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Chan Lowe: Rick Scott's tax cuts


A recent poll has found that if the Florida gubernatorial election were held today, an overwhelming number of Floridians would vote for Alex Sink over Rick Scott.

This says a lot more about the electorate than it does about Scott. It isn’t as though he pulled a bait-and-switch. He always said that if he became governor, he would run the state like a business. We all knew that the business he ran paid a record fine to the U.S. Government for fraud, and we knew that he had no experience whatsoever in government. What more did we expect?

Scott’s idea of cutting corporate taxes at a time when Florida desperately needs revenue is so unrealistic that even the Republican legislators can’t swallow the trickle-down myth. They have to balance the budget, and even the most conservative Republicans know⎯deep down in their granite hearts⎯that generating revenue by creating a more favorable business climate would take more time than they’ve got. Besides, with lower taxes, you’d have to see some pretty phenomenal corporate growth for such a folly to pay off.

Of secondary concern to them is all the lives that would be rent asunder thanks to the budget-slashing necessitated by the Scott tax cuts⎯since we’re only talking about bloodsucking state workers, who cares anyway, right? Well, state workers do pay taxes, and they do collect unemployment when they’re laid off. Unemployed, they’re just as much a drain on the economy as out-of-work private-sector workers.

This is what happens when you put a businessman with no political experience in office. When a businessman buys an election, he forgets that actual people voted for him and that the people are his boss. To him, the money he spent on his campaign was an investment, and he now owns the company.

We never gave him any reason to think otherwise.

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He would never have been elected if he hadn't been running against a banker. In fact it is kind of ironic that polls show Floridians would rather have the banker now. After all, it was bankers who caused the economic meltdown that practically destroyed the entire world economy. Then it was bankers who were given vast sums of our tax dollars to fix it (as opposed to being strung up or at least thrown in jail), and yet now, somehow, low paid public workers are being defined as the villains in the economy (mostly by the right wing elected morons who think we were too hard on the poor bankers and should deregulate them more so they'll have more spare change for campaign contributions). And people wonder why the advanced alien races have never made contact...

What's the problem Mr. Lowe? Do we need to explain your own cartoon to you?

What's the problem Mr. Lowe? Do we need to explain your own cartoon to you?

Posted by: Mark Kleiman | March 31, 2011 10:18 PM

I find it extremely ironic that you, Mr. Kleiman, are speaking down to Mr. Lowe about the need to explain things to him when you cannot even compose a decent web presence on your web site. Furthermore, the fact that you hard link to the "FairTax" web site only exposes your personal beliefs as completely out of whack with reality.

FairTax is a give away to the highest earners in this country. Think of it this way: if you taxed all purchases at 20%, it would cost an elderly woman on social security and some rich skank in Key Biscayne about 20% more to buy a gallon of milk.

Assuming this is fair-- it should cost them both the same proportion of their income, right? For those on low income, every penny counts-- for those on high, they can spare more.

And if charitable giving worked-- and the rich truly were sharing, there would be no need for taxation as our society would be living equal already. Unfortunately since the dawn of time, the haves have demonstrated they are incapable of living without the extras, so they must have their spoils forcefully taken.

So fair tax?'s a wolf's in sheep's clothing. And if nothing else...look at the number of Facebook "likes" on their web site...a mere 85000? of 50000000 US users? Not too many people are fans of it.

keeping worthless burecrats is not job creation or a way to help the economy! oh to see the world with liberal blinders on!

The legislature in Tallahassee just made budget cuts, apparently without any idea of what their effect would be on people's lives.
One cut is on the payments to small caregiving agencies that provide services to handicapped individuals of all ages throughout the state.
These workers were not overpaid to begin with, however there is no way that a business can pay the workers more than the income from their labor generates. Result, we have immediately cut the number of emloyees who were working and with some have had to reduce their hours.
Long term result is that the unfortuante individuals who are otherwise home bound will not get the services they so desperately need to remain a functioning part of society. Unemployment increases and revenues from the money that the workers would have spent will be reduced.
But really Chan Lowe is right " ... We all knew that the business he (Scott) ran paid a record fine to the U.S. Government for fraud, and we knew that he had no experience whatsoever in government. ..."

There will be a Rally on the steps of the Capitol in Tallahassee on Wednesday, April 6th at 10:30am of parents and friends of persons with disabilities, plus many of the health care workers and agencies who are being harmed by Scott's version of Compassionate Conservatism.

I'd love to take a stab at explaining Mr. Lowe's cartoon to him. Mr. Scott is perfectly right. Florida needs more private sector jobs and less public sector jobs. It's that simple. More public sector jobs = ponzi scheme actually. Think about it... Yes, they are paying taxes, but their salaries (AND RIDICULOUS BENEFITS) are a much greater expense to the state than the tax revenue they get from those public employees. You have X coming in and X x2 going out. You can either raise your income (taxes), or cut your spending (public payroll, services, etc.). Lowe is clearly on the side of raising taxes to pay the X x2 amount. Myself and most likely a majority of TAX PAYING CITIZENS feel that Local, State, and Federal haven't done a good job of spending the money we already give them, so why give them more?

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