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Chan Lowe: Post-election reality check


My favorite period of any election cycle is the first few days after the polls have closed and the outcome is decided, when the party that won drops the façade and begins carefully recalibrating its campaign rhetoric to reflect reality.

This is when we find out how they really plan to use their newfound “mandate,” and what they admit that they can’t possibly do and never really thought they could but didn’t want to tell us until it was too late to take our votes back.

The Republicans in both houses of Congress know they can’t affect the unemployment figures or create jobs, any more than the Democrats could. They also know they can neither balance the budget nor meaningfully reduce the deficit. The will isn’t there in either party, certainly not to inflict the pain necessary to succeed in that endeavor.

All that’s left for them is to do the bidding of their wealthy paymasters (to extend their tax cuts), and to give us bread and circuses with a few subpoenas and investigations of the Obama Administration. Turning health care reform into a piñata may briefly divert the public from the fact that nothing substantial is being achieved on the fiscal front.

It was only two years ago that Barack Obama ran on the promise that he would change the way business is done in Washington. As Sarah Palin would say, “How’s that hope-y change-y thing goin’ for ya?”

Ah, Sarah Palin… I’m really looking forward to hearing her promises in the next election cycle.

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If the State of Florida were to be used as a guide to how well the new GOP led House will perform, then I think we are in for real trouble. Given the GOP's penchant for wanting the Federal government out of our lives and that the State's should have the power to govern themselves unimpeded, then Florida is their poster child.

The GOP has controlled the Governer's Mansion under Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist, and now will have another four. They have controlled both houses of the Legislature for nearly two decades and now have a super majority in both.

Can anyone cite, during that period, legislation that truly created jobs, or what was done to stem the tide of rising unemployment during that time? The GOP raided the Affordable Housing Trust fund, a trust account that was self-funding and created blue collar jobs in construction. They almost got away with draining the trust funds for road construction which would have cost thousands of jobs. Oh yes, they saved the high end yacht industry.

They did force local government to roll back property taxes, which did result in thousands of jobs lost; and whether we like it or not, government is one of the largest employers in most places. Why do you think the closings of outdated and unneeded military basis are fought so vehemently. Yes, government has allowed too much in the way of benefits in some communities and sanity needs to return when it comes to that, but government employees spend their paychecks in the local stores, buy clothes for their kids, cars at the local dealer, eat in local restaurants. Now wonder why local businesses have closed, just adding to unemployment.

So I'll wait and see what taxes, the Governer will cut, given we have no income tax in Florida and not very many companies actually pay any corporate income tax. I fully suspect that as the business cycle rebounds that there will be a lot of credit taking, even if nothing is actually done.

That's usually how it happens.

I think it was your counterpart at another paper who showed someone coming out of a polling place with an "I VOTED" sticker on their chest; right behind him was someone labelled "LOBBYIST" wearing a sticker that said "I BOUGHT THE POLITICIAN YOU VOTED FOR". Same idea as the above.

They say, and you said, "the people have spoken". Oh REALLY...seems to me that perhaps it was true two years ago but it sure isn't now. And if you need proof, just ask yourself, why was there such an ad campaign to defeat Question 4?

The Republicans are gloating now, and maybe with some justification. But let's see who's laughing a year from now.

Poor people do not create jobs...and most pay very little if any taxes at all.

Corporations do not pay any taxes either...THE CONSUMER pays the corporations taxes. For example, if taxes go up on a product, then the product costs more & that is passed to the consumer.

When taxes are lowered on corporations, then the free market comes into play regarding lower prices.

Look at the taxes on cell phone fees or gasoline. The govt gets more money in taxes from a gallon of gas than the oil company does.

Lowering taxes on those who pay high taxes increases's pretty difficult to lower taxes on the "poor" who pay little or no taxes at all.

Darth Boner said that "Obama sent all of our jobs to China".
This kind of disconnect is what the neocons count on. The electorate is just a warm body to exploit
The less memory Americans have, the better.
Tax cuts, combined with war have all but bankrupted us, and now the GOP talk of not even paying our debt!!!!!!!!!!
The next 2 years are going to be priceless from a neocon rhetoric standpoint.
Mr. Lowe you have hit the nail on the head again

so now that princess pelosi will no longer be the queen does this mean no more 50,000 bill to the tax payer for liquor and needing a 757 to fly her entourage back and forth to san fran??? liberals are hippocrits and I trust john boenher to step up and cut congress salaries and not jet set and wine and dine like pelosi!! liberals have blinders on, please join the rest of us in the real world!

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