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Chan Lowe: Immigration policy

nachos.gifA nation is within its rights to preserve the integrity of its borders in the face of intruders. A people are entitled to preserve their culture, their language, and especially to prosper from the fruit of their labors without a tide of uninvited foreigners coming in and, through sheer force of numbers, overwhelming the existing populace.

Just ask the Indians.

Because our nation either lacks the means or the political will to make our borders truly impermeable, the job of weeding out the unwanted has been left to individual states, like Arizona. In desperation, these states are more likely to look to their self-interest than to observe the niceties of the Bill of Rights.

Maybe from a fed-up Arizonan’s point of view, their new, draconian laws make sense. From a distance, they look inhumane, demeaning, xenophobic, racist and actually kind of scary to anyone who values the rights and protections guaranteed to us under the Constitution.

Chances are that in their zeal to rid their state of illegal aliens, Arizona law enforcement authorities will unintentionally sweep a number of innocent American citizens into their dragnet.

Unlike Europeans, Americans are not in the habit of carrying national identity papers around with them proving their citizenship. What will happen under this new regime is that “probable cause” will be applied to those who happen to look, for example, like their Mexican ancestors.

Those of, say, Danish extraction are more likely to be bypassed.

One’s looks are not a sound foundation upon which to base laws. As a nation founded on principles, we can do better.

Cartoonist's note: This being Take Your Child To Work Day, I had the assistance of two delightful young ladies, Krista and Baylee, in the drawing of today's pictorial offering.

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The law isn't based upon how you look, it's based upon, if indeed you're a citizen. Let's just say we did employ "ID" cards. Police would STILL target Mexican looking people to produce proof rather than Evan from Iowa.

This BS PC doctrine that says profiling is insensitive is why we're searching white old ladies at airports and police are afraid to stop suspicious looking black and brown teenagers. God forbid that the percentage of "stops" makes a PD look like they're using race. It is what it is and those afraid to use common sense will be increasingly doomed by the consequences.

Its time for a national ID card, and some new laws to go with it. First one MUST be in the country legally in order for citizenship to be bestowed upon that persons children. Without the national ID, no health care, school, welfare, car or housing loans, no rentals, no employment, NOTHING. We wont have to deport the millions of illegals here with utter disregard for our culture, customs, and language. The illegals will leave the same way they came, they will walk back across the border.

You know, there is a reason police put out a description of a car that was seen committing a crime. If it was a Little Red Corvette that was seen speeding down the highway with a bald white guy in it...why stop every car on the road? It's a good bet the little old lady from Pasadena isn't who you're looking for.

Sounds like common sense don't it? Well, not when it comes to people of another ethnic demographic. You see, it’s okay to bother everyone equally, but here’s the kicker, there is NO reason to when you know who you are looking for! It only angers everyone and makes it easier for the actual criminal to slip by undetected. See, when you are focusing on NOT profiling you actually ignore the tangible description of who it is you are looking for.

I’m all for allowing immigrants into this country, but there is a proper LEGAL procedure for this. If you do not follow the LEGAL procedure you are breaking the LAW and become a CRIMINAL. Not a great way to start your new life in the good ole’ USA. If the majority of the people in that location that are breaking the law are dark skinned, here’s a tip….it ain’t the white guy, or the Asian, or the black, or purple ones.

If the cops are looking for a 5’8” bald white guy and I get pulled over and checked out…so be it. A small price to pay to help them find the real criminal.

Political correctness is a dangerous way of life that will only harm this country. Red is red, lemons are lemons and Mexicans crossing the boarder illegally ARE criminals!

Easy for you to say, Pointman... you will not be profiled every single day of your life.

I too hate racial profiling. I hate the fact that because Im hispanic, its expected that I should support people of my race breaking my countries immigration laws.

We have enough people making crappy wages (if at all), that we dont need to encourage the importation of more.

God forbid some mothers actually have to raise their kids witout an underpaid nanny, or we make our fat kid get off the xbox and mow the lawn. (my dad would have died laughing if I had suggested we pay some one to my yard work as a kid)

I just find it hypocritical to expect that if times were hard for me in the U.S and I snuck into Canada or Mexico, that I wouldnt expect the citizens and govt. of that country demand that I leave. I have to expect that they would demand that I follow their laws properly, and not undercut their wages. I couldnt imagine petitioning their govt. to grant me amnesty for breaking their laws. Unless, maybe I had no respect for them??

Great toon. I just saw this
in yesterday's Sunday New York Times AND today on NBC's
Today Show.

When you go duck hunting, are you going to stop to evaluate every chicken or dove that passes by?
PC is Utopian thinking that no place in the real world we live in.
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, IT'S A DUCK! NOT A PHEASANT! NOT A GOOSE!

Political Correctness amounts to Cultural Suicide.

I am posting from Phoenix, AZ.
Arizona has 445,000 illegal immigrants in the state plus
Arizona is the main gateway
for Illegals entering our
country and we are not supposed to fight back at those who have broken the law of this land?

ID card may work,but if we take everything away from the illegal immigrants, the quality of their life will significantly drop. I am sure some people will go back to their country but how about people who decide to stay? Crime rate will go up as their living condition goes down....... There really isn't a simple way to settle this.

"... Arizona law enforcement authorities will unintentionally sweep a number of innocent American citizens into their dragnet."

Not if they're here legally, in which case they're not innocent.

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