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Blowing smoke at Copenhagen

copenhagen.gifSo it's down to us and the Chinese as the biggest offenders.

Only, the Chinese--being no fools--have begun investing heavily in alternative-energy industries even while they continue to befoul the environment. They are actually implementing a green jobs program that that Socialist in the White House can only dream about.

The Chinese political system isn't hobbled by self-interested senators from energy-producing states who hold enormous sway in government policy, so they are more supple than we are when it comes to turning the ship of state around, at least in this regard.

Besides, we all know that climate change is a hoax, anyway, so let the other fools invest in windmills and solar mirrors and hamster treadmills or whatever. We've got jobs in the mines and the oil patch to protect, and nowadays, nobody wants to interfere with the jobs we've still got.

And what if we're wrong, and it isn't a hoax? That's the beauty of it: nobody's gonna know until it's too late. And those who may find out the hard way either aren't born yet, or they're still too young to vote.

Party on.

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Good one.

If Obama is Socialist them doesn't that make most Americans Imperialists? due to over 723 military bases on foreign soil costing the U.S. 1 trillion annually to maintain. 65% of our tax revenues.

How ironic.

WHo cares if the science for global warming is fraudulent, lets tax everyone to pay for millions of "green" jobs!

Google "climategate" for the real scoop on the fraud that is global warming science.

also go see

Global warming is a scam and a fraud. Temperatures have actually been cooling for about 40 years which has left the "scientists" in charge of the scam with a conundrum - how to convince the masses otherwise when the truth is the total opposite.

I think that the last regime that used junk science to try to create a specific outcome was the Nazis, no? We all know what happened there now don't we.

Don't be fooled by these fools. This little conference puts off more CO2 emissions in a few days than several small countries combined do in a year. Al Gore himself is responsible for tons of global warming, what with his massive house and jetsetting around the world on his propoganda mission.

These people are evil, thieving liars, nothing more, nothing less.

Enough of the climate debate. Just embrace the technologies of the 21st century and quit yer neocon beatchin.

This sums it up pretty well:

The impact of human activities in the global warming that was observed before the decline of the last ten years is still to be proved before to engage in a "global warming" carbon taxes process (not to mention this questionable "Cap and Trade" business...)
On the other hand, doesn’t those "Climategate" so-called revelations just before the Copenhagen conference look to you as one of those good old "October Surprises"?
Some sentences taken out of context among thousands of "hacked" e-mails between scientists (some dating from 1999) appear to be as much reliable info as the recent "revelations" about Tiger's troubles with women.
We need to move out of Middle East Oil dependency and find cleaner, safer energy sources. We need to stop deforestation. We need to save natural ressources. We need to protect our natural environment from greed. We need to carefully choose between information and distraction.

Sorry for my poor english.

Philippe (Brussels)

It never ceases to amaze me how many posters on this board point to propaganda as proof that global warming does not exist. Better yet is the idiot who says temperatures are actually cooling.

Apparently you haven't noticed that an OVERWHELMING 90% of the scientific community backs this position-- and yet you fight it? Typical ignorance.

Well Philippe of Brussels,

Perhaps you should look at this:

On the radio this morning was a report about how many of the world leaders flew to Copenhagen on private jets and how the rate of limo rentals since they got their has skyrocketed. Clearly the biggest impact these leaders could have on global warming would be to stay home.

I just can't believe that you are trying to say that the chinese government is the way to go. as if it was you would have been executed or at least put in jail during the Bush years for what you said about him. So what if they trample on human rights and kill those that disagree with them or say things against the government, at least they are green. unbelievable

Yeah, scientists say Mars is warming too, must be all those SUV rovers up there.

The earth warms and the earth cools, it's nature.

But I still do my part to keep it clean because it is my home.

I remember very well, in the mid 70's at Peters Elementary School in excited I was as a 1st grader who had never seen snow when my teacher told us how the oceans were going to freeze. She even told us we could go ice skating on the beach...100% true story...yet when I look back on that it seems as completely ridiculous as the climate change bull excrement being spewed now. The scientists were way off base 35 years ago...but at least they believed what they were saying and not lying about it.

I also wanted to point out the typical left wing blame America bias of our local cartoonist...notice how the only bad guy w/ pollutants is Uncle Sam & in his commentary he hails China.

Hey earth warmers...why is Greenland named Greenland? Why was it green way back before the horrible SUVs were on the road?

We might as well get on board with everything that China does then. The Human Rights changes should be fun huh Chad? After all, they're going to own us soon anyway and then they can make us do whatever they decide so why wait.

To all of the brainwashed drones on here who haven't bothered to do your research and just take the junk science at its word, you need to do a little search on global cooling. That was the big hype and hysteria back in the '60's and '70's when we were "entering the new Ice Age" and the world was going to come to an end if we didn't do something about it. Look it up. You'll find it on the cover of Time Magazine as well as others.

Now, a mere 30 years later, temperatures have increased, which just happens to coincide with the creation of the carbon exchange that has already been set up in Chicago by Al Gore and his elitist globalist buddies as the next "get rich off of the backs of the taxpayers" scheme for these crooks and criminals. In other words, it's all part of a plan, you naive ostriches! Stop playing into their hands!

Cap and Trade, the Carbon Exchange and global warming are nothing more than attemtps to separate you from your money.

As far as the e-mails, don't know about anyone else but when I hear about "scientists" trying to come up with "tricks" to hide the decline in temperatures, um, well, that's cause for question and pause. In fact this "science" wouldn't make it past my son's middle school science lab...

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