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Chan Lowe: Supreme Court fight coming

nominee.gifBefore my usual claque of commentators gets its nose out of joint, I will acknowledge that the type of behavior alluded to in this cartoon is practiced by both extremes of the political spectrum. It is inappropriate--and unhelpful--no matter who is doing it.

We happen to have a Democratic president and Senate right now, so the protesting of whomever is nominated to fill Justice Stevens' seat will be the province of Conservatives.

I think it was John McCain who said, "Elections mean something." It is the constitutional prerogative of the president to present a nominee in the event of a court vacancy, and it is the Senate's job to decide whether that person is qualified.

It made sense to the Founding Fathers. What wouldn't make sense to them are the ideological hoops we make the nominees run through, thanks to our poisonous political atmosphere, and the attempts to discredit them by digging through their pasts to find out if they talked back to their kindergarten teacher during recess.

One of these days, Justice Scalia, Roberts, Alito or Thomas will want to retire. Chances are he'll wait until a Republican president is in office to do so. This is as it should be.

Then, it will be the Liberals' turn to make a public display of their unreasonableness, which they will do without a doubt.

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I don' have any ides who Obama will nominate but anyone want to bet if they've paid their taxes?

Chan, another home run on this one! The idiot "Tea Baggers" will be out front.

West Hollywood Dissident - Can I tea bag you???

What you don't seem to grasp is that the judges only job is to make sure the constitution is upheld. So yes whether or not the judge believes in the constitution does make a difference if he is qualified.

We're suppose to be a diverse country..We have a black man on the court-Two women..Thank goodness a good Hispanic one,at last. Maybe it's time to look for a qualified Asian man or woman.After all,almost everything in this country has a "Made in China" label..Maybe we can find a Asian--"Made in the U S A." Hmmm-worth a thought.!

I don't know why liberals always think to look for a candidate of a certain's pretty insulting actually. "we don't necessarily want the best PERSON...we want the best __________(fill in blank w/ race of your choice).

The worde claque is great though...the exact word I used to describe the people allowed in the Wasserman rally last nite...perfect to describe Lorraine type readers of this completely balanced and politically fair publication.

Guess you overlooked the word,QUALIFIED PERSON in my post....
P S- Still mad about the "brain-pedo" I had over the word-COLOMBIA,Huh.? Ho Ho.!

No Lorraine, you said "qualified Asian man or woman" placing the race above the qualification, why else would there be a need to state the race at all? Race and gender are not nearly as important as their understanding of the Constitution. Unfortunately, I have a feeling we will get one that interprets it, not understands it.

If you don't want to be nitpicked on what you say you need to say it clearly and correctly.

I don't usually pick on spelling or grammar on boards like this (unless it's a professional writer for a news paper) but it is what you said.

Of course I said qualified person(Asian man or woman) Had to get my "tongue in cheek" satire in...
You managed to get in your "message" about the Wasserman rally..Were people "allowed" in if they wore a star of David on their neck.? Looked liberal.? What,?
Say it clearly and correctly...Or-just play Domino's...How's that for a stereotype.?

Just the fact that you say "Qualified _______(fill in race of choice) is so screwed up.

Once about the best PERSON? Would you care about the race/sex of your surgeon...or would you want the best surgeon no matter what race he/she is?

Why do liberals emphasize race so much? Can you imagine a coach not letting the best player play because he was looking for a "qualified ______(fill in race of choice)?" That would be horribly wrong...yet that's the liberal way of thinking.

Lorraine...I'm not mad that you do not know how to spell a easy's not even like it was something difficult like Waziristan...but you keep bringing it up. I'm glad you learned how to spell move on w/ your life.

And Lorraine...I'm guessing you eat a lot more Domino's than I play Domino's.

@ Sebastian The Ibis

I can't speak for liberals, and neither can you. That being said, I would like to see diversity in our government, which would reflect the diversity in our society. Of course I also want a person selected based on ability. I think a happy medium can be reached without accusing others of racism.

Touche-If you recall,your the one who started this whole dialogue...So sorry if you don't recognize my satire.
Hubby and I like home cooked meals,and are of average weight..he unchains me from the stove,once in awhile..
P S--When we do get pizza it's Pappa John's....So you guessed wrong...Have a great day,!

Well, we elected a president based on race over experience, rhetoric over record.

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