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Chan Lowe: Burning the Quran


When the Founding Fathers bequeathed upon future generations the perpetual gift of the First Amendment, they probably gave some thought to the downside.

Unlimited free expression, while clearly the cornerstone of a strong democracy when made use of by responsible citizens, also cleared the soapboxes for all manner of speech: seditious, hateful, ugly and divisive.

Evidently, they decided that the positives outweighed the negatives, that a society rendered strong by the exercise of individual freedoms would be better able to withstand recklessness within its ranks without having to resort to dreaded (and self-destructive) censorship.

The fact that the nation has been having a lively debate about the intention by a small church in Gainesville to stage a mass burning of Islam’s most holy scripture is testimony to the Founding Fathers’ wisdom. While the behavior of these people repels us and makes us wince, it is behavior we must endure for the sake of our collective welfare.

Muslims around the world who do not appreciate niceties like our guarantees under the Bill of Rights assume that by allowing the burning to occur, the United States is tacitly condoning the act. All Americans will be tarred by it.

If you have any doubts about that, just think for a moment how many Americans believe that all Muslims are terrorists, based on the acts of a handful of madmen back in 2001, and how many of us have been mailing copies of the Quran to Gainesville to help fuel the flames.

All that “hearts and minds” stuff we’re trying to do in Afghanistan? It’s back to Square One for us. Do not pass “Go,” do not collect $200.

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So what, their gonna burn the Koran! Why is it that this is such a big deal? Why is everybody making such a big fuss? Christanity has been getting burned, slammed, bashed, blamed, accused, etc. forever. Individuals that call themselves christians are ridicualed, persacuted, attacked, etc. but yet nobody comes to their defense. You cant have a prayer before a high school football game becasue it might offend someone, but yet their beliefs are being crammed down my throat and I am suppossed to accept it. Beleive me, I am not saying that a person cannot practice the religion of thier choice, but our great country was founded on certain beliefes that have been snatched away from us and nobody says anything about it.
This is a sad time we live in that people can come to this country and destroy and ridacule everything that this country was founded on, but talk about burning the Koran or burning a Cuban flag and oh my GOD let the fireworks begin.

Just came back from touring the Statue of Liberty and Americans would do well to all visit and read the words there. And yes, it was TERRORISTS who happened to be muslim who attacked us just like a TERRORIST who happened to be a christian who bombed the Murrah Building in Oklahoma. Interesting that Americans have reacted in such a bigoted way in one instance and not in the other. It just shows the lack of true Christianity and American spirit that most christian Americans don't possess. But what can you expect of people descended from those who wiped out Native Americans and took Africans as slaves and thought that was okay?

Let's put a stop to this nonsense that Terry Jones is doing with his "Burn a Koran Day."....
Mr. Jones got expelled from the church he had in Cologne, Germany under a cloud of "financial irregularities". He ruled his church members with fear & control, using them as labor camp workers. This information & more, is in Der Spiegel magazine (9/8/10)

We can't stop all fanatics, but let's not have another Jim Jones type person in the making....And- why do they all end up in Florida.??

This Jones guy is obviously enjoying his 15 minutes of fame .What scares me is how everyone is cowering in fear of muslim backlash.Where are the rational muslim leaders who will call this what it is -a deranged church leader whose planned burning has been rejected by any rational American.

Although burning the Quran(Koran) may not be acceptable it seems to me in a country (U.S.) that protects the 1st admendment ( to the extent of letting some one burn the U.S. flag and say whatever they want-unless it's considered a hate crime?)Seems to me we are trying to keep the radical Muslim population happy. Really are we to take a race, people, or religion seriously that would kill some one for degradation of a holy book, or putting a god or prophet in a human form. Really these people need to learn to laugh and enjoy life. Not making fun of Muslims but been there done that (plz. this goes for Catholics and all other way to crazy people) The way I see it that radical measures bring out radical people and there is your target. A great saying is that "GREAT DANGER LIES IN THE BELIEF YOU CAN REASON WITH EVIL" Burn away, America stop backing down
to wack jobs.

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