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Chan Lowe: Global warming hoax

Was it Voltaire or Descartes? I don’t remember…the Age of Enlightenment was centuries ago, and at the time I first heard about it, I was concentrating on the Cartesian curves of Mlle. Daphné, a young woman in my high school French class. Je désire, donc je suis.

Anyway, something one of those periwigged philosophers wrote actually managed to penetrate my teenage hormonal haze and take root.

“What if everything we’ve heard about God, creation, the purpose of Man, the soul, and divine salvation are all just a big joke (I paraphrase)? Even if that’s so, and we simply disappear into a void at the end, isn’t expressing a moral life of probity, humility and compassion for one’s fellow man the best way to live? Then, if we happen to find out when we die that it’s all for real, we are saved.”

If you extend this line of thinking, then maybe practicing good stewardship of our planet is worthy in its own right, even if climate change isn’t the result of man’s actions.

There’s no question that we pollute. Accessible, potable fresh water for millions of the world’s population is only a dream. In many places, people get diseases and die from the poor air quality.

Why not just pretend we’re to blame, and act accordingly, even if we can’t accept the fact? That way, there’s no chance of finding out we were wrong after it’s too late to do anything about it.

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The problem with your logic is that Billions of tax dollars have gone to study this hoax that could be used for more usefull things. Also the upcoming cap and trade bill will be an equivelant tax of about 3500 to each family and put thousands out of work. But at least you are starting to admit it is a hoax

a left wing one size fits all solution to the worlds problems is as bad as a right wing one size fit all solution..

Selling a fraud because of all the positive spin off.. is insane.. We have real problems to deal with.. Get over GW Bush and get your feet back on the ground..

Chan says:

An alert reader from Maine (who did not have the distractions of the fair Ms. Daphne to contend with in class) informs me that the scenario I described was in fact Pascal's Wager. How could anyone ever forget a person who's first name was Blaise?

Chan-Your on a roll...great cartoons & comments.!!
As I said in a past post,Washington Snowstorm, I don't know if we have global warming or not.Barry O and I went "round& round" about this.Had a good time doing so, in a respectful & civil way.
Regarding the religious aspect-I say,(in jest) that I'm a devout heathen,but in reality I'm a "Apathist"...A Atheist say's "there is no God"-A Agnostic say's "I don't know." I, a Apathist say,"I don't care." This made up word is taken from the word apathy.Well- it works for me. I don't recommend to others,nor have I started a Apathistic church,mosque,or temple as any potential members would no doubt say,"Who cares.?"...and they'd be right.!! But- we're all in this together,even if there's no "pie in the sky".As Chan so aptly say's,let's be kind & good to the planet, and each other.That's something we should all care about.

Why do we have to have government tell us how to live right? The Golden Rule covers everything and sure would have saved alot of legislative nonsense!

I believe that your logic and compassion are sound. However, because of the money already spent to study this issue, and because of the hastily created Cap and Trade legislation that the government is hawking, it makes a regular person want to deny the notion and anything associated with it. I believe that the environment needs to be an important focus for everyone, but it should be explained to us in a way we can understand, not to be rammed down our throats. Also, it shouldn't be used as a scare tactic either.

This is a typical liberal statement, "Don't bother me with the facts, I've already made up my mind."

So by your "logic" if I lie to you and tell you that giving me all your money is the right thing to do because I'll spend it on the poor and homeless it's the right thing to do...when in reality I'm spending it on strippers and Playboys.

You've got my address, I'll be waiting for your check.


Your name-calling on this Blog
is tedious. Just state your opinion and cut the nastiness.
If you want Congress to work, then let some civility start with your own comments on this Blog.

Unfortunately, the statement "Don't bother me (or confuse me) with the facts, my mind is already made up" has been used by extremists on BOTH sides of the aisle. No conservative should have the nerve to say that the question of global warming is a typical case of a liberal using that argument when they themselves have been doing the same thing concerning, oh, let's say, the "death panels" that are supposed to be an integral part of the health care reform bill.

As one of my bosses said recently, "You have time to bitch about each other, but you don't have time to solve the problem?"

Hey, the truth hurts. I call it as I see it and this is an "open" forum. Chan has his right to draw and write what he wants and so far I have the right to voice my opinion. I've agreed with Chan in the past but I do not here.

The global warming Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for has been proven through FACT to be doctored to portray emotion over fact.

I'm all for saving the environment. I recycle and I do my part but I'll be damned if I'll let some lying scientist tell me it's raining when it clearly isn't.

Congress and work in the same sentence? Come on John, neither side is going to let that happen.

And the First Amendment gives me the right to free speech, even if I want to be sarcastic.

Chan, as you may know "Global Warming" causes weather extremes. Not increases in local tempurature. Having lived outside DC for most of my life I realize that none of our politicians are going to agree anytime soon, but I am pretty sure that since this is one of the top ten coldest winters in Florida on record that we are currently having the extreme weather conditions predicted by gobal warming.

So Pointman870 must be a liberal, because he's already made up his mind on Global Warming/Climate Change, facts be damned.

No, Pointman870 has an open mind and has seen more evidence against than for. I tend to disbelieve people that lie to prove they are correct.

“What if everything we’ve heard about God, creation, the purpose of Man, the soul, and divine salvation are all just a big joke (I paraphrase)? Even if that’s so, and we simply disappear into a void at the end, isn’t expressing a moral life of probity, humility and compassion for one’s fellow man the best way to live?"

Why would it be? There would be no qualification for probity, humility, and compassion.

We finally get some NORMAL winter weather and you all bury your heads in the sand claiming AGW is a hoax.

I remember watching the Fort Lauderdale Xmas boat parade in a heavy winter jacket as the temp was hovering around 36F.

This winter, I've turned on the heater for a whole six(6) six days.

But this is in no way one of the coldest years we've had in South Florida.

As for man made global warming. It is very real and it will get much worse, and South Florida is on the front line. We will either get flooded out or wiped off the map by some super sized cat-5's rolling in from the Atlantic ocean.

The key aspect, South Florida will be one of the first places to suffer a permanent loss.

Think about it, before you bury your head in the sand (again).

Why not "just pretend". Are you for real?
This would be a very expensive fantasy.
According to a report issued by Heritage Foundation, the cost of gasoline could more than double to meet Obama's goal for reducing CO2 levels.

"To meet the Obama administration’s targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, some researchers say, Americans may have to experience a sobering reality: gas at $7 a gallon. To reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the transportation sector 14 percent from 2005 levels by 2020, the cost of driving must simply increase, according to a forthcoming report by researchers at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. The 14 percent target was set in the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget for fiscal 2010.”

The sad part of this is that it will accomplish nothing. There is no proof that increasing levels of CO2 increases warming. If it did how do you explain the cooling from 1940 to 1970? How about the recent cooling? Solar activity is the main driver of global warming and cooling

I may not be a world renowned scientist like Al Gore and know much about science, but I sure know when I am being bull$hited . That is something Chan Lowe and Al Gore will never understand. Because they think they are being slick, but to the rest of us working folk that have to pay for everything in the end its just Bull$hit.

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