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rx.gifIt's the nature of the beast.

The Republican Party--at least until now--has tended to be more homogeneous in ideology than the Democrats. They've always been better at marching in formation and saluting when told to by their leaders.

The Democrats are, by necessity, a coalition. Labor unions, immigrants, minorities, wealthy Upper-West-Siders, tree-huggers, gays--they band together loosely and sometimes get along with each other in hopes of persuading others in the party to back their own agendas.

It's a fragile construct, and when confronted by something enormously complex like health care reform, interests collide and it can easily break apart. With exactly sixty votes in the senate, there is no room whatsoever for error.

Down deep, I think President Obama is willing to settle for anything, as long as it's written on a piece of paper he can sign with a flourish, take credit, and move on to other priorities.

Maybe the Republicans are right when they say the Democrats can't govern. Then again, I haven't seen any remarkable statesmanship out of them over the last decade, either.

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Frankly your description of Republicans is insulting, and, if it were true, then Republicans would have put John McCain in office and would have put Bush 1 in office for a second term.

Instead, disgusted with the decidedly left-leaning, inside the beltway global elitist Republicans, the average Republican ran like hell from these people because of their PRINCIPLES, something that Democrats don't possess.

What Democrats do is secure voting blocs of people by making them permanently Government-dependant, as they have done with blacks, what with the great society poverty programs and other programs that squelch the idea of self-sufficiency and are anti-capitalist. Now blacks vote in lock-step with Democrats even though many haven't been lifted out of poverty and the Democratic party was the party of slavery. Same with Jews, just bury your head in the sand and pull the "D" lever no matter what.

They also make promises that are the complete and total antithesis of what this country was built on, specifically freedom, Democracy, the rule of law, self-sufficiency, and capitalism.

They are experts at the politics of divide and conquer. They will trample on 90% of the people if the other 10% will become a reliable voting bloc and keep these whores in power.

Democrats are bought and sold at will; they have no principles. They simply sniff the money and go in that direction. Republicans have tried that strategy but it backfired on them, which is why as of right now, the Tea Party is polling as the #1 party if the Presidential elections were held today. Many of those tea partiers are disgusted Republicans, not fat and happy Democrats.

This is another victory for the plutocracy, the Republican party and Joe Liebermann. There will never be, in our lifetime, reasonable health care in this country. We had better face the nasty facts. Ours is not a government "of the people, by the people, for the people". We're just kidding ourselves.

Tom Degan

Of the Who By the WHO ? WHat a LIE....It's Of the Rich,By the Rich......But soon when the DOLLAR COLLAPSES it will be of the EQUAL by The EQUAL ALL

Florida Native: your ignorance is insulting. Nothing, and I mean nothing in your post was of factual basis and pure opinion.

What garbage.

And yes Chan: there is no such thing as an honest "career politician." This is why term limits are necessary.

The Republicans don't want to support anything that isn't done their way. The Democrats have to keep increasing the giveaways to get votes.

What a shame.

Personally, I'm ready to chuck the whole democracy sham and replace elections and elected officials with a system that works a lot like jury duty works :-)

the republicans are for the rich and only the rich,that is all they care about is how much money they can steal,the republican party is for the rich and by the rich anything else is not what they want,just look at the state the country is in the republicans did it all of it.

Who'd have thought that the Republicans are really Socialist, when it comes to health care.? Don't be silly,Chan ---not your health care, but theirs.

They get the best of treatment, with about 75% of their Ins. cost paid for by us, the taxpayer.

And us.? We get squat.!! As you so aptly drew,a aspirin...that almost say's it all.You could have included a teeny-tiny band-aid, in case we get something like skin cancer,or a melanoma.Then, they'd try to get us off the rolls,faster than you can say preexisting conditions.

I'd like the (OAP)..Office of the Attending Physicians like these privileged senators have.Then, if I got a Boo-Boo,running up and down the Capital steps I'd get a real big band-aid, a gold plated cast,and a kiss, to make it all better.

Well-this "net thing" is fun,and I'm learning how to use it...emailed Mike Mayo...might have given him a idea for a column.

P.S. Will John Boehner,(alias Bonner) have to pony-up more money, for the use of a tanning bed.?

Lorraine, can I suggest something?

Use an alias before posting much more. This "net thing" is fun, but all you need is one psycho tracking you down to ruin the fun.

It happens to reporters, to posters, and even to subjects of articles.

Protect yourself, protect your name.

You miss the point. There is a great unifying principle for all Democrats. All Democrats believe that they will benefit from a society where the division of wealth is decided by political power rather than on the basis of performance, productivity or merit. Fundamentally all Democrats are unified by a philosophy of parasitism. All they have to do is get together 51% of the voters to rip off the other 49% of the voters and the system works for them. Of course, the fact that this inevitably leads to overall economic decline is a tad difficult to explain - especially to the marginal parasites who are only gaining a little in the rip-off, but fortunately they can always blame any problem, even the stagnation Obama's policies are producing, on George Bush just as they blamed the stagnation Roosevelt's policies produced all on Herbert Hoover in the past.

Dear Catwoman
You are so right-freedom of speech comes with a price.
Been writing "Letters to the Editor" since the early 60's, in Chicago.
Since 79', here in Fl...Yes- I've heard from some "loonies" and it can be a dangerous situation.Oh well I know.!!
Being computer-dumb. I thought you had to give your name as you do with "Letters".
But---I'll keep living life on the edge until they get me.Freedom can cost.

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