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Chan Lowe: A prayer for Sarah Palin


The big question, at least among the chattering classes, is whether or not Mama Grizzly will run for president.

I may come to regret saying this, but I think not. She’s having way too much financial success with her other endeavors, and why should she besmirch a good brand by becoming a candidate and having to face the ravages of rivals and the "lamestream" media?

Much more fun than speculating on the future meanderings of the Wilderness Princess is watching other Republicans duck and weave when asked whether they think she’s qualified for office. They’re handling her with kid gloves in the event she declines to go for the gold, because they don’t want to alienate her easily offended constituency. Her vengeful fans, everyone knows, will crawl to the polls if necessary to smite her detractors.

Should she actually run (a prospect the White House salivates over), people like Mitt Romney and Tim (Who?) Pawlenty will have to figure out how to discredit her with drive-by jabs in such a way that her image will sustain damage by a thousand cuts while leaving her attacker undiscovered.

Running against Sarah in the primaries will be a dangerous, delicate task. The stakes are high, too. The Holy Grail of the Republican Party—the unseating of Barack Obama in 2012—hangs in the balance, and will likely be lost if she wins the nomination sweepstakes.

Not to mention the carnage her general election candidacy will wreak on the down-ticket races. Yes, the resulting bloodbath could be more sickening than, say, the slaying of a caribou on a reality show.

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You seem to believe she would inevitably lose if she ran. Must I remind you of the power of money, which got a criminal medicare fraud kingpin elected governor? With the supreme court decision to wipe out all limits on anonymous contributions (even foreign ones), I'm fairly certain that hostile foreign powers could easily donate enough money to get her elected President and do more damage to the country with a smaller expenditure than any military or terrorist venture might achieve.

Hey Chan, you've been drinking too much kool aid again! Just a little biased? Nooooooooo!

That large group who both like Palin as a republican banner carrier, and dislike her as republican presidential candidate have a substantial reason to dislike her candidacy. Others who love her but are thin about her candidacy will become thinner when she debates on substance just below the surface of her recent aquisition of decent answers she's been giving the last 9 months of her trial balloon presidential candidacy. She has limited substance to her knowledge....and especially her ability to comprehend and analyze critical information.... that guys like Romney can easily talk about endlessly for hours in his sleep. Romney is especially a "quick study"....more so than all others anyway.

She'll be embarrassed in the debates. And her lack of understanding and quick-mindedness will hemorage all over the debate set. Even her most devoted fans will see it and have to admit her intelligence deficiencies. THAT"S WHY SHE WON"T RUN!!!! She already knows her knowledge is like a bad batch of overly air filled Swiss Cheese. I know I sound like I'm from Wisconsin.

But I really like Sarah Palin and the rallying cry she has made. YOU HAVE TO LOVE HER FOR IT!!!

I also hope she runs. The GOP would come apart at the seams.
Run Sarah, run.

Just like whoever was running for president as a Dem would have won last election...whoever runs against Obama will win next election. Personally, I'd prefer Romney over Palin solely based on his successful business background. It would be nice to finally have a president that has run something, had to make payroll, etc. We haven't had that in quite a while.

As a Republican, I can say that voting for Palin would be almost as big a mistake as voting for Obama. Neither are Presidential material and it absolutely amazes me that both have made it to where they are.

Please, please, please will a real Statesman (or woman) step forward to represent the people of the United States, honor the Office of the President and respect the Constitution. Do those three things, and we will be fine.

OMG- Tom might be right....The low information voters,could say..."Hmmm- The Obama Sweater might be O.K.,but I think I'll exchange it for a Palin Jacket." (along with big $$$ helping her)
Yeck ! ! What a thought....And I thought it was just the cool weather sending shivers up & down my spine....

I agree w/ Chan, she won't run. She's just interested in fame and money. If Palin had the slightest interest in public service, she'd still be Alaska's governor instead of quitting days after receiving the 1st million dollar book advance.

Sarah will do what she has always done, not that which is good for Republicans or Americans, but that which is good for Her.

I dunno. George Bush was/is a complete idiot and got elected twice. Dont underestimate a public so stupid they routinely vote against their own interests because someone looks good, promises they will cut taxes (without touching Miltary/Medicare/Social Security), claims their opponents are socilialist/commies, and says "Jesus" a lot.


ahahaha, great cartoon!
i think she will try to run as many other candidates but to try is not to succeed or to become the One

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