenin even without reading Marx and Lenin.
Tx to some comments it is not necessary to read niave M.Lowe to have fun.

Charles G...Gowans?

honestly, if you dont get the conservative slam here you are a true mouth breather...& if your wife's name is sharon...then you truly have my condolences.

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