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Chan Lowe: Scott derails hi-speed train


Are you sorry you voted for Rick Scott yet?

What was he thinking? More important, what were you thinking? Here was a man with a completely unproven record…well, at least, in government. Unfortunately, his record in the private sector says a lot of things about him that should have caused you to pull up short before connecting that arrow on the ballot.

He’s decided to allow the running sore of pill mills to continue infecting our state (because they’re a tourist draw, I suppose), and now Mr. Seven-Hundred-Thousand-Jobs-In-Seven-Years has disdained $2.4 billion in federal gift money on the tragically incorrect premise that it will cost Florida taxpayers more than that in matching funds.

And that’s just in one week. This guy is worse than incompetent…he’s malevolent. I thought Scott was all for helping private enterprise create jobs. A consortium of business groups is ready to match the federal money with private investment, and they’re contractually bound to make up any overages out of their own pockets. Where is the risk to the taxpayers?

Sen. Bill Nelson, upon hearing the news of the refusal, tweeted that had Scott been governor during the Eisenhower Administration, Florida wouldn’t have an Interstate highway system today.

You should hear the screeching out of the local legislators, government officials and members of congress from Central Florida affected by this boneheaded (hmmm…so apt) decision. And they’re all Republicans.

I have a feeling this is just the opening chapter for our new, untested and unfathomable governor. It’s all your fault, Scott voters. But buck up…this isn’t the end of the line for you. If you would like to ride on your magnificent, state-of-the-art high-speed rail system someday, I recommend the scenery between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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Who the heck needs a high speed train in Florida???? I'm glad he nixed it!!! Wake up people!!! Let's take care of our PEOPLE here!!!

Before you start bashing the govenor for his decision ask these questions. How much would the fare be between locations how many people would be willing to pay it. How long before it would ever actually make money. and finally who would be on the hook for the loss of revenue year in and year out. Just look at amtrak or the tri rail system to see if this would have cost taxpayers. Not too mention that the federal government is borrowing more money from china to cover this.

Mr. Lowe , you must be to young to remember when the far left announced that Amtrak would be profitable in a couple of years , that was 30 plus years ago. Thank you Mr. Scott for doing the right thing for Florida and not starting us down a path to a bottomless pit for our tax dollars.We need to stop the crazy spending , cut the federal work force , and the state workforce , phase our gov. pensions and eliminate entire departments that are no longer needed or do not work. This is the first of many tough decision that will need to be made. Enjoy your evening everyone !

I agree whole heartedly with Mr. Scotts descision here. I do not agree with everything he has done or proposed doing but I do think he's right on this one. It makes no sense to spend billions of tax payer dollars on material and labor to say nothing of the real estate that will need to be aquired with will surely lead to immenet domain court battles. Then billions of dollars in operation in up keep in a rail system that no one will use. This is not Asia or Europe Mr. Lowe, our cities are spread out and public tranportation is spotty and inadequate. Thats why 98% of us have cars. Once you take high speed rail to your destianation, what will you do then? Ride the bus? Odds are you will need your car once you get where you are going so you might as well drive. Besides, Orlando to Tampa is less than an hour. Do you seriously think all those billions are well spent to cover such a short distance?

I voted for Mr. Scott I'm proud to say. So far I think he is doing a good if not great job. I voted for him because I found Ms. Sink to be a terrible candidate and besides her husband was the one who spoke in favor of a state income tax. we do need their ilk anywhere near Tallahassee.

Let me remind you all that this money is already approved and will "have" to go somewhere... Unfortunately, because your lack of vision, this will go to other states instead of Florida, where it was meant to go. I'd pay the fare of the train. It's good for the environment, it relieves us from long commutes, it attracts tourists and gives them another choice of transportation; and, let's not forget, it brings jobs to our state. China, Japan and most countries in Europe enjoy and use this method of transportation. It's about time we start behaving like a developed country that we are... or we think we are (for some of you based on your ignorant comments). Thanks (P.S.: I DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS INDIVIDUAL TO BE MY GOVERNOR)

Banger, I think you made a small mistake in your statement that the far left announced Amtrack would be profitable in a couple of years. This statement seem a bit strange as Amtrack was started in 1971 when Nixon was President, are you saying Nixon was far left?

If you'll read this past Monday's Wall Street Journal, you'll see that Gov. Scott actually has made a wise decision in refusing to accept Federal dollars which will amount to nothing more than wasted taxpayer dollars (although they'll be spent anyway, in another state).

High-speed rail is just another Obama boondoggle that he is promoting, just like his stimulus packages and the waste of taxpayer dollars he has been giving away in grants to train workers for 'green jobs'. Only about 10% of the workers have been able to find employment after completing the training.

No sir, both houses of congress were Democratic controlled in 1971, The Ninety-second United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, composed of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. It met in Washington, DC from January 3, 1971 to January 3, 1973, during the third and fourth years of Richard Nixon's presidency.

The apportionment of seats in this House of Representatives was based on the 1960 Census. Both chambers had a Democratic majority

I am really sorry I voted for Rick Scott !

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