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Yes, breathless readers--we are now entering Phase II of our caption contest, the Vote of the People.

contesttoon2b.gifEntries kept pouring in until the last minute--over 500 of them. Our panel spent hours sifting through the diaper-related potty jokes, the endless variations on "change," and sundry submissions that made no sense whatsoever.

I deliberately left the drawing ambiguous, so that readers could decide for themselves whether they wanted the baby or President Obama to be the one doing the talking.

There was no small number that had to be deleted because they were unfit for public consumption; it seems that for some people, any image of Obama is like waving a red cape in front of a bull.

Anyway, here's what we came up with. I'd say vote early and often, but I think our software prevents you from voting more than once.

The poll will be up for one week, at which point we will announce the Grand Prize Winner. All three finalists receive an Official Lowe-Down T-shirt.

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Comments guys picked the worst three. LOL

Chan says:

Yeah, somebody always says that.

Those were the best? None of them are the least bit amusing. Mine was funner. PC at it's best? All this time for this? What a let down.

Jim Navium is right, regardless what Chan says!
Ditto the sentiments of Paul too!

I read MANY much more betterer and gooderer entries of ALL that were sent in.

IF these are the "best" three, Chan should FIRE the interns / staff who picked 'em. They'd be better off pickin' their noses.

I can't believe those were the three choices. Many submissions were far,far superior. Did your staff even bother to read all the entries? Maybe Steve was right and they were busy picking their noses instead or reading. I feel as though I wasted my time contributing.

I didn't even vote because you gave me nothing to vote for. Maybe you needed to read ALL the entries yourself like,I did.If you had,you could not, in all honesty, say these three were the best. It appears the staff was ignoring anything not flattering to their candidate

I don't think I will be entering that contest again! You said the entries would be reviewed, not picked out of a hat!!!

Are you kiding me? I saw so many funny entries and this is what you choose?

I agree, I think PC trumps content.

Chan, I just went over the list of entries and I must say, what a coincidence that out of nearly 600 entries over a period of fifteen days these three were ALL picked out of the second days submissions on Jan 4. Did your crack team of journalistic eminences grises get tired of reading any further? Or did "political correctness" hold sway over their decision?
Throughout the remaining fourteen days there were many, many supberb, funny and appropriate captions that were overlooked, if read at all.
This was my first time entering your caption contest and will be my last. I'm sure that those who contributed spent more time coming up with their captions than your "elite staff did in reviewing them. I feel as though we were duped. For Shame.
Im sure, also, that following this lengthy diatribe you'll likely put a cap on how many words will be allowed in the comment.

Funny. Seems more people entered than voted. I guess the people have spoken.

Paul,Kirk,Charles,Steve and Jim--

Newsflash!!! The "people" haven't spoken. Five clear
LOSERS have. Get a grip.

I didn't even bother to vote. Not for those selections.

To Jim, Paul, Steve, Kirk and
You're embarrassing yourselves. Five LOSERS do not speak "for the People." For God's sake, this is a Tee Shirt contest. Chill!!!!

These three responses are not choices -- they lack any creativity or thought. I saw many responses that were clever, timely, and well thought out. (Like the ones I submitted! -- a couple of them, anyway). But seriously! These are BAD!

I have to add that I too could not vote for any of the three. I'd like a write in option if we could (for one of mine). Obama says to 2010 baby: "Whatever you do, DON'T upset Ivana!" Thank you! Thank you! Honestly, isn't that better than any of the three choices we've been given?

Jack & Mike It was not 5 losers, it was more than 500 who didn't vote because they didn't have anything worth voting for. It's the "DEMOCRATIC" way. The judging WAS NOT democratic. It was definitely biased. I'm not saying I should have been considered. There were many more entries better than mine. One of them should have been picked.

And by the way, What's embarrassing are the three choices. SORRY!

Hey Mike,

It's not JUST a Tee Shirt contest, dontchya know?!

*WE THE PEOPLE* loyal Chan Lowe readers take this "caption" writing contest stuff SERIOUSLY. Just like the Tea-Baggers Party loyalists have their about those NUTZ.....but cartoon stuff humor is an escape for us. You MUST be "creative" and "clever"!

I for one would like to see one of these here contests every 3 months. Yeah, 4 times a year isn't asking too much now, is it?!?!

Whaaaaa ?????
BEST three ?????
Come on.....

Just a T-Shirt Contest???? No! No! It's not the value of the prize involved here. The negative responses to the three choices speak directly to principal and integrity.

Hey Rick,
I just read through all of the entries. You wouldn't have been the one to contribute the following caption, would you?

"Hey Mr. president... How 'bout some "CHANGE" that will HELP this year."

And you think that that's BETTER than what the panel picked????? Well, I'll give you this: it's still 100% BETTER than any of the 20+ entries posted by "Kirk."

Roger: I'm sorry for offending you by picking on the "anointed one". But isn't that what political satire is all about?

You didn't offend me by "picking on the anointed one." It's just that not one of your entries was funny in the least. Maybe it's time for you to move on...your loss is clearly getting the best of you, my man.

Roger: Being "FUNNY" wasn't the only condition placed on the entries. All political satire isn't funny nor is it meant to be. I certainly didn't INTEND any of mine to be funny and I'm glad you recogognize that. You see, I fail to find any humor in this administration. And I was not lamenting that none of mine were picked. I was speaking for all the entrants.There were many others that were far better. Maybe It's time for you to move on.


I think Roger's right. You've already written in 8 times complaining about the results of the competition. The simple fact of the matter is that you were not a judge, so your opinion about the final three doesn't really mean much. Besides, I look at the comments you put into the competition and they weren't
captions, but diatribes.
Honestly, give it a rest.

You say you were speaking for "all the entrants." Where did that appointment come from? The last time I looked, over 300 votes had come in--while only about 5 or 6 of you weren't happy with the judges' selects. I think the judges did a good job and I think you should be happy for the top 3.

I'm out of here. Like Glenn Beck says..."You can't argue with idiots"

Waste of time. What a batch of "softball" selections. Should have complimented the Great Leader to even be considered. "Well, Hello little guy" might have made the short list...

This has turned from the battle of wits, to the battle of twits. Obviously, my entry was the most witty, but it went over too many people's heads. Oh well, I will wear my t-shirt proudly for third place.

Hey Kirk,

Glenn Beck's quote: "You can't argue with idiots" ?!

Well, "yes you can" (to use an Obama campaign coined phrase) argue with idiots, but then it's hard to tell the difference between YOU and the IDIOTS.

Hey Wally,

I call "SHENANIGANS" on these 3 lame entries and if ONE other person also calls SHENANIGANS, then the rules state we gotta get a DO OVER.

Defeat is a bitter pill to swallow!

Ignorance is a worse pill to swallow. You can't fix stupid.

So how many of those pills did
you pop this morning?
I thought you were "outta here."

I think you people need to put the Glenn Beck book down.

Where's Chic Young, when you really need him?

Whaaaat? These are the three lamest most anitceptic acptions you could have picked. If it were a Republican/Bush you would have picked some zingers. Your left-wing panties are showing again.

Hey you D-bags, the correct phrase is "never argue with a crazyperson."
At least I get a T-shirt.

Bear with us, as a glitch has deleted all comments that have come in since 5:00 PM. We should be up and running soon, so please feel free to re-post your comments.

Many thanks.

Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts. Yes! Now there's a pill you can pop, Jorge.

Hey Jay,

First we had to put the Sarah Palin book down. Now the Glenn Beck book too?!

I missed that. When did Sarah Palin come into this conversation.

The Kirks and Zillas of this world can't even enter a bloody tee shirt contest without turning it toward their right-wing agenda. They're still having a hard time losing the competition. I'd say that with more than 500 votes now in, they're REALLY angry now. Next they'll be quoting Rush Limbaugh.

Mark G,

That gives me an idea.
Caption should read:

"Rush Limbaugh has regressed WAY too far!"

It's hard to believe any one can take Chan Lowes left wing bias seriously, much less this "contest"
Have to go with the P.C. has won out crowd on this one.

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