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contesttoon2.gifThat's right, faithful readers...there's no better way to get things rolling in the new year than with a juicy cartoon caption contest. Forget Powerball--this is your opportunity to win official Lowe-Down t-shirts, fame, fortune, and--once again--the thanks of a grateful nation.

You veterans of these events know the drill: Come up with a caption (or captions) for the cartoon shown at right, and post your pearls of wisdom as comments to this blog entry, so that everybody can enjoy them. Enter as many times as you like, but make sure to use your real email address, or we won't be able to contact you in the event you're a winner.


We will keep the submission period for your captions open for two weeks, until Monday, January 18.

On that fateful day, the thousands of captions will be gathered and taken under consideration by a crack team of journalistic eminences grises, who will meet in conclave to choose the three most witty, captivating, and off-the-wall examples of the genre.

The three finalists will then be submitted to a Vote Of The People in the form of an online poll, which all will be allowed to enter. The Vote will take place over a one-week period.

At this point, a winner will be declared in The Lowe-Down and somewhere yet to be determined in the pages of the Sun Sentinel. IMG_0131.gifAll three finalists will receive an official Lowe-Down t-shirt, modeled here by one of my comely colleagues. The first-place winner will also snag a print of the cartoon with his or her caption attached, as well as a write-up in the op-ed page of the Sun Sentinel.

So, LET THE CONTEST BEGIN!!! And remember: please keep your entries clean.

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You don't have the only job that ages people quickly.

Look you're out in a year anyway. Why don't you handle Health Care Reform.

"Judging from that smell in the air, one of us is ready for change and I hope it's you."

"Let me guess-I am going to get blamed for this too-even though it stunk way before I got here!".

And worst of all, in 1 year your gonna look just like him.

Can I borrow that diaper?

I need a CHANGE!


Who's your daddy?

Don't worry about what that old man says -- Yes We Can!

"Well, my time's up. He's all yours kid."

Ignore that old man -- Yes We Can!

I have a hot deal for you kid...two car factories and an insurance company...

"Looks like he's bowing to you too kid", I can't take anymore.

Sorry kid,be patient,
I have others do the actual changing for me.

It doesn't matter if you are coming in to this world or leaving it, you will always have a load in your pants.

If I look like that in one year, imagine what you'll look like after four.

Hello little fella. I think your due for a change!

Are you serving waffles with those promises?

Out with rich getting richer,2010 i will change things for the small income population young & old.

All right, kid. Pay up.

2009 is dead and gone. 2010 will be less stinky.

Obama asks , What do you think of the health care reform?

Out with the old, Obama says your the 2010 tax deduction for your parents for the next 18 years.

Hold on to your diaper kid,things in 2010 can really get stinky.

Hey kid, the bad news is you already owe your country $140,000. The good news is we're planning on rationing health care to the elderly and encourage their early death to help pay for the whole thing.

like you, me and my advisors have to grow up and face the world

Me and your diaper need changing for the same reason.

Oh, I wonder what problems I will inherit in 2010.

"What are you so scared about; I'm the one in the hot seat?"

"I know you've got a load--everyone's got a load!"

"What do you mean out with the old in with the new; I'm still new!"

2009 meant the death of Capitalism in America; 2010 means the birth of the Red Diaper Baby

"It's OK little fella, you can trust me with your future."

"I'm gonna need to see some ID and proof of health insurance."

Out with the new! In with the "same old"!

"Why do you look so shell shocked? Have you been listening to my promises?"

"You wouldn't happen to have a smoke on you?"

"Pacifiers, cigarettes--everywhere you turn it just sucks."

two of them

what do I and your diaper have in common? we are both full of crap

You are like that old man all he did was pass the buck

Can you do my bidding for me?


Make this a good year for me kid and I'll get you a spot on "Dancing with the Stars".

You must have just come through security at the airport!

"Hey kid, be careful what you wish for."

New Year Same Old Problems!

What wonderful surprises do you have for me?

I've got you covered

Little man,My big dreams are riding on your shoulders {?}

"Before you get started, could I get a certified copy of your birth certificate? Thanks."

Just remember, I want The Pulitzer Prize this year to go with the Nobel Peace Prize from last year. How difficult can it be?

Papa President, please remind us,
With holidays behinds us.
How you will fill the year with jobs,
Not just theatric throatal throbs.

A. Autry

I hope you're going to be my friend.


"I am going to need a job, Mr. President."

I just wanted to let you know, little guy, that Customs have changed.

lets make a deal


Hey Kid...Just keep blaming everything on the last guy

"Oh, his name? His name was Change. And as for you little naive one, I will call you socialism."

"Thanks to you I was born owning $40,000 to China..."

You're not what I was expecting

I had my mother-in-law change the old guy's Depends. I'm sure Michelle still remembers how to do Huggies pull ups for big boys.

I got something for you to bail out !

"We are the ones we have been waiting for."

"Please_ can I have some Pampers and Huggies.?"(Obama)

"Sorry- You'll just have to sit in it." (Baby)

Oh well... the old year sucked too.

And they say I'm inexperienced?!?

Trust me... Hope and Change is easier said than done

The Secret Service is ticked off at ME. Your diaper load has frazzled their best bomb sniffing dog's future.

(Obama) Okay, kid, one piece of advice: whatever you intend to do, do it *fast*. Those people don't want to--or can't--wait.

"I am still working on how much you will owe your Uncle Sam..."

Don't worry, when you reach that age we'll all be broke!

What do you mean YOU want to see MY birth certificate?!?

I wonder which one of us is going to age faster?

Oh that was just Dick Cheney again...

Me? I'm your new president,why do you ask?
Cause you don't look like a president!

What do you mean where is Afghanistan?

I can't even change a diaper!

It's gonna be a long year doing nothing again except for Letterman

Blah,blah,blah 2010

Between you and me buddy, I wasn't even born in the USA


Can you say, "BAILOUT"?

No change for you, four years!

If you have any problems, just blame the guy on the way out

"Daddy, '09 is over. Can you start golfing again?"

Change is overrated. I'm not putting MY hands in sh@t.

Not to worry- I've made enough PROMISE'S to last the year!

Sorry, I thought you were 2012.

Hey, would you like a puppy?

What?! I already owe you $35,000?!

Great! A new one to blame, I have been blaming the previous 8 forever!

Do you have any more I can borrow!

Do you have any more money I can borrow!

No shirt, no shoes, no service.

look kid,we've got one's what you must do . The old man said you can doit all.

It DEPENDS on POISE and SERENITY for a real change.

Don't tell me that you need to be bailed out already.

"Can I still blame Bush for another year?..."

2010 baby says, "OMG, It's satan!!!"

Atta boy -- stand right up there before you can crawl.

You don't have any explosives in that diaper, do you?

I knew you would show up if I just kept hoping.

Wow, I promised 'em change, and here you are, young lady!

Forget about the Old Man -- He's so Yesterday.

"Hey kid, what's in YOUR wallet?"

The position I'm in right now is just torture.

We'll work real hard to make sure the bough doesn't break.

Don't worry, we care every bit as much about your old man's grave as we do about your cradle -- perhaps even more!

I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening? Busses.


I've never known what 'Auld Lang Syne' meant, either -- but that's hardly a reason for the president to veto it.

So, how am I gonna blame you on Bush, little guy?

You were just born and already he's leaving, so forget him. Heck -- even my Homeland Security Secretary stuck around longer than he did.

The departing old man says:
"What did you expect? CHANGE?"

"Hey buddy, can you spare a dime?"

"So you're that Tiger Woods guy."

You understand that you will be taxed for your weight starting now!

No, Baby New Year, I'm OBAMA, not OSAMA!

The three of us must go to my house for cold drinks and snacks. Really, it is the White House.

Welcome Baby New Year! Let me re-calculate your life expectancy with Obamacare.

Don't worry President Obama,we are going to make this New Year the best.

whats next

2010 baby! You certainly look a whole lot better than that 2009 Bush/Cheney love-child I inherited!

Oh no Baby New Year, they let me stay in the White House another year!

Baby Twenty-ten -- my best advice to you is get 10 copies of your birth certificate. Those "birthers" are insane!

No I'm not your Daddy,but can't we be friends?

Yes, you did see me on the January 2010 cover of Golf Digest!

Guess how many billions I'm going to bilk the naive taxpayers out of this year?

I could have been a nice guy, too.

I am sorry baby 2010! It isn't the best time to be born, but I'm doing my best to take care of you.

Welcome to 2010,now say"Bye Bye"to 2009,and everything you so diligentley worked for to secure youy future.

The repukekkkans will continue to be the party of No, No, No.

2009 said i'm out of here.Obama say to 2010 so what are you bring to the table?

"Can I still blame my problems on the last administration?"

Please G-d, JUST KILL ME!Thats all I ask

Whatever you do, don't upset Ivana!

Tiger had to change his name to Cheetah -- be careful what name you choose!

Excuse me little one, but can I borrow another trillion?

Babe! 2009 wasn't so bad! You should have seen the previous eight years!

Hey you look a lot like Cheny.

Dang I just got here, stop asking for a loan.

Hold onto your diapers kid. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Would you mind changing that diaper to the 2008 number----I want to remember the good old days

If it smells like it needs changing--it needs changing.
I made a mess, but you
should know better.

whoa dude. where's my country?

welcome to obama care

Ok, lets get you signed up for health care right away

You want me to do what, join your health care? Look at what it did to the last guy.

Phew. What a year! I thought he would never leave.

listen to me, like I told the old man there, my health care reforms doesn't cover diapers

In with the old, out with the new!

"You've got about the same experience I do, don'tcha kid?"

I have one word for you. Are you listening? One word: Healthcare.

Yes son, there is a stinky future in the horizon.

Hey kid, you have any spare change?

"Hello baby Socialism....say goodbye to old man Capitalism."

RE: "It DEPENDS on POISE and SERENITY for a real change."

Lorraine Wagner, you WIN hands down. BRILLIANT.....simply B_R_I_L_L_I_A_N_T . . . . !

2nd place = "YOU CAN BE MY NEW BABY CZAR" by billy

Those are MY votes.

Baby New Year, I designate you as the "" spokesperson for 2010.

Still not throwing the ball back to first much less keeping it in your own backyard.At least let the Germans extrodinary rendition board the ex president on plane to stand trail.

Baby New Year, you are the "" spokesperson for the 2010 election cycle.

Psst..wanna know a secret kid? I'm not really a US citizen, but don't tell the old man.

Wait Till You See What I have In MY Underwear

Hey - wars, swine flu, terrorists, scandals, it could only get better, right?

Hey there little guy! I hope you can deal with the change! I thought you were gonna change things for the better? SECURITY! Can I get a mulligan on this one too?

Can I see your birth certificate Baby New Year? Sure, Mr. President! First let's see yours!

"Sorry Kid, but it's a mid-term election year, so you're on your own."

Hmmm, mandatory term limits.

Hope when you grow up that you will be a better year than the last one.

"A little short for basketball...maybe we can stimulate some growth!"


Now that I have beaten down the old guy, let's see what I can do to the new kid on the block.

Obama to New Year, "What am I suppose to do now?"

New Year to Obama, " In with the new out with the old."

Obama: "Oh no, another year needing to be changed."

Since we both have the same experience and qualifications, we should work closely together this year.

"Ummm...Why are you bowing? Do I look like the Chinese Prime Minister?"

If you are looking at me for more changes, sorry i'm broke!

I and the American people were hoping for the Happy 2010 New Year Sash. Could you just put it on and smile for me? Please?

Ignore the comics
People Do The Right Things for the right reasons healthcare global warming
wake up america- wake up
there is good we just have to look to find it
open our eyes, hearts, and
ears that is the secret.

Don't worry little buddy, a wasted life is nothing to be ashamed of.

Explain to me the entire healthcare reform bill as if I was a newborn


Well little man its all up to you, he lost everything he had.

Don't worry, I've cleaned up bigger loads than the one in your diapers.


Top of Caption: Guiness Book Record for buying a friend!
Bottom of Caption: I'll give you 375 Billion Dollars if you treat me better than he did!

Old with the old
In with the same

Do you promise to clothe me,feed me, take care of me and love me?

Yes, you have arrived in time to receive the greatest health care package of all time.

I was hoping for something a little easier to handle when I got back from Hawaii.

I'll run for office again when you are old enough to vote.

"Didnt you hear, little guy? We've outlawed Resolutions."

Are you the result of a Tiger Woods "Indiscretion" ??

"How did these guys get past security?"

"I guess your expecting me to clean up that mess too!"

Nu ?

No! I didn't make any New Years Resolutions because keeping promises is not one of my strong points.

Now that I'm done sucking the financial life out of him, your future doesn't look so bright.

Can I Barrow your birth certificate


You are looking a little anemic there Baby New Year!

You have the same look on your face Baby New Year as I did when I won

Now, how am I going to change this?

Tiger? No! Your'e thinking of the guy with all of the image problems.

Come with looks like you're ready for a change!

Is that a bomb in your diaper or do you just have colic?

There goes hope. You must be change.

Finally something I didn't inherit.

Maybe I need a "mini me" in the New Year!

"Don't worry about the old man, he's just off to our yearly death panel."

Remove the diaper and put it in the plastic bin for screening.

I'm sorry little guy there is no going back.........

Do as I say, not as I do!

Change is inevitable
The Birth of Teamwork has come lets work on positive change

Opps what am I supposed to do now.
Change him to?

[Baby] You mean you didn't manage to solve all the world's problems last year???

"Just remember; YOU don't count. Only I know what is best for the country!"

I have good and bad news. The good news is you have your whole life ahead of you, the bad news is you will owe me your whole life.

Hey little guy let me teach you the difference between left and right.

the only one that likes
CHANGE is a wet baby!

Talk about change, are you ready kid? This job will age you fast!

I'll vote "Present" and then we can learn together!

All I can tell you is...change is inevitable!

Under my Health Care plan, you won't get old enough to look like him.

Your chin is melting...

Hey lil fellow, just "TRUST ME", everyone else did (hehe)!

now that i've pooped out 2010 i think i feel 2011 knocking...

Go Back...Go Back. I am not done screwing up 2009 yet!

The Presidency after Bush can turn someone from Fresh and New into That in just one year.

Do you have Trust Fund i can Tax?

You know I won a Nobel Prize and Destroyed a Nation in '09.

Forward Into the Abyss

Yup -- a chip off the old block.

It's gonna be long hours of not changing anything are you ready lil fella?

I hope you're quieter than the last guy....

"Sorry to burst your bubble..."

Hey Mr. president... How 'bout some "CHANGE" that will HELP this year.

Blame everything on him, it's working for me so far.

It's a new year, so why don't you clear something up for us Prez?

Let me give you a "shout out" here. If I were really born in this country and had a valid birth certificate to prove it, don't you think I'd gladly produce it and put an end to all the speculation?

If I'd 'a come in, like 2009 came in, I wouldn't need a diaper. I'd need a parachute!

(Baby to Obama) Hey, the ol' diaper's getting a little heavy. I think I need a change.

(Father Time) "Good luck, kid. He keeps blaming everything on some guy named Bush."

"You don't know anything about last year, do you? Good!

Okay, Okay...he's gone. Now tell me, what comes after a trillion?

Here's how it goes kid, same as last year...ANY screw-ups just keep repeating "previous administration" over and over again.

aah little guy, I see you've arrived with a whole new load of crapolla.

Sorry little fella I can't bow down any lower, I hurt my back bowing down to all those foreign guys last year.

is your last name pelosi?you know there is not mutch air left out here!

Don't worry kid, he's just meeting with one of my panels.

Hey kid, don't let that old man scare you. Turned out he was nothing but a pickpocket anyway.

Hey baby, can you spare a dime?

Don't look so frightened, with my new healthcare, you should live to 45!

I know, I am worried about our future too!


I think I smell the winds
of change.

Outta my way, mister, I think that stimulus package is finally working!

Don't worry about him, kid,
he's just another small town American clinging to his scythe and religion!

How about a change?

"No new taxes".


Can I blame George Bush for you, too?

Can you say:
"public option"?

What has Bill Clinton been up to now?

Did the Salahis send you?

Let me guess. Your not on the invitation list and there's a fuse in your diaper!


I structured my campaign around "Change". Now, after my first year it's clear to everyone what I was talking about. You change your diaper once a year and I change my mind once every five minutes.


Sit in my lap, 2010. I got news about how it's gonna be.

I promised your Father I would be able to take good care of you. So what do you know about health care reform?

First Year kid? Been there
done that, bailed out the T-shirt !

What? I haven't reached bottom yet?

Excuse me. I seem to have lost my credibility. Can you help me find it?

I would bow but this is as low as I can go.

So you are my shrinking base? We gotta talk.

"I have come to realize that I BIT OFF more than I can chew"

One piece of advice young man. Hope is great but reality is a son of a bitch!

"why do everyone hate you?"

which one of sarah palins daughters had you?

Finally, someone with less experience than me!

I sure HOPE you don't need a CHANGE!

Let me make this perfectly clear....
I DON'T do diapers.

Word of advice, kid. Stay out of Kevin Jenning's office down at the DOEd.

Now George, you know I've told the American people what a mess you have made but do I really have to clean it up?

If your diaper is full of explosives, how did you get past the Secret Service checkpoint.....again?!

No that the election is over I must ask you a seriuous question......Are you really Sarah Palin's child?

From underpants bomber to diaper bomber? I see the Secret Service checkpoint is as bad as the TSA's airport security.

"Wanna fight?"

Screwed up the old guy, let's see what I can do to you.

"Little man, I have nothing to say about you."

Underpants bomber on Christmas and now Diaper Bomber for New Years.
Always something in this job!

Underpants bomber on Christmas and now Diaper bomber for New Years.
The GOP Tea Baggers never quit!

I know it's before your time, junior, but do you remember the song "No one knows what goes on behind closed doors?'
Well guess what, Obama, Pelosi and Reid do.

Well tell your Dad, ACORN has some excellent ideas for starting a business.

"HEY Little Krushchev... sure good to see you again! Maybe TOGETHER you and I can get this done.'

Are you this year's economy for
2010 is smaller than
last year

Trim off some fat and you'll cut a fine figure.


OBAMA:"Whew! For a minute there I thought you were 2012!"

We need to talk about “The apple not falling too far from the tree” thing!

Like Father Like Son” - Let’s hope you were adopted!

No son you were not born with a silver spoon, it was credit card

(In a squeaky, little baby voice)

"We in the main stream media are still all for ya, even if nobody else is."

No son Dick Cheney is not your Godfather!

Since he votes and you don't, you get to pay for his retirement.

Remember son, no matter what anyone says you're all mine.

Hello little fella, did ya bring that hopey-changey stuff I promised everyone with ya?

"Growing older is required, growing up is optional."

you wont be needing that diaper will be farting dust in 2010

Well well, if it isn't the new face of the GOP. You guys have really let yourselves go.

Don't worry about him. We'll ration his healthcare and he'll be dead soon enough. You on the other hand need need to report to indoctrination school. Can you say, "Dear Leader"?

look he has my hair and michelles feet

Hmm. Unlike your older brother, I only see a hint of Bush/Cheney in your face.

Can you spare some change???

2008 i sent bush packin,
2009 it was biden,
who will be in 2010?

"That wasn't santa and the tooth fairy doesn't exist. Now, who's your daddy?"

Are you on the guest list?

I'm going to do a full body scan and diaper search before you're allowed in.

No, I'm not daddy. You have me confused with Tiger Woods.

Let me be clear, we are letting go of all this mess in 2010.

We have to get rid of this mess in 2010.

Yep. Definitely better. After all, that one was used when I got it.

Well it goes like this,that old man was not easy to pull the wool over his eyes,well maybe a little. But just like the young impressionable kids in our schools eating free lunch programs I am sure you will be a cinch to manipulate.CHANGE your diaper.

Help...home parents are tea party activists.

After last year. We are going to have to check ALL diapers!

"Don't worry little guy about the smell, I promise, I'm only 5 weeks away from fundamentally changing you!"

Obama: "Do you Believe?"
Baby: "Only if you can stop Buck from leaving us."

Obama: I clearly stated "The Buck Stops", not the Butt Stop!

Oh Praise Allah, time for a do-over!

Are you LOST?

I'm sorry little one, but clean diapers are not covered in my new insurance plan.

" uhhh, got milk? Cuz, you ain't getting it from this administration".

", you got any ideas? I'm fresh out"

"It's OK, you don't have to be able to talk! I'm my own mouthpiece! I just need you to come up with the plan!"

Baby steps little steps. We'll get there...

Ah, some people are just stuck in the past, now you look like a smart young fellow...see i am an idea man, i just need a loan of about 10 trillion dollars...

I know what I said, but "NO YOU CAN'T!"

"I said Flight 2010, Mr. Obama. And you wanna inspect my package?"

Better hang on to that diaper kid, by the time I'm done, you won't be able to afford to own anything else.

I'd really like your approval, I know I'm not what you expected, but you're not what I was hoping for either. We both started out with a bang,we just need to figure out how to keep the party going. Deal?

Do you need a "CHANGE" so soon?

I promise not to sell your future!!

Hope you're not related to THAT guy...

"Uh, hi Mr. President..uh, on second thought, I think I'll manage my "change" by myself.

Baby says: "Whoa, I voted for a Change and Hope...who said anything about circumcision!?"

Are Those Fruit Of The Boom from Yemen اليَمَن?

forget about everything; all the burden we had to carry in 2009, that's old news, that's behind us now. Let's now focus on the growth for 2010.

Yeah, That was my pa, but he said you can teach me better.

Another reason to vote for my health care plan--it even covers the cost of diapers!


Hey Prez! Are you concerned about the outcome of the 2010 mid-term elections?
Of course, especially after cramming my unpopular Health Care Reform Bill down the taxpayers throats. But I'm counting on the power of the Chicago Political Machine I brought to Washington to see us through.

Excuse me Mr. President.....can you spare some Change?

If you ever get sick your parents doesn't have to donate your college fund to a hospital.

The last time I stooped this low, I was dealing with the American people!

Help me, I am getting overweight...if I don't finish my plate grampa Cheney is waterboarding me.

When are you finally going to grow up? I can't afford to be seen bowing down like this when greeting someone!

You are Screwed.

"Let's see what kind of mischief we can get into"

Hey little you have any idea where we go from here?

How come you are always white?

(Obama) I am just glad you are not 2012.

Mr. President, the only thing that needs to be changed is my diaper.

(Baby) Only one day and I already won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Well somebody left you in a lot of poop. Let's CHANGE your diapers and clean you up!!!

Kid, the only changes you will see are diaper changes...

(Prez Obama:) This a CHANGE I didn't campaing for!!

"you'd better be a good year,or we're both in deep do-do!"

I promise to hold open debate on C-Span

Is it OK to use the Negro this year. Only if you're Democrat.

Is it OK to use then word "Negro" this year? Only if you're Democrat.

Sorry New Year. I don't have any new jobs for you. But you do have crushing new taxes that kick in!

"I have bad news...we already borrowed $100 billion from you."

"You borrowed $200 billion from me before I was born?...At least you paid that guy back before he left, right?...Right?"

"You have no pockets because we have no intention of paying you back."

Don't worry. I'll treat you better than he treated me.

He turned his back on us, by I wont turn my back on you.

I hope you dont look like him when you get his age.

Don't cry..the old guy is wearing diapers too..

What will it take to change places?

To win a negotiation you have to show you're willing to walk away. And the best way to show you're willing to walk away... is to walk away.

Look. Calm down. My Bush and Cheney bloodlines? Recessive genes.

Do you think there's a chance Fox News will stop trying to expose the truth about me this year?

Joe,I'm serious we've talked about this kind of behavior before...

And now..a boom of GOP babies for Obama to talk to.

Oh, you'll change alright. Look at that guy!

I have bowed to every foreign dignitary in the world, and now it's your turn junior.

"Hey kid, Are you LOST?" I am.

Promises promises who can live on promises!

Good! Fresh meat!

I an going! I heard that one already!

How can i face the future without turning my back on the past?

Time flies when you are having fun!

"His jaw dropped when he realized that he has 3 more years to go!"

See no evil, hear no evil, speak on evil!

The reason I am wearing leno"s chin is that we are both not ready for primtime!

"In 2009 i had a sharper image!"

I am going! I heard that one already!

Last year i got my point across but now i don't know?

Welcome to the conga line!

It is hard to teach old dogs new tricks!

"When i talk about change this is not what i had in mind!"

"Disposables are so much more convenient but i might loose the green vote!"

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?"

"The reason I am late is because I was looking for you on C-Span!"

Easy come easy go!

[President Obama marking his first year in office]
"What do you think?" Prepare a State-of-the-Union address or do another spot on The Tonight Show?"

"So what are you going to do for an on core?"

"My older brother always gets a the good stuff!"

"compared to last year this should be easy!"

"don't judge a book by it cover!"

"Good things come in small packages!"

"Hey kid, how would like a job at Treasury??"

"I hope you brought me better news than your old man did."

"I thought that guy would NEVER leave!"

It's time for the changes, like you promised to do, or it's out with the old and in with the new!

"So what do you expect from me this year"?

Oooo baby, you couldn't-a done a worse thing to me...

Maybe my baby done made some other plans.

13 day old baby
broke the looking glass
7 years of bad luck
the good things in your past

... and rockabye sweet baby blame.

Hey! if you think what I did to 2009 was bad what till you see what I do to you!!!!

We both have allot of work to do.

At least you don't have that diaper on your head as a turbin, a-la a Taliban terrorist.

A headline above the cartoon of President Obama with the 2010 baby should read: Dancing With the Stars...
Baby's feet to be labeled right and left.
A line underneath President Obama saying "Let me lead with the left"
A bubble over President Obama's head to denote his thought: Where can I find a fitting pair of dance shoes"?

I was officially honored with the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for my exraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. You, Baby 2010, can learn from father time's experience as he walks into the history books.

Back off diaper child! Who keeps campaign priomises? It's just not done.

New Years Baby: "Four more years BO" and I don't mean you Prez.

I've bowed to many, now I bow to you.

It's ok, we still have a little money left.

It's about time...

Who let me in here?

Yikes, you scared the crap right out of me!

The Doc told me Ambien makes you see strange things

What a job! Out with the old fart in with the new poop.

"Who's [i]your[/i]daddy?"

toilet training is easy. Just squat like me and let it rip!

democratic poopers come and go, old republican farts never die

don't feel bad, tiger woods pooped in his pants too when his wife found out

I have a new GI bill for young poopersnappers

take it from me young pooper, compared with that old fart "2009,", even you're a breath of fresh air

Well Hello,New born taxes

OOPS !! I Did It again !!

War in Afghanistan

Dont worry kid, by the time your old enough the war should be over..

I'm NOT bowing. This is called squatting. What a catcher does behind the plate.

2010 Change
Hey Kid,,Wanna ride on Air Force one !

I'm NOT bowing. It's called squatting. It's a baseball term. You know, the American pastime. Something Rush Limbaugh knows a little about.

Obama- Where's your birth certificate?

Baby- Where's yours?

Im more black then you

Old Man- Boy am I glad years don't reincarnate!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

Where in the world is my Uncle Sam?

China, come in; we got another one!

Thank-you daddy! I love wearing red!

Hey little fella - whatever it is you've got in there, I hope it's better than the crap your predecessor gave me!

"You're not going to screw me like the old one now, are you?"

"You're not going to screw me like the last one now, are you?"

A headline above the cartoon of President Obama with the 2010 baby should read: Dancing With the Stars...
Baby's feet to be labeled right and left.
A line underneath President Obama saying "Let me lead with the left"
A bubble over President Obama's head to denote his thought: Where can I find a fitting pair of dance shoes"?

I was officially honored with the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for my exraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. You, Baby 2010, can learn from father time's experience as he walks into the history books.

That's Father Time with his audacious scythe. He's hurrying ahead to the 2010 fields to reap our harvest sown from audacity to hope and audacity to win.

No baby New Year 2010, I am NOT Tiger Woods.

Dont worry, I promised to only raise taxes on the top 5%

New year but same old Republican stench.

"I wasn't counting on this much change!"

If I don't understand the difference between a terrorist and a common criminal, how can you expect me to know the difference between squatting and bowing?

2010...sorry that you has arrive to see the post Bush destroyed America...2009 left with the same sorrow.

Hey, look! We do get another try!

I hope that's money in your diaper. Or are you just happy to see me?

I hope health care passes. The old guy doesn't look so good.

You know, you're going to be criticized for stooping down to me.

Are you Democrat or Republican?

"Me? Replace Geitner? I can't even read yet!"

Are you the olive branch from the GOP for a do-over?

Since this is a new year and a new me, I'd like to express how truly compassionate I feel for the people of Haiti following yesterday's devastating earthquake. I therefore promise to stop handing out billions of tax payer dollars to my, already, wealthy friends and instead divert it to where it will do some real good, this devastated island nation.

Bama Baby > just how LOW(e) can you go?!!!

"Despite how they look and speak, no, Barney Frank and Barney the Dinosaur are not one-and-the-same"

Headline on top "
War continues in Irag
Un Employment rises
More foreclosures in store
Another TSA security Breach
FPL raises rates again

Obama to Baby :
" Dont Worry " Be Happy !

Don't sit down,or you'll be in the same mess I'm in.

Baby New 2010 year, Once upon a time, in 2009, two roads diverged in two caucus rooms.
We took the left, the road
less traveled by.
When the roads converge in 2011 you'll find that left has made all the difference.

Your social change is weighing me down even without transfats

Oops! Did I campaign for CHANGE? What I meant to say was "Rearrange".

Oops! During my campaign, did I say I wanted to change America? What I really meant to say was, I wanted to "rearrange" America.

Lord!!! I hope you are not my budget...

(kid to Obama) With this mess you still have the nerve to ask for MY Birth Certificate?

in '08 it was Oprah and The '09 it was that guy behind me.....well Baby '10, looks like it's just you and me now! Cheers!

Mama said "Don't drink the Kool-Aid."

So this is what a trillion dollar baby looks like?

Remember, 2010 Baby,hope for the future, your legacy from the 2009 Father Time electoral vote!
The 2010 census will confirm the rights, wishes and desires of all our ethnically diverse American Citizens.

Kid, you gotta learn to walk before you can run... hey, what's that smell? MICHELLE!?!

I too looked a lot like you one year ago.

Listen up kiddo! I'm being chastised about the 100 million I promised to Haiti following the devastating earthquake. My opponents claim that it's only a drop in the bucket since I can give billions to fill the coffers of my friends wealthy companies. They say I can do much , much more. Well it's my business how I spend the tax payer's dollars. So shut up. It's all I'm willing to give.

I hope you're the new year, and not the newest member of George Bush's "nucular" family.

Your new shoes will be made for running, just like 2009's and mine. Every step, left before right, will count for the Census and in Childhood Obesity Prevention.

Don't count on getting 12 months to be judged on your year.

Forget George Bush. He's long gone now. It's all mine. I realize that I'm in way over my head but it's too late. I'll give it one more year, unless I'm impeached first.

As crazy as this sounds, I should have listened to my mother-in-law.

I only stoop to poop

It's called "Immaculate Conception" and it happened shortly before your time.

It's called "Immaculate Conception". Therefore, no birth certificate. The miracle happened shortly before your arrival.

Don't worry - in another 349 {insert accurate count as of publication} days, you'll be as old as him, and not have to worry about the future.

I was going to Haiti but this Massachussetts thing came up.

Hey Cubby I think you will need to go on a diet this year

Welcome to 'regression in the service of the ego'. Sit down on my lap and let's have LAPP therapy... Longitudinal Assessment of Psychological Pain, you're going to need it.

Mr. President, your 'swag' is terriffic but please get your ankles, knees and hip joints checked so as not to have rheumatoid problems. Put yourself a little gym in the White House for exercising now and then.

Baby: "Spud..." Old man: "...Wise..." Obama: "...Error."

Help! Three strikes and I'm out. First there was Virginia, then New Jersey and now, Massachusetts?

Blinded by the dazzle, they nevr saw me coming did they? Well! Now it's too late. I'm here to stay.

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