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Chan Lowe: Congressional death threats

patriotx.gifWhen a conflagration erupts, who is most to blame—the person who brings the can of gasoline, or the one who hands him the match?

There has always been a restive undercurrent in this country, the rugged individualists who feel that any government encroachment into their lives is too much.

What is different now is that cynical, self-serving politicians are stoking the fears and anger of these people and inciting them to perform acts of violence against an imagined threat.

You want to talk takeover? How about the Supreme Court case of Bush v. Gore in 2000, when the justices⎯in a five-to-four vote⎯arbitrarily decided to stop the vote counting and declare George W. Bush the winner?

Maybe my memory is faulty, but I don’t recall anyone making death threats against Chief Justice Rehnquist at the time. I would say that that act was far more injurious to our individual liberties than the health care reform vote.

The malcontents should just suck it up and wait until November to vote the scoundrels out. That’s what real democracy is about. It isn’t about “taking back” your country by force or intimidation if you don’t like the way Congress is voting.

As for the inciters, they may be sorry someday that they ever unleashed this angry animal. It could turn around and bite them right in their craven behinds.

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I guess that's a democrat w/ the gun there? Since Rep Cantor's (R) office was shot at?

It is always amusing to see a liberal still whine about losing the election though.

There are idiots on both sides of the aisle who threaten those they disagree w/...a much smaller amount of idiots on both sides act upon those threats.

I guess it's ok for union thugs to rough people up though...since their fighting for the people.

Conservatives, however, do not block, threaten and disrupt speakers invited to speak at colleges like liberals do. Liberals are all about free long as you don't disagree w/ them.

Tell me...where is the liberal logic in shooting at Cantor's office? Probably say it's a hoax...he did it the liberal professor that vandalized her own car and reported it as a hate crime.

"Loonies on the right"-"Loonies on the left". Soon the twain shall meet. Maybe in the halls of Congress,Tea Partiers,the voters,casting their vote in the next election....Or- someone crying "fire" in a crowded theater...
What will it be.? I fear we'll soon find out.


Please post your funny cartoons about WTO riots or the ones about environmentalists torching Hummer dealerships. Or are those kind of acts patriotic and good for the fabric of America? Please help me.

Just as elections have consequences. Elected officials actions have consequences.

Conservatives, however, do not block, threaten and disrupt speakers invited to speak at colleges like liberals do. Liberals are all about free long as you don't disagree w/ them.

Sebastion the Ibis: you're an idiot. And you regularly post your useless drivel on here. Ann Coulter was blocked from giving a speech by her SECURITY STAFF. NOT the protesters as your right-wing propaganda would have you believe.

So while you're busy suckin' Matt Drudge's t!t for more, please, go post crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here.

The AntiDope,

You are my HERO! Thank you so much for your post. And, Sebastian the Ibis, please take his advice and go post somewhere else. By now, we all know what you're going to say, how you're going to say it and quite simply, you're kind of boring.

hahaha........glad to see I've made some fans here.

Coulter was just this week...this goes back for years with many conservative speakers.

Anti and never counter w/ anything close to is the liberal way. You only provide insults...just like our local cartoonists...but at least you are all consistent.

Congrats on that wonderful endoresement of our beloved leader's healthcare program by Castro. Always good for USA to do things Castro approves of.

Just a quick question too...what happened to all those war protests we used to see in the press EVERY day under our last president? I wonder what Cindy Sheehan (remember liberals when you all loved & cared for her?) is doing today.

I can't imagine why those protests all stopped...the ones against...remember the war in Iraq? So hard to find anything on networkd news about it anymore.

You really need to get over Bush/Gore. If the purpose of elections is to determine the will of the people, and the will of the people is so evenly divided that a few hundred contested votes are so huge, then both candidates (or more accurately, neither candidate) is a perfectly valid choice for "will of the people". We could have saved a lot of time and energy by just changing the election laws to say "if the vote difference is statistically insignificant, then the candidates flip a coin".

Given the topic of Chan's cartoon, we have removed posts from anyone who has suggested violence--directly or indirectly. Feel free to express your point of view, but expect to be deleted should you use names such as "Sniper."

Thank you.

Newspapers are dieing because of editorials like this. I want to hear real insights into yes and no on all sides. Only the loonies on either side want violence. To say the Tea Party and Sarah Palin wants violence is not only stupid. IT's Misleading. You are one of those people that want to mislead people on the main issue. MAIN ISSUE: This health care reform package is terrible. Yes, there are some good things, but overall, it is terrible!!!

Ah Thank you Chan, I usually subscribe to this collumn in Google Reader, however I had to visit today cause I knew this would bring the crazies out in the comments. I hope Conservatives continue to degrade the political debate to unmask their true color.

It looks to me as if the country has not been more divided since the Civil War. [Note: There was nothing civil about that war.]

I am pessimistic about the future. Whichever party or policy prevails, half the country will be extremely upset. The continuing economic depression caused by our inept and greedy politicians has made the country into a tinderbox.


Apparently you don't follow the news too closely. The police determined that the BUILDING Cantor had his campaign office in was hit by a randomly fired bullet that had nothing to do with Cantor whatsover.

Keep on lying. You and Cantor both. Despicable.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t mind being called a “rugged individualist”, however I don’t feel that “any” government encroachment into my life is too much but when my government tells me I now have to pay a TAX to breath, to simply exist or else I will be fined and then imprisoned, then I have a problem.

Let me make this part perfectly clear, I do NOT in any way, shape or form condone ANY threats, verbal or physical, to anyone. That includes Democrat or republican, conservative or liberal or anyone in-between.

That being said you need to recognize that threats are being made to both parties. Yes, that means all those peace, love and understanding types are also capable of getting aggressive as well.

Reform was needed, of that no one is arguing. How it was done is where we have a difference of opinion. I’m of the opinion that the votes should have reflected the will of the people, not sold to the highest bidder in backroom deals. Then you have them passing a bill one day, and amendments to it the very next day, so they knew it was broken when they bought it and then had to fix it.

Now we're being told that those who wrote the bill are exempt from it, doesn’t that just make you confident if its greatness.

But hey, Castro likes it so Obama must be on the right track…. buena suerte Comrade.

is this the way the congree works in the USA? under coertion? to blame pelosi below Obama, no exmaple for the world at all, be ashamed, there are better democracies, soorry! right to be angry.

What's your point,man.?
Are you using a thinly veiled innuendo that Pres. Obama is a "commie."?
Come on-Spit it out!! Be a man,Pointman.......

@ Freddy...thousands of tea party vandalism...families with their children...all conservatives & independents. Actually very safe for anyone to walk around.

Now let's remember how the leftists protest...think IMF/World Bank...wearing black masks, throwing rocks, breaking windows out. The violent vegans for peace. How many cops injured? How much property damage?

Such a difference in the two groups of people...yet our cartoonist likes to portray the right as the violent ones.

Go throw a pie in some girls face who you disagree w/ Freddy.


Only Obama knows his true inner self. We are left to figure it out on our own. Besides, if he came out and told us could we believe him?

The bill was not open to the public for 5 days as he promised, Gitmo is still open, We are still at war in Iraq, all after his timeline.

This is the first thing he's completed as he promised, well, almost, he's still on his way to single payer.

Chan. You have a very short memeory. How about those who were calling for George W. Bush's assaination...
... and teh threats against Sarah Palin
Gee, we only remember what we want... for Bush V Gore, pull your head out of your past...

There's a movie out called The Assassination of George W. Bush. Google it you mo-mo.

My computer is going to take a Siesta- But I'll see you again in Chan's Sand-Box...Have a great night.

Quick few questions for you?
What majority supports the Obama care disaster?
And while I'm at it, maybe Rehnquist got death threats, but he didn't use the opportunity like the liberals do it all the times.
And last, as someone already mentioned it, don't see you doing any cartoons about the "peaceful" protesters who burnt SUV. You always claim you're not biased, when we will see some cartoons of those mentioned above.

I hope minister for security Holder will punish these right wing hooligans. I hope he will administer the same punishment as those Black Panther tea partiers that intimidated voters into voting for McCain during the last election...(Minister King Samir Shabazz, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson for reference) Where was the outrage on the right? I thought we had done away with voter intimidation during the 60's?
Thank you minister of propoganda chan for showing an even hand when mocking these shenanigans.

Where were the cartoons when Odumba Care supporters were giving death threats to congressmen and woman who vowed to vote against the bill? You won't see those from Chan Blowe because he's a partisan hack.

Norman Leboon...all the libs here know who he is? The democrat lib nut arrested for threatening Cantor...about 1,000 times.

Here is his donor listing:

And nothing from our local cartoonist...of course

I so glad I left SoFla to the R idiots.
The night of the selection of Bushco we saw our ballot boxes emptied into truck mounted shredders..Bush in no way 'won' that was election fraud perpetrated by Jeb and his concubine Kathy Harris. Im not happy with Obama and Im not happy with Romney care being inserted into our health care 'reform' is a stinking pile actually, but that is what we get for trying to be 'bipartisan' and McCain/quitter would have been a bigger disaster than the last admin. I can see a bit clearer from the time and distance of Mayberry. Enjoy the hurricanes and global warming.

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