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Chan Lowe: Congrats, Debbie!


Whatever your political stripe, you should be pleased to see a fighter like Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz rise to the top national position in a major political party. Back when she revealed that she had survived a bout with breast cancer, I wrote an appreciation of her many qualities as a politician and as a person.

South Floridians ought to be proud of our local girl, as well as gratified that our area continues to grow in importance on the national political map.

It would be fitting now for freshman Rep. Allen West, who is one of her constituents, to join in the chorus of congratulations for this most able public servant. It would be the right thing to do, and it would go a long way toward restoring that civility and workability in our government that the rest of us all crave.

Congratulations, Ms. Wasserman Schultz! May your reign be long and fruitful.

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it is great you want to heap praise on a very caustic person like her! but, how belittling for you to call on mr west to do so! (oh yeah mr west is black he needs to be told what to do by you) and civility and ms. shultz do not mix! she is one of the most divisive people in congress! I look foward to her losing in 2012! perhaps she has inspired me!(to run for congress)

You mean Congressman West should be civil and gracious to the same Wasserman-Schultz who camped out in front of his headquarters last fall claiming West denigrated women? And be civil to the same Democrat party who published his social security number and wife's EID number in a direct mail piece? And accused him of having ties to a motorcycle gang? Yeah, right

What a pleasure it is to see that the Democrat party has selected such a hateful and obnoxious person to represent them! The selection of Little Debbie will certainly be aplauded by Republicans as this will certainly help the conservative cause going into the 2012 elections. Chan, Don't count on Congressman West congratulating Little Debbie. In case you haven't noticed, Allen West is very busy these days accomplioshing many worthwhile tasks in Washington.

Debbie WS (queen of the talking points) to DNC head means the dems are REALLY worried about Florida in 2012 (as they should).

Congressman West should congratulate her the moment she is going to thank him for his military service. Oh, wait, this is the same woman who could care less about the military vets, she actually said that injured vets are not real victims. (

Did Glover Park Group send their congratulatory to Debbie? They should be happy, their money sure ensured the purchase of a Democrat Congresswoman and the new DNCC.

Perhaps Congressman West will be more civil that the Caustic Queen Wasserman Shultz has ever been. Oh! and yes, we would very much like to see that same civility you seek Mr. Chan extended to Ms. Sharon Day who last month was elected as Co-Chair of the Republican National Party.

It is interesting that both parties now have women at their highest levels and BOTH from Broward County. Unfortunately only Ms Day is actually civil and respectful of the people and the Constitution.

Tea Party losers just hate it when you come up against a Democrat that has some fight in em.

All she has done is kiss the a** of Obama and has shown no respect to anyone except her own ego trips and to me she is going to cause even more problems for the constinuants with her arragont attitude. I am a Democrat and appaled at her attitude to anyone who is a Republican and also how no matter what Obama says she is so committed to him no matter how bad things that he has done has killed this economic country and how she is showing what a lowlife she is . I love watching her on TV when she stands there like an idiot constantly blinking her eyes as if she is sending a silent message. God help this country with people like her and Pelosi and Reid to just kiss a** an screw us and I pray that she will not screw up even more. And please do not compare her to Allen West at least he is working for the community

Mr. Lowe, I'll comment on your political cartoon: RIGHT ON!!!!

For all of those posting the negative comments, you need to separate political speech from personality issues. DWS is an intelligent, witty, and well-informed Congressional Representative. She serves her constituents well, responds to inquiries, and is present at many functions in the District. In addition, she is a wife, a mother, and a cancer survivor.
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is MY Congressional Representative and I'm very proud of her accomplishments...all without a hint of scandal or wrong doing. As I've said before, YOU GO GIRL !!!!!

as far as surviving cancer...everyone admires that. thankfully she was able to get the best medical attention instead of waiting in a socialized system where the government dictates who her doctor is & when she can see him or her.

hats off to her & our medical system.

but politically? saying Wasserman is TOUGH?!?

this is the person who wouldnt even face her own constituents at a town hall meeting? had herself piped in via closed circuit?

oh yeah, she's REALLY tough as nails

I think Chan is confusing tough with inflexible. Having DWS head the DNC is great, for the republicans. She is not very smart, and when challenged on the issues she mindlessly repeats the Democrat talking points that have been spoon-fed to her. She pales compared to new RNC chair Reince Priebus, who has a solid record in Wisconsin and lead that state's 2010 Republican takeover of the Gov, state house and state senate. What has DWS ever accomplished besides get elected in a gerrymandered Democrat district?

I say congrats to Mrs. Wasserman-Shultz. She's a hard worker for the working class. I do not understand the hate from the tea party; then again, I do not understand why it's okay to continue tax breaks for the top 2% that is costing us 700 BILLION a year. Or why if they want less government, they would shut our country down because of abortion issues.

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