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Chan Lowe: Scott and the pill mills


Let this be a lesson to all you civic dilettantes out there. You know who you are…you’re the ones who don’t do your homework and then let yourselves be bamboozled by TV ads at the last minute, because you have no foundation of real knowledge about the candidates.

Rick Scott spent $72 million of his own money to, among other things, swamp us with his feel-good “Let’s get to work” ads. His opponent, Alex Sink, had to resort to more conventional methods of political fundraising, which wouldn’t have been a liability in any other year.

She was overwhelmed. She may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but at least she had experience in state government. True to form, Floridians voted for the person they’d heard of, and Scott made sure through his phenomenal media buys that he was that person.

Even with all that, Sink only lost by a one per cent margin. It may turn out to be a fateful one per cent, as our new governor has shown a remarkable political tone-deafness about how to address the demands of his office.

The title of “Governor” in front of one’s name does not make one a leader. Leading derives from being transparent with those being led, gathering consensus, and building faith and trust among one’s fellow citizens that the path one is taking is considered, and the best for all.

Leading does not consist of making arbitrary, unilateral decisions about matters of state policy, leaving one’s own attorney general and other law enforcement officers out on an embarrassing limb, and then compounding the blunder by imperiously refusing to explain one’s rationale.

Putting the kibosh on the state prescription database is an incomprehensible and destructive decision. Let us hope it is not the first of many. Four years is a long time, and things are tough enough for Florida as it is.

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I don't think it was no-nothing voters so much as the choice between a crook and a banker was a toss-up for most people...

Tom-Your right...We had a choice between "Twiddle-Dee" & "Twiddle-Dum"....
Doesn't bode too well for us....

Rick Scott beat Alex Sink for the same reason he beat Bill McCollum, the electorate is finally tired of the empty promises of politicians, both Republicans and Democrats. Rick Scott is a change agent. At some point in time most people will be upset over something he proposes to do or not do. In the end however Florida will benefit from a top to bottom shake-up of state government. Scott will challenge the many sound good/feel good programs that don’t have a chance of solving a problem, the current example being the state prescription database. Over the next eight years he will introduce programs and support legislation which will work to solve problems and create opportunities.

Rick Scott is a idiot..To kill the RX program makes not one drop of common sence.
This is NOT a way to start off as governer. Florida is in deep trouble. humane life means nothing to this man. If it did he would not be trying to kill the RX data base

To WinJeff: He's not change; he's another businessman in office, as all politicians are. You simply can't run a state like a business. What do you do for a living? If you work in an office, I'll bet you hate your bosses; at the very least you'll have someone in a higher position who you think doesn't deserve the job for whatever reason.

Do you like how much money you make? Do you like the policies your job has? Do you think it's inefficient? Do you notice that the higher management people make your yearly salary in a week or month, all because, while they may have certain skills, they got in good with their own bosses? Business management is ALL about politics. Not the other way around. Do you see the news reports about how CEO of company A eats sushi off a naked supermodel on his orphan tear powered yacht, while he fires all his underlings or cuts their pay to below any livable wage, takes away all their benefits; finagles it so people are contracted or part time so the company doesn't have to provide health or unemployment? Welcome to your future Florida government.

You, the layman, will find yourself unable to pay your bills, and you'll find no mercy in programs to help you. If you're one of those who believe in private charity as opposed to a social safety net like welfare, I've got news for you. I lost my job over a year ago. I've gone through all 99 weeks of my unemployment. My husband finally found a minimum wage job that puts us just barely over the $415 a month salary cap for medicaid, so my family has no insurance. Food pantries, private agencies who help with bills or health care are all completely overwhelmed by the demand. They run out of funding the first week of every month, leaving the vast majority of those in need without any recourse at all. If my family didn't have food stamps, and we had to rely on the generosity of the private sector, we'd have starved to death ages ago.

I'm not trying to start a welfare argument, I'm just pointing out that a government run like a business will see a much larger homeless population, a much larger number of people on public assistance, which is, even as we speak, being cut back so far as to make it useless, a much larger number of people with no jobs, no help, and no hope. You think things are bad now? Let's have this conversation again in a few years. If I'm wrong, then wonderful. I hope I am, I really do. I want Florida to be a great state to live in again. Sadly, I don't think I'll be wrong.

Now, I have a request of you, WinJeff; I'd like you to respond to this post. Not as an argument, though. If you disagree with me, tell me why. I'd honestly like to know. It's important to me to consider all positions, even those I initially disagree with. Thanks. :)

Hi Selina, I think if your in broward there are many churches that can actually help. There is one off Atlantic Blvd. east past dixie, food pantry just make a left after dixie and you will a church in the middle with signs pointing to the pantry. Also you may want to inquire about Our Lady queen of Peace, Mission Church, in Delray Beach. They have a clinic its $20.00 which was actually made for the workers immigrants that had no insurance with this country but are under contract to work (really sad). They also have a dental office where fillings are 45.00 and cleaning i believe 35.00. Hope this helps, and hope all is well with your famiy. I really encourage you to call the mission church. They are very good at what they do. They have one of the best dentist volunteering there.

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