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Tea Party gives back

treasury.gifIf big government is our beef, then what is more bloated, more out-of-control, more emblematic of the drain on our resources than Social Security?

Even the name sounds vaguely subversive. It bears the aroma of one of those un-American, welfare state European imports⎯like Danish pastry, French fries, frankfurters, English muffins, pepperoni pizza. One could go on, but the point is made.

To compound the insult, Washington doesn’t even give the average freedom-loving American a choice in the matter.

Anybody who wants to make a decent living is forced to participate in the Social Security system…a lot like that communistic Obamacare that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their collectivist fellow travelers just passed against the wishes of the majority.

Not only should we tell Washington what to do with its Social Security money, the old folks ought to pay for their own health care, too.

Medicare…now, there’s another huge bureaucracy gobbling up tax money that we should be allowed to keep for ourselves.

Let the free market take care of ’em. It’s the American way. Besides, it’s right there in the Constitution.

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These politicians that want to "stand" with the tea party have to be honest.I don't know how many videos I have seen with tea partiers throwing out people who are supporting health care or are against the tea party candidates. But I have never seen people with the signs and the bigoted posters getting thrown out like everyone else. So this notion that there are a few bad apples or SEIU plants is stupid and a lie. I mean I care about Sarah Palin so she better get her act together and denounce these freaks that claim Obama is a communist nazi and get on or she will not be viable in the future.

Another great cartoon..You've given the Post Office a monumental job....all those returned Social Security checks that the tea-partiers and Fox News watchers are going to return.Good thing you didn't include disability checks,unemployment,war widow benefit checks,etc,etc,.
Now-on a serious note....Does anyone know who Pete Peterson is.? or read The Fiscal Times.? A very powerful man who wants to kill Social Security and finds devious ways to do so. The Washington Post are shills for Peterson's ideas,along with Senate advocate's Kent Conrad & Judd Gregg.
Look at 3/2/09 The Nation,(The Man Who Want's To Loot S.S.) and The Nation, 1/25/10 Looting S.S.
Again---Chan---Your in Jules Pheiffer territory..BRAVO.! !

Gee Chan. Was your tongue in your cheek, or are you actually starting to make sense? The free market always produces prosperity. Government intervention in the economy inevitably leads to poverty and despair.

I don't understand the cartoon. Whether or not I approve of Social Security, I don't own my parents' checks and don't have the right to send them back.

What you failed to point out in your cartoon is that the retirees paid all of their life into social security,then the democrats under Lyndon Johnson , changed the law and put all of their money into the general fund and therefore it was wasted on turtle bridges and other earmark pork projects.He also started to include coverage for teens etc that ss was never intended to do.I see you cartoon as just another attempt by the far left to change the truth and try to discredit those of us who do not agree with big government.We need to cut the waste and fraud out of all gov. programs and then cut spending , pensions and benefits for town, city , state and federal workers.

I think many tea party people would opt out of SS if they were permitted. In other words, don't deduct SS from my pay and don't expect my employer to contribute in my behalf and I will waive any claim to ss benefits in the future. Let me instead invest that money in my retirement, the way I see fit and I will garner a much greater rate of return then the federal government could possibly ever provide. Of course this will never happen because in reality this is a just a tax... just another revenue stream for the government.


let's take a poll...which group of people receives more govt money...obama voters or non-obama voters?

so ignorant to suggest that someone's kid could take their parents' check away from them.

Buying Olga a shot of Aguardiente...I'll sign a contract today to never receive a dime in SS money as long as I don't have to pay for it.

If my parents take their SS checks and use the money to buy gold they'll become wealthy once the Fed finishes destroying the dollar. I would never voluntarily give money to the government. To paraphrase P.J. O'Rourke, that would be like giving liquor and the car keys to your teenager.

Social Security works like any Ponzi scheme. The early entrants make money and the late entrants lose everything. The generation that retired 20-40 years ago has made back much more money than they put in. Those that retired within the last 20 years are still doing well, but will probably outlive the system. Those who have not yet retired, myself included, would be wise to have a retirement plan that does not depend upon Social Security. I'm just glad my parents have all that gold.

Between my 7% and the company matching 7% I paid over 300K in SS already and am still a good 15 from retirement. Figure out even a measly 4-5% interest and that should easily triple to close to a mill.
So why should I send my SS checks(if I'll ever get to see one) back, or even my children if I die before I can even collect?

I'm convinced Chan is playing a joke on us. I'm not falling for it.

Mr. Chan I think you are off base on this one . I just turned 60 (oh no) Fri. and like a lot of TRUE AMERICANS would give up MY Social Security to save this country. The problem is in the Goverment can they stop the run away spending and fraud.They have not done anything right but some how we bail them out everytime . If you don't know what you are talking ABOUT IT IS BETTER TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT ( MY MOTHER TOLD ME THAT)

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