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Chan Lowe: Obama drills

chill.gifThe White House's chess game is verging on being a little too clever for its own good.

The calculation is that throwing a sop to the Republicans in the form of relaxed offshore drilling restrictions will buy cooperation from them later. In fact, they will be so disarmed by this gesture that they'll dance with Obama on more ambitious energy initiatives.

Meanwhile, the Democratic "base," which counted on Obama to rectify some of the environmental misdeeds of the Bush administration--and certainly not ape them-- will have nowhere else to turn in November.

Even if the Republicans don't play ball, their slapping of this outstretched hand will prove to the public that they are, indeed, the party of obstructionism, and it will punish them on election day.

There are two things wrong with this scenario: First, it looks like the Republicans, far from being charmed, are saying that the gesture is so flimsy, it's almost an insult. Saying "no" has worked for them so far. Why change the strategy now?

Second, what Obama did was just enough to infuriate the environmentalists. Yes, they have somewhere else to go on election day, which is to go hug some tree in the backyard rather than head to the polls.

The grand plan a gamble, and not even a smart one. He could well lose, and so will the environment.

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smoke and mirrors....he sneaks it in the cap and trade to get a republican vote or two and he knows environmentalists will tie it up in court for years.and if your going to drill and your serious you would do it where we know there is oil..he is a real bozo

the republicans wont get slapped either for not playing ball..just like the health care bill..when govt wants to be the referee and the player who would want to play ball

This is the first time I have found humor in your rantings.
You actually think that Obama needs or wants cooperation from the Republicans?
I must have missed something. On my planet, the stimulus, healthcare, and cap and trade were rammed thru with little or no support from the other side.
This Presidents agenda is UNSTOPPABLE! Why would he be willing to sacrifice bazillions of lives (and polar bears)for the sake of bipartisanship? I think after this policy shift, we should poll the liberals to see how many now think hes the anti-christ.
Dont get me wrong, minister Chung. Im with you all the way. I for one, welcome our new liberal overlords and will embrace the new nanny state come november.

Your so right...Obama thinks he's playing Chess,while the Rep's are playing Checkers..Or- he might think he's playing Aikido with the "Hell No" party..The Japanese system of self-defense.He's trying to take the"wind out of their sails"..Don't think it will work.
Having had a grandfather and other family members involved in Chicago politics,(Mayor Daley style)I found the art of "the game" fascinating-Honed my teeth,(fangs) on the stuff...We all know it's a game,don't we.?
Never mind that it's our welfare and environment at risk....Hey, the Rep's and neocons don't believe in climate change anyway..So-Full steam and oil ahead.!Gung Ho and all that jazz.!
What will we do with the "Drill baby,drill" tee-shirts.? Use them as crying towels.? Wipe up oil spills.?
Stay tuned...Hug a tree...

Its hard to believe in global warming when the pimps that push this religion dont act like theyre that concerned.
Al still has a huge mansion and flies around and offsets it with carbon credits. B.O. flies across the atlantic in a 747 to scoop up the Nobel.
Why couldnt he say "hey, nobel peeps, email me a pic of that bad boy. Im trying to save the planet here".
Its almost as though they know its a farce.

Of course he will lose, but not because of any specific policy, just because people will have figured out dems are no better than rebublicans, and so they'll switch one more time (a cycle which will continue to recur until the disgust level is so high a 3rd party can actually start displacing both of them).

Funny how the "democratic base" still seems so shocked when Obama snubs them. Karl Marx referred to most of the far left base as, "useful idiots". And that's just how this president views you guys. As for Republicans, they shouldn't be the party of no but rather the party of HELL NO!

Why are you stealing my material.? Please notice post,(two above yours.)I called it the "Hell No" party...(Just joking) Glad to see you back.! !

LW - Thanks.

Your welcome...By the way,when you quoted Karl Marx as saying that the left were "useful idiots" are you sure you didn't mean Groucho Marx.? HA HA.! Didn't know you read Workers Vanguard paper....

I proud support saying NO to just about every part of this president's agenda. I don't care what his liberal press weiner dogs or the Democratic party play-alongs say. There is no bigger party of obstructionism than the national Democratic Party.


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