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Chan Lowe: Republican victory


Reduce the deficit! Halt runaway spending! Starve the beast! Shrink government! It’s time to take our country back!

All lovely-sounding slogans, designed to snag votes. Something that House Speaker-elect Boehner and the rest of the Republican establishment know, however, is that actually making good on the exhortations is a much tougher proposition than shouting them out from the cheap seats.

We have learned from this election that in these times of extreme hardship, the American people are nothing if not impatient. It doesn’t matter who got us into the mess, it only matters that two years have passed since the last election and things aren’t getting better.

The Republicans and their Tea Party wing did an admirable job of getting themselves elected without having to delve into specifics. Let’s face it, there are two ways to reduce the deficit: raising revenue and lowering expenditures.

Since a Republican House will never raise taxes, that leaves cutting programs (the part they avoided talking about during the campaign). The military and national security are off the table, they tell us, so that leaves…

Social Security? Can’t cut people already getting it, or even people who are old enough to smell it. They’ve all paid into the system already. Young people? How can you expect them to keep paying in if you welsh on their future benefits?

Medicare? “Huh, whassat? We’re gonna have to start paying for Grandma’s dialysis? NO WAY, BOZO!”

And--finally--earmarks, which amount to almost nothing compared to the rest of the budget, anyway. “You mean we ain’t gonna get that civic center (or fairgrounds, or underpass, or highway spur) our congressman promised us after all?!!? We’re votin’ Democrat next time!”

Congratulations, Mr. Speaker…and our condolences.

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It doesn't matter who got us into this? That's the first time I've heard that in two years!

I've heard it said, "We get the government we deserve", and I guess that's true.We've been on a wild roller-coaster ride, and should expect more yelling & screaming before the ride is over.
As for us- We watched the 30th. Anniversary Edition of Paddy Chayefsky's movie, "Network", election night....Wanted to refresh my memory of how we got from "there" to "here."
Get ready to see a big box of Kleenex on the podium when Boenher,(the orange-man) speaks.....I'll no doubt cry with him...
Bet he'll be missed by the golf club crowd, if he has to work a little harder...

Well, let's see if they are serious (like they were gonna be the last time and the time before that, etc). There is one way they could balance the budget: Pass my balanced budget amendment (not just any BBA, only mine will do :-).

Mine creates two simple alternatives for members of congress:

Make the measured deficit smaller every year.

Or (wait for it...)

Get chucked out of office when deficits go up instead of down.

At last an amendment with teeth, and teeth that don't bite the rest of the country, they just bite the members of congress.

Mr. Lowe , you like our current President ,do not get it. The Americaan people want spending cuts. The old scare tactics will not work, police and fireman layoffs , grandma's treatments,etc. It is time to go after the backroom cronies, graft,corruption and programs that do not work. Like for example the dept of energy that was put in place to stop on dependance on foreign oil and now has a budget of billions,how has that worked out ? Stop borrowing money, remove illegals that pay no taxes and send their money to other lands,reduce every government dept by 20%,phase out pensions,raise what unionsand gov workers pay into their medical coverage.CUT SPENDING at all levels of gov. how about everyone getting welfare and/or unemployment has one block to clean up everyday,etc.

Boenher was the 1st person in his family to go to college. He put himself through school by being a night janitor & working several crappy jobs. He met his wife when he took out her trash. He graduated & got hired by a plastics company...and worked his way to President of the company.

This is a man who understands work ethic, the value of a hard day's work & the value of a dollar.

Funny to see a massive Obama fan talk about Boehner being missed by the golf crowd...yeah, he will be missed...because he WON'T be out golfing all the time like Obama.

Also, reducing taxes DOES raise revenue. Contrary to the liberal mindset, they are NOT mutually exclusive.

John Boehner has been in Congress for over 20 years. Where was he when George Bush never vetoed a spending bill? The Conservatives are only interested in keeping the rich happy. It is mind boggling to me how people can vote these people back in office. History will prove who had the country best interest at heart and its not the crying fake orange man. He probably needed a cigarette.

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