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Chan Lowe: Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin speak


There has been some delirious chatter in the wake of Glenn Beck’s March to Reclaim America’s Honor about a “dream” ticket involving him and the nation’s favorite Mama Bear.

Professionally speaking, I’m all for it. I don’t care who’s at the top of the ticket. What a gift such a candidacy would be for any cartoonist.

Unfortunately, it will never happen, for several reasons: first, the one I’ve alluded to in this cartoon, which is that there isn’t room on the same bumper sticker for these two enormous egos.

Let’s hallucinate for a moment and imagine that a Palin/Beck or Beck/Palin combo actually won in the 2012 election. I can visualize a scuffle on the inaugural dais while they try to rip the Bible out of each other’s hands to be sworn in as the chief, each citing constitutional chapter and verse in support of his or her own position.

But it will never get that far. Remember that when a president or a vice-president gives a speech somewhere, they’re expected to do so for free. No fees…public speaking is included as part of the job description. I doubt either of them would be willing to take the pay cut.

Besides, it’s a lot easier to take shots from the peanut gallery than to actually be responsible for doing something. Ms. Palin proved this by resigning from a job that demanded too much in the way of accountability for her actions.

Finally, let’s not forget other sizeable egos waiting in the wings. Newt “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Gingrich is prepared to assume the office he has always felt was due a man of his gargantuan intellect, and then there’s one who makes Glenn Beck look like a finely-tuned scientific balance scale by comparison.

Michele Bachmann for President. Talk about “I have a dream.”

…That’s mine.

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Is it too much to hope that if we all just *ignore* these two attention-hungry clowns, they'll eventually go away? Everyone in S. FL knows that if you feed the ducks, they'll keep coming back and making a mess - same principle.

I think that Palin or Beck would do a heck of a lot more for the american ppl than the loser that is in there now!

Rush, Palin, Beck, Dr Laura - what do they have in common? They have become rich by teaching the gospel of hate?

When was Jesus most human - when he lost his temper and ridded the temple of those getting rich in the name of God.

Glenn Beck & Palin are two glory hounds. Anything for the lime light. Not one of them has any intellect to run a country.

Sara Palin would be a great one nite stand,but i wouldn't want her hanging around for 4 years whining about it.

Beck is looking to make more than the $ 400 million contract that Rush got as a television clown personality that will do anything on air to get peoples attention......fact or fiction....mostly fiction !

Palin needs a checkup from the neckup !


ELMER GANTRY.....A 1927 novel by Sinclair Lewis (fiction comes to life)

Beck has repeatedly stated that he has ZERO interest in running for office. He is just a conservitive that is exercising his free speech rights and apparantly has a rather large audience. As for being in the peanut galley and taking shots. Is that not what you just did?

It seems nearly certain that neither Beck nor Palin will be on the Republican ticket in 2012. What the strident lefties are missing however is that there is an entirely new dynamic at play. In spite of decades of jokes about politicians, never before has there been the amount of disrespect for people holding public office. New people will be stepping up seeking attention. Some will be good others will be off the wall. The conservative side of the political spectrum will be remade over the next two years while the liberals seem to be content with play their current hand. It will not be until after the coming shift to a center/right Congress that the lefties will even see that they lost the tentative hold they had on middle America.

Dream ticket? More like a nightmare.

Why do liberals think that all conservatives worship and adore either one of these morons?

I might have to change my name to Mr. Independent one of these days.

What do you think, Chan?

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