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Lieberman the lackey

lieber.gifIt's to be expected that a U.S. Senator will look out for the welfare of his home state's main industry, but there are limits of propriety.

Joe Lieberman has shielded the big Connecticut insurance companies with the zeal of a coal-state politician throwing roadblocks in the way of clean energy legislation.

He denies that he is an insurance lackey, declaring with his characteristic grating sanctimony that he is simply doing what he thinks is best for the country.

Nevertheless, it is hard to see how making sure the public option never sees the light of day helps the American people, especially those of us who pay ever-spiraling health insurance premiums. He has not given us a sound reason for his obstructionism, hence we are forced to come to our own conclusions.

He doesn't seem to care that he may be vilified for the ages by many American families who will now lie at the mercy of an industry unfettered by real competition, yet which is blessed with a law that will require everyone to have coverage.. Now, that's what I call a conscience of steel.

If Connecticut voters ever come to their senses and kick him to the curb where he belongs, don't feel sorry for him. No doubt there's a nice directorship waiting for him in one of those big glass buildings in Hartford.

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This putz should be kicked to the curb. He is a self serving moron and an example of what is worst about politicians. Hey Joe "sometimes the lone voice crying out is just a nutjob talking to himself" and that is what you have become. Thank goodness you never rose above the level of irritant to someone who could do some real damage.

MANDATES MUST GO! THE FILIBUSTER MUST GO! It's undemocratic. It was created to subvert democracy and the will of the people. The Constitution Of The United States only calls for a simple majority vote in the Senate (51 votes). The Senate should pass the strongest Public Option it can with 51 votes by Reconciliation.

The Senate bill is a Swisses cheese of loopholes for the insurance industry. Without a strong Public Option, insurance reforms in the bill are worthless and have no teeth.

CRITICAL!! From jacksmith - Working Class

My Fellow Americans and People Of The World

A strong Government-run MEDICARE like Public Option is CRITICAL!!

A Medicare Buy-in at 55 is a GOOD! idea. But!, not a substitute for a strong Medicare like public option CHOICE for everyone. Nor is the (FEHBP). Without a strong public option on day one the Senate health-care bill is a disaster for the American People and the World. Therefore you must KILL!! it. Without a strong public option the health-care reform bill is MUCH WORSE! than what we have now, and what we have now is a catastrophe. SO YOU MUST KILL!! IT.

What is proposed in the Senate is the worst case scenario for health-care reform. It would shift trillions of taxpayer, public and private dollars into the hands of the private insurance industry (The single most costly, deadly and dangerous product sold in America). And it would compel by law millions of Americans to financially support this oxymoronic criminal enterprise. You cant have a MANDATE WITHOUT A STRONG PUBLIC OPTION CHOICE!

You will have NO! realistic way of controlling cost and quality. Cost will continue soaring through the roof bleeding the American people dry, and KILLing our economy. And our quality of healthcare will continue to decline below our current ranking of "WORST! quality of healthcare delivery in the developed World".


I have to tell you now that the H1N1 virus is a man-made WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION! and TERROR! It is a WEAPONIZED version of a flu virus. It has swept the planet infecting millions. And causing a global pandemic that has killed tens of thousands, and injured millions.

The H1N1 virus is the product of the DISGRACEFUL, GREED DRIVEN PRIVATE FOR PROFIT MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX! It was released in the U.S. in Texas in early January of this year, but not recognized until around April in California. The reason I know this is because when it came to America, it came to see me FIRST! How sweet...

This was around the time the MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX! assaulted the Whitehouse with all their devils deals to cripple and weaken YOUR! healthcare reform. Especially your right to have a single payer system like HR676 (Medicare For All) which most of you wanted.

They don't even want you to have your HUGE!!! compromise position of a strong government-run MEDICARE like Public Option CHOICE. To compete with their DISGRACEFUL, GREED DRIVEN, MURDEROUS, PRIVATE FOR PROFIT PRODUCT (The single most costly, deadly and dangerous product sold in America).

They also wanted to take away your rights to have your government meet it's responsibility to use it's full power to regulate, negotiate, and control drug cost, healthcare cost and quality. Something every other civilized country in the developed World has done for it's people. Their Greed! moral degeneracy and lack of patriotism knows no bounds.

Many of you will remember that before we knew about H1N1. I posted a open message to the President and Congress warning them to be vigilant about their health, and cautious about any medical advice they received. As I said then "they will not hesitate to try and hurt you".

The U.S. and the World have been under a BIOLOGICAL TERROR ATTACK! for over a year now. It is CRITICAL that We The People Of The United States take away control of our healthcare system from the GREED DRIVEN MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!

For our own National security, and the security of the world.

A Strong, government-run, MEDICARE like Public Option CHOICE. Available to everyone on day one, with the full unfettered power of the federal government to regulate, negotiate, and control cost and quality. Would be the most workable way to deal with this global crisis at this time. Including patent suspensions as needed for national security or the greater good.

As an American I invite the peoples of the World to help us fix our healthcare crisis. And bring pressure on our government to meet it's responsibility to protect global security by controlling, and removing the corrupting influence of GREED and the PRIVATE FOR PROFIT motivations from healthcare in the U.S. and around the World.

I call on the governments of the World and the global intelligence community to track down these MASS MURDERERS, and bring them to justice. CONNECT THE DOTS! And be vigilant that they don't slip in another viral strain on you under the cloak of H1N1 sequestration.

Further, the proposed patent protection on biologic's must be stripped from the US bill. And greatly shorten/restricted, or abolished completely. This is a grave danger to humanity and global security.

I think President Obama is doing the best he can at playing the disastrous deck of cards he inherited from the previous administration. And I think he is doing an excellent job. But the wolves and devils of the medical industrial complex! are trying to exploit, and take advantage of his good heart, and desperate desire to help suffering Americans. But we must be strong and insist that healthcare reform be done right for the American people. Or everyone loose's.

This is all I can say in a message post. I'll try to find a way to tell you more later.

God Bless You My Fellow Human Beings

jacksmith - Working Class

p.s. The so-called nominal H1N1 virus is designed in such a way as to make it more lethal to children and young adults. The medical community must be more vigilant of secondary bacterial infections in the young caused by H1N1. And remember, a viral infection is also a transfer of genetic code to you. Think about it, and be vigilant. :-(

Quisling Joe is a traitor to his party, his state, and his heritage.

Joe's disgraceful sellout to the insurers is murderous and evil. A recent study showed that 45,000 people die needlessly every year because they didn't have health insurance. This is like fifteen 911s every year and Lieberman is OK with that. Well screw him, he works for us and he should be removed from office.

Health care----As per usual. the Dem's have formed a circular firing squad. You'd have better luck "herding cats", when trying to get them on the same page with anything.It's Fancy Feast time for the Ins. Co's and Big Pharma.Meow,Meow,!!They're already licking their chops,drooling, thinking about the wonderful meal they'll be getting.Stray cats like Howard Dean & Bernie Sanders are sent to the Humane Society and given scraps, if that.

45,000 people (dubious) die each year because Health Care is too expensive,not because they don't have health insurance. Funny how all those commercials about choosing between food and prescriptions disappeared, eh?

I must have missed the science that proved Congress is incapable of passing legislation that would make the situation worse. I don't get how all this nonstop Castro'ish nonsense of evil insurance companies makes everyone want to hand a blank check to an organization who continually spends money they don't earn, for programs having no bearing on their own financial situation even as they exempt themselves from same.

Apparently, the prospect of getting something for "free" (public option) makes people stupid.

You're all fools if you think a public option is going to improve the quality OR the quantity of health care in the US. It's the exact opposite. A public option will give companies that currently provide health insurance a reason to dump it. Sure they'll pay a tax for doing so but that tax will be less than the insurance. You do the math.

Then the government will be "caught off guard" by the overwhelming numbers of people who sign up for the new public they were for Medicare when it first came out (and that is nearly bankrupt), that crappy "cash for clunkers" program and every other entitlement program the government has come out with.

Competition is the only thing that will work. Eliminate restrictions on interstate competition between insurance companies and put a stop to these crazy trial lawyers. These two things alone would bring the cost of insurance down.

Something for nothing is an oxymoron people. If you think for a moment that the so-called rich folk will pay for this you are still in kindergarten. The MIDDLE CLASS will pay for this and our children's children's children. Oh yes as well as our grandparents and all older folks, who blindly followed the necessary steps to their golden years and then the RULES are about to be changed. First of all rich folks are employers, inventors, entrepeneurs, and they are not bound to keep their money and talent in this country. When they are pushed they will push back with more layoffs, less innovations, price hikes on their products, etc etc. So the MIDDLE CLASS will truly be the bearers of the cost in truth.

pay your own bill
Typical liberals.we want this we want that.Your acting like bunch of greedy spoiled 10yr olds.
As long as someone else pays for your crap your fine with it.Pathetic

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