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Chan Lowe: The Arizona law in Florida?

cuban.gifThere’s talk here in the Sunshine State about adopting a “show-me-your-papers” law like they have in Arizona.

So far, the loudest voice is coming from a Republican candidate for governor who is trying to squeeze out front-runner Bill McCollum by playing to the conservative peanut gallery of likely primary voters.

It is doubtful that Florida will embrace the idea of such a law with the same passion as Arizonans…or even the rest of the country, as polls seem to show.

Unlike Arizona, much of Florida’s population (particularly South Florida’s) is no longer trying to hang onto the myth of a “real America,” one where Anglos rule by divine right and folks speak English without accents. By weight of sheer numbers, Latin immigrants to Florida—both legal and illegal—have forged a culture with the indigenous Anglos that redefines what “Americanness” is.

Of course, there are some Anglos, particularly recent arrivals, whose comfort levels are lower than those of us who have been here a while and learned to appreciate the richness of the stew rather than fear its spicy bite.

These folks will always lend a willing ear to opportunistic politicians who would twist xenophobic urges to their own purposes.

The fact is that we should be pressuring Congress to tighten our borders, rather than passing constitutionally doubtful laws that treat our neighbors as though they were subhumans.

Besides, as a lot of Florida politicians—even those from North Florida--know, Florida Hispanics, once motivated, can be a fearsome voting bloc. And they detest this law.

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Indigenous Anglos? Your kidding right?

Chan says:
Yes, David, I'm kidding. Good eye.

Maybe you forgot that the brown & red people were here before us,(the Anglo Natives)

I won't count the extinct Woolly Mammoth...Don't think they'll object...nor would I ask to see their papers...

Whats the problem?
Illegals dont drive. To get a drivers license you need to prove you are here legally, amongst other things. They are all just hard working people, trying to support their families. None commit crimes. Therefore their contact with law enforcement should be minimal. Right?

Our Constitution should be worthless as well. Who were we to impose those European ideals on the indigenous people of North America?
From their perspective, I dont think lax immigration enforcement worked too well.
I cant believe either Chan or Lorraine have not reverted to their ad hominem attacks by comparing the enforcement of federal immigration law to national socialism. You guys are slacking!

Licensed or not illegal drive; as well as any other idiot who has a suspended license. Illegals commit crimes, some even get a way with it in sanctuary cities. Does anyone think that is right?
You liberals get off your holier than thou kick. An illegal is a criminal period. The reason for being here is not relevant, if not authorized. Why do you have such a problem with that?

Illegals don't drive? That is a very naive statement. Of course they drive-without licenses, insurance and little knowledge of traffic laws. Case in point the accident involving the baby that flew over the I-95 barrier wall. That baby's momma had no papers and is now being held by immigration officials.

Enforce the immigration laws we have-detain and return all people who enter illegally. Everyone can have the chance to enter, just wait in line and do it the right way.

Should i remember that we all descended from Euro immigrants???

I think we shouldn't prosecute rapist, killers, child molesters bank robbers or car jackers. After all they are doing jobs most Americans wont do and it could lead to profiling. Like ILLEGAL immigration the above are all ILLEGAL ACTS. Equal rights for everyone.

Well, I think that is really important or a must to do.

The US can force a France-Mexico airplane to land in Canada because someone onboard is considered a threat to the USA. Yet its a violation of a persons rights if a cop asks them for a green card in the US? Wow, its no wonder Florida is turning into a ghetto of illegals and crime. Lets all turn a blind eye.

can we really blame Arizona? look at the news; mexicans are bringing drugs into our country. the feds 'yak-yak' about guarding our borders and did nothing. i am in favor of LEGAL immigration. (ex: bring your passport and work visas).
i think all states should enforce their laws according to how sevee the problem.

Only in a liberal utopia are illegal aliens considered an endangered species that need our compassion and protection. In reality, they are nothing more than criminals (hence the illegal prefix) who voluntarily break our laws. We have an immigration system and if you follow the rules you are welcome.

The Arizona law is not about racial profiling or discrimination it's about enforcing a law that we already have that others choose to ignore. If I'm not mistaken, part of the oath they take when they are hired by the public is to enforce our laws.

Let's stop with the "liberal" agenda. I don't remember his name but there is a conservative republican who heads (Im not totally sure of the agency) but I think its the agraculture dept of the US who has said he is against the deportation of illegal immigrants. According to him, sending them home would put us in a crisis. He stated that our produce prices would rise. His statement was in the news I believe in the last 2 weeks.
Let's not attack just Liberals, I happen to know quite a few who do think that you should have "legal papers" to live and work in the US.

Lorraine, keep in mind, many native American tribes killed and took over other tribes. You can go back further and futher, but in reality there is no such thing as 'indigenous people' - everyone came from somewhere else and either assimilted or took control of the land.


Crime, welfare babies and overloaded hospitals/schools are what makes the stew too "spicy" for me.

I'll take my stew plain, thank you.

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