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Chan Lowe: Dr. O prescribes heath care reform

waah.gifThe rest of the industrialized world scratches its head in wonderment as the greatest economic power on earth--the shining city on the hill--squabbles over something they've all taken for granted for generations.

Why are we so far behind even our Canadian cousins when it comes to health care? It's our uniquely American way of viewing the solution to societal needs through the prism of the free enterprise system.

From the days that the Declaration of Independence was written and before, government has been viewed as something individuals need to be protected from, while other countries see it as the collectivization of individual needs under one paternalistic umbrella.

Both approaches have their pros and cons. Unfortunately, looking after the medical health of all citizens, including the underprivileged, is not one of free enterprise's strong suits.

Obama is trying to get Congress to go out on a limb with this one, and Congress is never comfortable treading where its immediate self-interest does not lie. One thing the Republicans are right about: If health care reform does pass, it'll be with us for good, because no member of any party will be willing to take back something the have-nots have begun to enjoy for the very first time.

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Really and while those other countries are scratching their heads wondering they are also coming over here to get surgery and specialized health care ever wonder why they don't stay in their country and get it done if it is so great. Have you really looked at the health systems of other countries from canada who has prime ministers coming here for heart surgery to England where the health care employees over half the country. We have the best health care system is it perfect no but would having the same people that run the dmv and the post office really be the answer.

Very good cartoon.

Why are we calling this reform? It's not. This is a whole new form of health care. I'm all for reform and there are ways to fix what we have without letting the Government move in and take control and tell us we have to use it....while at the same time not having to use it themselves.

That's the big difference between Canada's health care and the one Obama wants, the Canadian Government is on the same health plan as the little people, and they know theirs doesn't work.

I keep saying this, if Obama's plan is so good, why isn't he out there saying HE will be the first one to use it?

This is just another case of the ones in power saying "Do as I say, not as I do".

Mark-Uh Oh....Watching Fox News again,huh.? The official from Canada wanted a dubious procedure for his heart surgery.(his reason was for cosmetic purpose of the scar.)Sometimes the thickness of your wallet determines the care you receive.We have excellent Dr.s here..As they do in England and elsewhere.Have friends in Hemel Hempstead England who received liver & kidney transplants, and they didn't go broke,doing so.

Once again you missed the true point . Those of us that have read the awful 2 bills , house and senate , do not believe that it does what the president claims. We do not need 7 new agancies , taxes and being told what we must do. The president and you have not read the bill and that is why you and he have no clue.Enjoy your day.

They have universal health care in Cuba and other government run countries. So why do they all want to come here?

It's because a government run society doesn't work! That’s why! History has taught us that.

This is the first time in history that a bill might possibly be passed even though the people (voters) clearly do not want it! Take a good look everybody your government in action....taking steps towards Socialism. The government will decide what’s best for us...
You better be scared. You people wanted change... well here ya go!

"Collectivization of individual needs under one paternalistic umbrella." It's exactly what they are doing in Cuba. Call it whatever you want, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, or simply the "Progressive Movement" ... it just doesn't work very well and that's a fact that has been proven over and over again throughout history. Yet....

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