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Chan Lowe: Michele Bachmann's America


Now, if George Santayana had been a real American instead of some foreign born, Harvard-educated elitist pinhead, his famous quotation would have read more like this: “Those who cannot remember the past can simply make it up as they go along.”

To say that Michele Bachmann doesn’t care when she is caught fudging a variety of issues is to not give her enough credit. Like Sarah Palin, she is actually proud to be exposed, for it makes her the butt of snarky attacks from elites, and victimization is an essential component of her equation. It reinforces her bond with her followers.

In an earlier posting, I indicated that Bachmann was eclipsing Palin as the darling of the Right. It isn’t just because we are growing weary of Sarah and her tweets and Faceburps; it’s also that Bachmann takes her fierce, willful ignorance one step further.

Unlike Palin, who can be dull and tedious, Bachmann has a vivid imagination. Not content with the yawning breadth of her lack of knowledge, she fills in the blanks on the fly, elevating the Founding Fathers from the status of mere mortals to pristine deities, and the Constitution from a trench-fought compromise to the Revealed Word of God, handed down intact. Her vision of Exceptional America is without blemish, lacking a grasp of the conflict out of which a great nation finally and painfully emerged.

Her pronouncements would be laughable except that they encourage and condone an overly simplistic approach to the untidy business of running a country. In Bachmann’s fantasyland, all things are possible because there are no shades of gray. Controversy is reduced to pointing out who is a patriotic American (those who agree with Bachmann and her followers), and who isn’t. It’s easy and satisfying, like instant mashed potatoes.

When so many of us are afraid, and the path out of our current predicament appears murky at best, simplistic thinking can be addictive.

Addictive enough to secure the presidential candidacy of the Republican Party for Michele Bachmann in 2012?

Time will tell, Fellow Patriots.

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Michele is so out of touch with reality that only heavy medication might help to shock her back into the real world.

When one listenes to what Bachmann said it is a stretch to get to where Lowe and the rest of the MSM have taken us. Are they all this ignorant about the three-fifths compromise? I doubt it. Are they all looking for ANYTHIING to go after Bachmann about? That's obvious. They have a hard time justifying an attack on her ideals so ridicule is their out.

At least we can look forward to Lowe's commentary for the next couple of days along this line of thinking. Tomorrow he's sure to have some fun with Chuck Schumer, long time senator, who doesn't know the branches of our government. And on Friday he can have some real fun with Rachel Maddow who was duped by a fake website and reported on their story as real news. That will be a knee-slapper, huh?!

Perhaps we could resurrect Palin as a VP for Bachman ticket in 2012?
We can only hope

I am curious as to where this sudden infatuation with Michele Bachmann by the left comes from. MSNBC has spent a great deal of time complaining about CNN broadcasting the Bachman speech while all the while talking about her. Lowe has worked hard to equate Palin and Bachmann. There seems to be a Journolist conspiracy to mold public opinion negatively toward both of them.

But, more importantly, as "Likely Voter" points out, the left keeps pulling up this 3/5 deal as some kind of negative. Even an elementary grasp of history will show the South wanted slaves to be counted as a whole person. Why? Because that would give the South greater representation in Congress. The North opposed that and so the 3/5 compromise hastened the end of slavery. There really is nothing negative about the compromise.

That founding father's gaffe was just one of many, but not the one most obviously false. Did you see her chart where she says that Obama was president in 2009 ? Then she ignores the fact that the deficit looks bigger under Obama partially because he put the wars in the budget, unlike Bush.

This is no mistake. See the chart here:

So the question is : Is Bachman stupid, or does she think we are ?

I'm still trying to figure out where Bachmann is wrong. The fact that John Quincy Adams died in 1848 has little to do with the fact that he fought his entire life to remove slavery from the America he loved. I've listened to what Rep. Bachmann had to say and, aside from a sentence that could lead one to believe she meant that they accomplished their goal before dying, she is entirely correct. The founders who fought against slavery were as responsible for the demise of that institution as the sufferragettes were for woman gaining the right to vote.

Liberals and Democrats are really in panic mode about conservative women. The thing is they can't debate them, they have to demean and trash them. Sort of shows you everything you need to know about the tolerant left.

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