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Chan Lowe: Glenn Beck reclaims America


What does the Glenn Beck rally to reclaim America have in common with the mosque in Lower Manhattan?

Even if you’re willing to give Mr. Beck the benefit of the doubt (and I’m not) that he really, truly, honest to God didn’t know that August 28th happened to be the anniversary of the March On Washington and one of the greatest speeches ever delivered in American history, it would still be appropriate to use his own argument on him.

Yes, he has every right to schedule his rally on the anniversary date and in the same venue as the “I Have A Dream” speech of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and to invite Sarah Palin⎯who may not even know who Dr. King was--to speak as well.

His right is guaranteed by the same First Amendment that prevents government from interfering with religious groups’ right to build a house of worship wherever they want to.

Neither the date⎯August 28th, nor the place⎯the Lincoln Memorial, is sanctified by law. That combination of date and place, however, is revered and “hallowed,” to use a word that has been slung around a lot lately.

So, just because Mr. Beck can hold his rally in that place and at that time doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do, particularly if it is no more than a thinly disguised attempt to stoke hatred between groups of Americans and to aggrandize his ego.

And then, there's the possibility that he is doing it on purpose just to stick it to somebody, in which case I wouldn’t want to come anywhere near the bad karma he is surely amassing for himself.

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I had heard that there will be a tribute given to MLK as part of this rally and that it is not the KKKesque gathering you assume, if I am correctly reading between the lines. That said, Beck might be a bit off the wall, but there are a sheetload of us everyday folks out here who see this administration driving the country off the cliff. I appreciate Beck for lighting a fire under people to hopefully stem the tide by electing opposition to Obama's destructive policies. Chan, I have a dream. A dream of personal responsibility, a dream of fiscal responsibility, of which the current president possesses neither.

Wow, it's the 47th anniversary of the "I Have A Dream" speech. THE 47th!!! I didn't realize that 47 was a special number. C'mon Chan. This is a ridiculous argument. Let the people choose their gathering and let each enjoy their fellowship and camaraderie. That is America.

On another note, you admittedly use the same argument that those who oppose the building of a mosque at ground zero use...that of respect for those who died...that of the ground being hallowed...yet you support it's building? Chan, you can't have it both ways.

Alveda King is a staunch conservative voice,so naturally she would be there and to show up at an event where the person who defended Dr.Laura's N-word free-for-all is also going to be speaks volumes about her role in the black community(no place whatsoever).In closing remember this there were nazi sympathizers among the Jews too.

Mr Lowe: Why jump on Glenn Beck before you have even heard what he will speak about this weekend. He has said he is not a MLK, nor is he a Lincoln. He has said that neither belong to one group of people or another. They are American icons who both had a dream of a better country and charity among our citizens.
You nor the print or tv media seem to grasp what he has been saying what he wishes to accomplish this weekend. He is seeking a stronger unity among family and restoring their faith in God, because without God in your life, you only have despair and emptiness (if Christian).
I feel the government and the media do not want others to gather and here someone tell how good honor, integrity, and charity are to have. Most of us with our heads out of the sand have seen in the past 18mos how honor and dignity have been flouted in our government. The press refuses to look at any facts or stories exposed by the Fox media, but they do like to criticize without proof of misleading stories.
Glenn Beck for all his sentimental thoughts is trying to wake up the American public and let them know how good it is to have honor. He is going to honor our troops and families for their sacrifices. Glenn wants America to stay aware of what is going on in government and to seek answers to questions that he raises. He has never said, my word is truth, my word is law. He prods and asks us to seek the truth.
So please Mr Lowe, it would have been more honorable and wise to have attacked the message after it was given and not before. No one can see how this is going down on saturday, but I do have high hopes for a large crowd and no violence.

Glen Beck is a ego maniacal blowhard lunatic. If not for Rupert Merdoch and Fox news he would be shilling used cars and hardware on AM radio in Podunk Utah.

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