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Chan Lowe: Health care summit

summit.gifIt's a testament to how trust and cooperation have deteriorated in Washington that when President Obama first called a televised bipartisan health care summit, the Republicans immediately branded it a "trap."

Since then, some GOP members of congress have grudgingly agreed to attend, presuming--rightly--that it would play better in Peoria if they at least looked like they were trying to accomplish the people's business.

After all, with everyone's health care premiums continuing to rise at multiples of the inflation rate, even the Republicans' core business constituency is squawking.

If you deconstruct Republican logic, the only thing they would have to fear from revealing the elements of their health care reform plan to America is that it might be something Americans won't like. Otherwise, why not jump at this opportunity to stand their plan up against the Democrats' in a bully televised forum?

Either that, or they simply don't have one.

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I would have to say Obama posting a Health Care reform bill a couple of days before the meeting hardly makes the case that this is a purely political show for cover less likely.

I personally think we have a costs too much problem, not a magical coverage card problem. It's like thinking a UAW union membership=job.

If I could give you a guarantee you could pay for routine care out of pocket at any licensed professional without decimating your finances and left insurance policies for the traumatic and serious care would you take it?

Sorry, this is nothing but a show. Neither Obama or Pelosi or Reid care what the people want and you get to be a part of it by continuing the flawed logic of the trumped up reality.

But smug on.

Perhaps Mr. Lowe , you should read the presidents proposal as I just did , it is online . The bill is awful , full of new gov agencies , taxes , costs and is even worse then the senate bill. As an example the Cornhusker deal now applies to all states , no tort reform , 7 new agencies with all of their gov overhead etc. etc. The people have already spoken on this version and only a very arrogrant President would try these tactics, Start over , simplify, and do the changes in small increments.

You are kidding right the Republican proposals that you say they are afraid to present to the American people have been posted on the web for months now. Just because you believe everything that spews out of Obamas mouth you might want to check the facts. Although if you did that you would have to do an about face on most of what you believe in. Question what is an unread uneducated voter answer Democrat.

Coming soon--the elephant's and the donkey's will be doing their Kabuki Dance regarding health care. It's enough to make you sick- if you aren't already.!! We might need to swallow a big bitter pill--gagging on the outcome.
Personally, we're fine..old enough to be on Medicare,(and hoping they don't screw it up.)Our adult kids have good insurance.When "We the People" have a good health plan,(like Mr.Cheney,Senators,Congressmen,etc,etc,)then the stampede of trumpeting elephant's will be in step and harmony with the braying of donkey's.

Obama has literally jerked America around with a heath care plan that we never wanted for a over a year. The economy is going from bad to worst, and Obama pays no attention to the job losses except to increase unemployment benefits, or bring up health care when poor job numbers come out. Meanwhile the republicans had posted on their web page for months and month an alternative plan, but Obama and Chan Lowe seem to, or at least claim to know nothing about it. The only question one can be left with is who is worst at their job for not knowing about the republicans alternative health care plan ? Is it Chan Lowe or president Obama who seems to have been living on the dark side of the moon? Isn't it both their job to know these things before they talk or wright about it?


Let me see. Obama went to Harvard. Lowe studied at Williams College and Stanford University. For some funny reason, I suspect they've each read quite a bit on the Republicans' ideas.
I doubt you have. After all,
you're the one who posted
the following:

"Isn't it both their job to know these things before they talk or wright about it?"

John Tryon- Bravo to your post....

Dave- Wright on Dave...Keep those wright-wing post coming.It speaks better than anything Obama, Chan, John,or I could wright.!!

Bwaaahhh haha haaaa!

That's funny Chan. Now that it's Post-summit, let's see if you actually come up with something that resembles what truly happened. Obama: "blah, blah, I" "blah, I, blah, uh,I blah. Reconciliation, blah,."

Who do you represent, the enemy or the good people of the Republican Party. I can't tell. You have responsenses of both. I don't go their, sorry.
u can post it, good luck.

What else could you say? Not everyone has got the exact same views but it is good to see a varied range of ways of looking at things, to put it crudely. Makes you sit back and question your personal habits and preconceived ideas at times.

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