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Chan Lowe: House Republicans charge!


There’s talk (maybe wishful thinking) among the liberal elite that the Republicans, flexing their new found muscle in the House, will overstep and hang themselves by wasting the country’s time indulging in conservative movement issues that are of little relevance to the general moderate public.

I disagree. Assuming that establishment Republican members of Congress are cynical, which is usually a safe bet with pols, I expect them to get the ideological stuff out of the way early and quickly to satisfy the extremists who helped them win a majority this time around.

They’ll go after “Obamacare,” make a big production of reading the Constitution aloud (minus the 14th Amendment, of course), and throw a few other sops to the ravening mob so they can then settle down and get back to core party business. This consists of making sure the rich get richer and that their hard-earned fortunes aren’t frittered away in taxes so that bloodsuckers like the elderly, poor, unemployed and uninsured get free handouts from socialist do-gooders and other subversives.

Look for them to return to hot-button issues like kicking out all the Latinos, doubting global warming and maybe even a soupçon of gay-bashing (if it’s still in vogue by then) around the spring of 2012, when they’ll need to rally the commoners and successfully convince them to vote against their own economic self-interest for the umpteenth time.

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Why do you have this obsession with the rich, like they are crooks for bein successful. I am sure there are a number of rich folks that didn't earn what they have, but many accomplished their wealth through hard work, dedication and risk taking. Is there something wrong with that? You want to demonize that group, when most people are working hard to join that fraternity. I think your group would be a lot more successful in your quest to get your hands on their money if you just tried to aknowledge the fact that they have more and you need their help to get us out of the problems this country has, as opposed to this constant bashing. The result of this perpetual degrading of their achievement comes across as jealousy and attacking of the American Dream. Your approach more than your message is what is polarizing this country. Perhaps you see yourself as Humorous?

@mjm1231: You stated "I am sure there are a number of rich folks that didn't earn what they have, but many accomplished their wealth through hard work, dedication and risk taking"

Let me assure you of how devastatingly wrong you are. I have worked heavily in the world of wealth mgmt and let me tell you, the vast majority of the wealthy have inherited their spoils. Think of it this way, would there exist a phrase such as "new money" to label and pigeonhole the newly rich if it wasn't such a rare event? Those labelled as "new money" are rarely seen, and when they are, they are often singled out.

The bottom line is to be come wealthy by way of hard work is not a frequent occurrence, in fact, it is so rare that there exist social mores around the induction of those people to the community.

Couple things:
1: I think your cartoon says it all what's wrong with this country. It's beyond me why do people look at the government for jobs. I won't bother to elaborate on this. If it's not obvious no explanation will ever convince anyone.
2: What makes you think that the "tea party" doesn't represent the people? I got news for you. Those who voted for the tea party want the Obamacare repealed, and we don't look at the government to feed us and provide "jobs" for us. So I'd say we're finally being represented. Now, obviously you didn't vote for them, so why you expect them to represent you?

Last, to AntiDope: You're so dead wrong.
Let's take the two richest men in US, neither Buffet nor Gates inherited any money. In fact from what I heard Gates quit Apple and started from his mom garage. Both of them took risks.
My mentor came from a nazi camp and became one of the biggest electrical contractors in Canada. The owner of another company I worked for and I know him personally came from Italy as an immigrant 50 years ago. I know several people who came less than 30 years in this country and are millionaires. As a matter of fact none of the millionaires I know personally inherited their money. What I do know, however, is that all of them have no life, no impulsive buying (just because I GOTTA HAVE IT TODAY).

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