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Chan Lowe: Death of the DREAM act


You have to wonder what kind of poison is coursing through Republicans’ minds right now for them to torpedo the DREAM act.

This is a hugely important issue to the fastest growing demographic in the nation, so it makes absolutely no long-term political sense for the GOP to brand themselves for years to come—if not forever—as anti-Latino.

In the short term, if they want to display their xenophobic bona fides to their base, what’s the point of doing it right after the election? Two years from now, everyone will have forgotten about the death of DREAM except the Latino community.

On the moral side, the idea of leaving young people, whose legal status is in limbo through no fault of their own, to twist in the wind is unjustifiable. Calling DREAM “amnesty” is disingenuous; the idea was to have illegal aliens earn their citizenship, and that’s exactly what the act would have provided for.

Many of the people who would be affected by this legislation are as American as native-born citizens. They speak English with no accent, and American culture is all they have ever known. In some cases, they don’t even speak the language of their parents. If allowed to assimilate legally, they would likely become wealth-producers, not consumers, particularly if they were to earn college degrees.

And what about the military service angle? On the same weekend that gays were finally allowed to serve openly, why kick another willing group of enlistees right in the teeth, when a nation fighting two wars needs them the most?

Is the need to fan the flames of prejudice in the electorate really that pressing? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Republicans to come up with a coherent, credible, equitable program designed to rid this country of its many problems? Now that would attract some votes.

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I know exactly what is coursing through their minds: They won the election, therefore everything they believe was validated by the voters.

The idea that they only won because they aren't democrats and the voters only have two choices has never entered their minds at all.

I was in similar lingo status many years ago. It took some swift action and a little known NACARA law for me to formally get into college (I had been accepted to most schools I applied for.)

I remember that time as one of uncertainty and neglect; it truly is a shame we couldn't do more for our kids. I feel for these kids, most of who know only the states and want only to be members of this country.

Shame. :'( really is a shame.

Wall-E-Wait (The Engineer) So glad you found a way to get an education here...
I only wish that more could have taken that route, (which the Dream Act) would have helped with....For some, "The American Dream" has turned into a nightmare...And- I'm so very sorry for them...

Look at South Florida!! Although the Republicans have consistently undercut education, funneled money into the pockets of their political cronies, and refused to take a stand against the proliferation of assault weapons in our neighborhoods, they are the party that gets the votes.
They are very well organized.

Democrats, on the other hand, have never stood up and defended the children of illegal immigrants in the face of an anti-illegal immigrant groundswell. They are NOT very well organized, (Hello Mitch Ceasar, this is an issue that won't promote you...BUT...will help south Florida residents).

We are losing some of the best and the whose parents MADE them study...due to inflammatory rhetoric. For Shame!!!

congress finally got one right.

Good riddance to the Dream Act! Maybe we could dream about some jobs if we had not wasted all our money on stimulus and czars and other such liberal nonsense that doesn't work. These hypocrite Democrats are only looking to buy votes. They don't really care about illegals at all. So stop your misery!
Oh; that right you liberals are only into distress. Maybe you can get these dream act "wanta be's" a job in government?

Please what point do we hold these "anchor babies" accountable?
14-15-16-21? When?
These kids, being taught here all their life, should know that they needed to become citizens...that their parents needed o become citizens...
They have willfully chosen not to abide by the law....
So I have no sympathy for these people....
They either become citizens or they get booted....plain and simple...
Same with these idiotic haitians that are upset that they could be deported and the dumba**es that want to help the criminals...they committed a crime no matter how "petty"...a crime is a crime...if they are here on visas or illegally they deserve to be deported no matter the crime...
here is a thought...don't commit a crime...
The Dream Act should be called what it is ..the MILA...Making Illegals Legal Act....It will be our downfall

The Holy Family (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph) were refugees (undocumented, I'm sure) fleeing the slaughter of the Holy Innocents. If they had been subjected to the same policies advocated by many, they would have been rounded up, taken to the Judean border, and turned over to Herod's agents.

Edgar, Joseph & Mary were in Bethlehem by order of the govt. Read the Bible, they were NOT fleeing anything.

Also, what about the 5 Democrats who voted against it? No mention of them here at all. Why only blame Republicans?

There already is a dream act, it is called joing the military. Not only will joining the military keep them here in the US, get a pay check, healthcare and money for college but it will also expidite their citizenship paperwork and waive a lot of the fees. I feel it is a big kick in the teeth to those of us that continue to serve and have served that some of the illegals have the mind set that military service is benneath them. "Ask not what this country can do for you, ask what you can do for this country."

Had to be a damn mexican -_-. WE ARE NOT ALL MEXICAN

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