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Chan Lowe: Advice for Allen West


Congratulations to Allen West for clobbering incumbent Democrat Ron Klein in the Florida Dist. 22 Congressional race last week.

It already sounds like Col. West is going to hit establishment Washington like a sledgehammer, having made his first order of organizational business the appointment of a local conservative radio talk show host as his chief of staff.

Col. West might be wise to remember that while he is on his libertarian crusade to change the way Washington works, the people of his district are more concerned with bread-and-butter issues than with Taking Their Country Back.

For advice, he might consult his able predecessor E. Clay Shaw, who was a consummate master of what is known in the trade as “constituent services.” This is defined as a representative’s responsiveness (meaning, his staff’s) to the mundane and picayune needs of his people when they interact with their government.

Another former rep who knew how to make the creaky wheels of bureaucracy turn like the gears of a Swiss watch for his people was the hated Fire-Breathing Liberal, Robert Wexler. Either of these gentlemen would tell Col. West that good constituent services may not necessarily ensure longevity in office, but bungling them can certainly cut one’s tenure short.

Regardless of how big or small government is or may become, District 22 depends on federal programs like Social Security and Medicare for a considerable portion of its income. If Col. West doesn’t pay close attention to this fact, no amount of principled rhetoric or legislative bomb throwing will save him two years from now.

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Why is West drawn as fat? the guy runs 10 miles a day

the article is pretty good though w/ sage advice

i'm not too worried about the Lt Col NOT dotting his i's & crossing his t's regarding his district responsibility. he is very intelligent & thorough...i've heard him speak several notes on his hand.

he rattles off dates, statistics, names, places...everything

agree w/ him or not...he is a pretty impressive guy

Advice for Allen West... RESIGN!!!!

Yeah- Col. West is a impressive guy...HUH ?? And radio talk host, Joyce Kaufmann is going to be his chief of staff.?? I remember,(in the 80's) that she WAS A LIBERAL....OMG---Can you say "Chameleon Opportunist" ??
Watch out, Col/ might be in for a wild ride..
A short one at that, if you want to "tweak" Social Security & Medicare...

Oh man! A hack comic strip writer is going to give advice to a veteran, puleez. Mr. Lowe, go and wipe your nose; my advice to you is to appreciate this country more and whine a little less.

Hated liberal Wexler? He got 65% of the vote every time. How come the 41 cartoons attributed to the 2010 campaign not a single drawing of Alex Sink? The people in his district voted in West as a repudiation of all things Obama and Pelosi.If I was a moderate Dem I would be really worried about my political future if I huddle with Pelosi.

we all know that kaufman used to be a screaming, whiny, bleeding heart liberal. and years ago she opened her eyes, saw the truth & became conservative. Why do liberals go conserv...but not the other way around?

think john stossel

it cracks me up that a black republican & a conservative puerto rican jew are hated so much by the left...i love it...just means they are both doing something right.

How will Allen West serve his Constituents that are Muslim when he and his Chief of Staff condemns our beliefs and trounces their first amendment rights?

West is a vet, who received a dishonorable disharge. Hardly a man of good character. He should not be referred to as "Colonel" West as his actions have DISHONORED the U.S. Army. If he was a Samurai Warrior he would have taken his own life for his shame. And, Kaufman is a liberal in tea party clothing. I remember calling into her show years ago and helping her to make Oliver North look foolish over Iran-Contra. What an Uncle Moishe (that's Uncle Tom for Jews).

Chan- I think you should have accentuated the High Top Fade Afro he always sports.
And don't forget the gaping teeth adds great character, to his goofy sensibilities.
Also he is actually a small man, and his stature in this frame does little to tell the story of his Napoleonic complex.
Keep drawing him, this freak show draws lots of attention.

"Why do liberals go conserv...but not the other way around?"
Posted by: Truth Speaker | November 10, 2010 9:14 PM

Dear Truth Speaker,

Oh yea? I seem to recall that Arianna Huffington used to be conservative. Nice try with your ignorance or lies. Have a nice day! completely forgot about her..keyboard got ahead of my brain..and you are correct, she was a Reagan Conserv & is now as left as they come.

I speak the truth.

My complete mistake, my fault...but since I was asking a question, I dont think you can accuse a question of being a lie...if you wanna get technical on it.

So.....we got Kaufman, you got Huffington....i'll take that deal anyday.

Update----Kaufman will not be Col. West Chief of Staff...(that sure didn't last very long)
Message to Kaufman & West....:Life is like a jar of jalapenos peppers---What you do with them today, might burn your butt tomorrow...

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