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Chan Lowe: Michele Bachmann rises


Just as we are finally becoming oversaturated with Sarah Palin, her tweets, her Facebook postings, her bull’s-eyes, her surveyor’s marks, her book signings and her narcissism, we learn that⎯like a female version of John the Baptist⎯she has only been preparing the way for the one who is to follow.

For a couple of years now, Michele Bachmann has lurked on the lunatic fringe, not exactly a household name. But she whose unabashed and unapologetic verbal bombs make Ms. Palin, by comparison, seem like a model of statesmanship is about to catapult herself onto the national stage in the form of a Tea Party (she is its self-proclaimed Grande Dame) rebuttal to both the President and the Republican establishment.

We already pretty much know what President Obama’s going to say, since it has been analyzed, prognosticated and leaked ad nauseam for the past week. Rep. Ryan, as the dispenser of the official Republican Party line, will likely revisit well-trod rhetorical pathways that we can practically follow in our sleep.

So, for sheer entertainment value and jaw-dropping, kick-you-in-the-head outrageousness, I plan to be tuning in to Ms. Bachmann’s online spewfest, which will be like enjoying a rich dessert after a meal of gruel.

It’s hard to top calling for a federal investigation of the subversive, anti-patriotic tendencies of Democrats in Congress, but if Ms. Bachmann really wants to run for president, as she has been hinting, she’ll have to one-up herself and deliver the cheesecake. Like all good politicians, Ms. Bachmann is fully aware that her real enemy is audience boredom.

As for Sarah Palin, we thank her for softening up the American people so that they can truly appreciate Rep. Bachmann’s gifts. Nevertheless, she’s had more than her fifteen minutes, and her act has gone stale. It’s time for her to take her millions and shuffle off into the obscurity she so well deserves…there’s a new girl in town.

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I guess the TP Express is supposed to give the illusion of a third party

When Michele Bachmann was on the Sean Hannity show she had that deer-caught-in-the-headlight-look..... (Hannity came to her rescue a few times)
The illusion of knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance....
Go away Michele.

Palin has been Mr. Lowe's favorite target for so long, but now it seems he's moving on - to Bachmann! It looks like the Sun-Sentinel has a bonafide, dues-paying member of The He-Man Woman Haters Club on staff.

I'm confident a representative of the local chapter of NOW will be contacting the paper right away about this serious matter. I'm just certain. For sure. Today. At least by tomorrow.........

She , like every American, even you and the 2 previous posts has the right in this country to express their opinions.You can agree or disagree but not silence anyone because their opinion is different than yours. I personally believe that we should start with a 20% cut in the federal workforce and phasing out government pensions.Then model all of the current entitlements to begin removing fraud,graft etc. Do away with Gov. depts. that are no longer needed etc. and begin living within our means. We have wated a 1/2 trillion dollars paying back the unions for their support of President Obama(stimulus ) , gave bond holders of GM 10 cents on a dollar and the unions 50 cents on the dollar , I would not have given them anything aafter they refused to adjust their contracts. Now that I have expressed my opinions , should I be silenced ? Not everyone has your far left views and that is what makes our country great, Have a great day. Perfect you tube example of Michell Bachmann above. Chan,that's hillarious! Almost as good as the the Tea Party one the other day.

Always predictable, those who despise anyone and everyone who is not a card carrying Democratic Party sycophant, are particularly hateful of any minority - female, Hispanic, black, it doesn't matter - who is not the aforesaid Democratic Party sycophant. Democrats truly believe they have some special divine decree to hold sway over minorities in order to keep them from falling prey to the harsh, cruel world they would face without the Democratic Party. It's why the Democratic faithful are so swift and vicious in their attacks on non Democratic Party minorities - they are afraid if even one gains some toehold, it will burst the bubble. Of course, these are the very same people so reverently calling for "civility" in political discourse.

Oh, come on now. You're just blowing a whole lot of hot air. I'm a female.
I'm Hispanic. And I'm not a Democrat. Anybody with half a brain can see
that Michelle Bachmann doesn't know what she's talking about. Would you
vote for someone like that? Seriously, now.

Generally, if a Republican is getting into prebutal mode, people will say, "Well you should at least listen before you criticize." Amazingly, liberals feel that they know sooooooooooooooooooo much they can just offer a critique ahead of time and save people from actually listening and forming their own opinions. The irony is that Dennis Kucinich was always a viable candidate, but anyone the Republicans throw up there isn't. That's where your attempts to look like genuine arbiters of what is normal hits a fork in the road, you only criticize Republicans.

There are 2 facts that get lost in all of this, Michelle Bachmann is no dummy, nor is Sarah Palin. If they were, no one would be paying any attention to them. The fact is they are both good spokespersons for conservatives just as Dennis Kucinich and Maxine Waters are for Liberals.

@SCinder13 - My commentary was in no way limited to Michelle Bachmann, and whether or not I would vote for her has nothing to do with my commentary. I am making a statement about the Democratic Party and its most ardent supporters that spans two decades now, and includes all of the minorities I cited. Perhaps you can provide the names of Republican, or non Democratic Party minorities who have achieved some amount of fame on the national stage who have not been thoroughly trashed by the Democratic Party propaganda machine.

And, may I remind you, that William Jefferson Clinton, one of the more notorious womanizers to occupy the White House, was not only defended by feminist organizations such as NOW, those very same organizations attacked Lewinski, Tripp, Flowers, and every other female who spoke out against him. Similarly, the NAACP and other civil rights organizations lashed out at J.C. Watts, Condi Rice, and even Colin Powell before he declared himself for President Obama. Watch very carefully what will transpire if Marco Rubio becomes a clear voice for the Republican Party this year.

BTW, Chan Lowe, recently I have reopened your commentary several times before I could actually read and retype the CAPTCHA codes, which are looking more like Rorschach Tests every day.

@Max 42,
In answer to your post--

"Perhaps you can provide the names of Republican, or non Democratic Party minorities who have achieved some amount of fame on the national stage who have not been thoroughly trashed by the Democratic Party propaganda machine."

Off the top of my head, I'd say that the following three Republican women
would fit your bill nicely:

1) Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley, the 116th and current Governor of South Carolina.

2) Kay Bailey Hutchison (born July 22, 1943), is the senior United States Senator from Texas.

3) Christine Todd "Christie" Whitman

It's never wise to generalize. Chan's attacks on Palin and Bachmann seem to be pretty focused, articulating exactly why they are not worthy of political office. Neither their minority status, nor party affiliation, is why many of us
find them unsuitable.

Nonsense, SCinder13. None of the people you listed are considered by the Democrats to be any political force on the national platform, and you should know that. However, the jury is still out on Whitman, so stay tuned.

Have you forgotten the Senate judicial hearings? Clarence Thomas, Janice Brown, Miguel Estrada, and the political lynching of Alberto Gonzales? Remember the leaked emails about Estrada? There is no way the Republicans are going to successfully nominate the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice?

Here's what I think, SCinder13 - I don't think you are exactly who, politically, you say you are.


I stand by my earlier response.

Oh, and if you REALLY want to have a discussion with someone in a calm,
rational way....don't go accusing them of being frauds.

Have a good evening.

Once again, Chan, you are a partisan hack. I won't be posting here again. People like you give "journalists" a bad name, and I'm serious. I won't be reading your crap, nor posting here again. It means nothing to me. I'm sure it means nothing to least for now.

@MAX42 Light travels faster than sound...Which is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak, (or write).......Bye-Bye

@Max42: Did you happen to notice that this is an opinion column?

That this isn't where the "hard news" is?

That the "news" you watch on television isn't? That it's mostly based upon the opinions of others? Not facts?

I dont know how you hear a person write.

I know what I did hear though...our president extolling the virtues of China during the SOTU? Now the media is trying to compare him to Ronald "tear down this wall" Reagan? LMFAO!!

I look forward to him not being president in 2 years.

Ryan's SOTU response was brilliant. It's great to see a true conservative again.

"There are 2 facts that get lost in all of this, Michelle Bachmann is no dummy, nor is Sarah Palin. If they were, no one would be paying any attention to them."
bflat879 | January 25, 2011 6:00 PM

LOL. Thank you, I needed a good laugh this morning. This is the country in which "Hanging with the Kardashians", "The Girls Next Door" and "Flavor of Love" were major TV hits. I'm sorry, but you give average Americans way too much credit.

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