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Chan Lowe: The Arizona immigration law


Like gay marriage and gun control, cooler heads will not prevail on the issue of immigration reform until the last vote and the last campaign dollar have been squeezed out of the base, which is to say, never.

Both sides are guilty of demagoguery, which is nothing new. In a perfect world, we would bring out an enormous sieve, strain it through the American populace to collect all the illegal aliens, and ship each of them back to his country of origin.

At the same time, we would build a crenellated Great Wall of America across our southern border, with embrasures every dozen feet or so, that would afford a clear field of fire for the crossbowmen to keep the barbarian hordes at bay.

Of course, we’d all have to eat off paper plates because no dishes would get washed, and we’d need machetes just to get through our front lawns. Fruit and vegetables? An ounce of Beluga caviar would be cheaper than a chicken Caesar salad.

While it might offend the moral sticklers if a way were found to legalize (some would say, “reward”) those already here, it’s probably the only realistic solution in the long run. But reason is trumped by emotion when it comes to getting people to pull out their checkbooks.

Besides, if the pragmatic solution were ever achieved, we wouldn't be able to scream about the civil rights of the downtrodden being violated any more. Nobody would benefit from that, except the workers and their families who live furtively in a perpetual twilight legal state.

When you look at it that way, why would any politician want to settle?

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No....the landscaping companies, hotels and restaurants would be forced to pay a fair wage. I believe most out-of-work citizens would do just about any job for a reasonable wage and workplace protections. Everyone is getting screwed in this current scenario except the companies lining their pockets by relying on this cheap labor.


Citing the higher cost of certain services and (food) products that would result if illegal immigrants were sent back to their home countries is short-sighted and focuses on a very narrow issue.

Would it hurt our pocket-books to have to pay more for dinners out, lawn service and produce? Sure, but guess what? Those of us who could not afford the higher prices would just have to mow our own lawns and eat out less often. I have already had to do both of those things due to the sour economy. Moreover, I would GLADLY accept that trade-off!

Whenever the issue of legalization of illegal immigrants crops up, Its common to hear people in favor that plan extol the virtues of immigrants. ("They make a positive contribution to our country" comes to mind.) One thing you never hear people say when assessing the cost of illegal immigration is how much money is siphoned from this County when illegal workers send money back to their home countries. In Mexico, remittances (money sent home by Mexicans abroad) is Mexico's No. 2 source of foreign income after oil exports and typically amounts to $25 billion per year. If Americans possessed these same jobs, rather than illegal immigrants, then ALL of the money would stay in this country and would be reinvested in OUR communities.

The people of this country has become to accustomed to cheap products made by workers in China and other places where wages are cheap. This mentality has given rise to places such as Walmart. Sure, you'll save some money at Walmart. But at what cost? Its no wonder why our economy went to crap. Everyone was willing to export our jobs overseas so that we could save money buying the products produced there. But now people don't have money to buy those products anymore because -- gee whiz -- they don't have a job anymore! This leads to buying more cheap products at Walmart and reinforces the vicious cycle.

The other objection I have to simply "rewarding" illegal immigrants by legalizing them is that you are basically singling out a certain segment of the world to reward. (i.e. Mexicans and Central Americans). There are people ALL OVER THE WORLD who would love to immigrate to the U.S., but they don't have the good fortune to be able to walk across our border. Why should Mexicans and Central Americans be allowed to so disproportionally benefit from their illegal actions?

There is no reason in the world to allow those already here to stay. They must all leave. We should not under any circumstances give in to those that refuse to obey the laws of this country. Throw them out and let them come back the same way the people that came here legally are do it. I'm tired of hearing they are only looking for a better life.

We need another Ronald Reagan illegal immigrant amnesty. It was very popular!

How about this: We deport all the illegals as we find them. As for the services they now perform, why don't we require those on welfare to perform them?

When I don't understand the real motives of a law being passed, I usually follow "The Yellow Brick/ Gold Road" and discover that it's all about $$$$------That put's me on the path of understanding.
Jan Brewer has already got "seed money" from CCA (Correction Corp. of America) and also some of her top adviser's, running her campaign.
The SB 1070 law is a boon for having "warm bodies" in CCA prisons....Those aliens turned over to ICE will find themselves in CCA facilities.
Conflict of interest?? You betcha.....But that's never stopped the politicians before- And it won't now........The road is paved with gold.....

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