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Chan Lowe: Obama reveals birth certificate


So the White House finally did it. The Donald is strutting around like a gamecock, taking credit for forcing the administration to do something no one else had been able to. Effortlessly shifting gears, the pompous pompadour has moved on to questioning the president’s academic qualifications for getting into Columbia and Harvard, two institutions of higher learning that remained unattainable to Mr. Trump despite his financial advantages.

Meanwhile, the “legitimate” birthers are left scrabbling for a rationale, the way millenialists do after they’ve predicted the world will end and the sun stubbornly rises the next morning. Not to worry. They won’t believe this birth certificate any more than the last one.

The fact remains that this is the first president in history who has had to present documents to prove his origins. Some say it’s because his doubters believe he’s a closet communist. They said that about FDR, too, but nobody asked if he was born in the United States. John McCain has a much more tenuous hold on the “natural born” label than Mr. Obama, yet no birther movement coalesced to doubt his background, either.

I’m part of the group that feels the president did the right thing today. His disclosure may at least have allayed the doubts of those who were sitting on the birther fence. If any Republicans remain who are opportunistic enough to continue to fuel this fire, the existence of the original document will push them further into the corner with the crazies.

As for Trump, what he has done so far is despicable enough for a candidate. If his quest for the presidency turns out to be the mere publicity-seeking joke that many suspect, then he has compounded his sins to a point beyond redemption.

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This is the first cartoon I actually agree with you. It changes nothing. The right wing nuts will continue the crusade just like the left wing nuts did will the 911 conspiracy theories and George Bush.Let the Straw men unite.

Poor Chan, so naivete. Don't you realize that the only reason it took so long to release it was that it is hard to find sufficiently skilled forgers who also have the loyalty of a Greg Anderson or G. Gordon Liddy. Why the software alone required to reverse age an adult footprint, subtracting the callus and scars and adding the baby fat took over two years to develop :-).

Of course I could carer less about the birth certificate. I'm still looking for the "change certificate" he apparently lost immediately following the election.

While I agree with you about the birthers; the facts are this President was elected without a great deal of scrutiny by a very partisan press. There are large numbers of unanswered questions about his past that have been ignored, and the President's failure to be transparent has only worked to increase the conspiracy theories. Bushes education and grades were fair game, until it was learned the Kerry's grades were lower. Why are questions off the table about how Obama entered the elite institutions, and how his education was funded? Ridiculing those who ask, rather than researching the issue, is a lame cop-out.

Hey Trump: YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!. You couldn't come up with Obama's birth certificate. Not a chance to represent the GOP or the Tea Party.....


Hey Wah: Just what election were you following? I will grant you that the "liberal" side of the press didn't drag him through the mud. There is, however, a very cynical (conservative) side to the press (Fox and many radio talking head/blowhard types) that more than made up for that.

Actually a very funny cartoon, Chan.

Now, let me get back to Photoshop - I'm making my own Certificate of Live Birth.

Just kidding.

While I agree that this was a stupid issue from the start. I did find it funny that he would not take any questions after the press announcement (can't call it a conference without questions). After saying it was time to be serious he left to go to Chicago to tape an episode of Ophra and a fund raiser.

No, they're not satisfied. And they will not be until:
Obama is defeated in the 2012 election
Both houses of Congress are not only controlled by their party, but there are NO members of the other party in either house
Everything that Obama and his party did is reversed
And the United States of America is once again controlled by its "rightful owners": the rich White Anglo Saxon Protestant Males.

Stop all hatred of the president

Strong evidence of hatred against President Obama began to surface during the stimulus package and the healthcare debates over two years ago. This merged with birthers' early assertion that the president was not born in the US and was subsequently unqualified for the White House. The argument reached a new height up to now. And last year, former House Speaker and current presidential candidate New Gingrich said that the president was an anti colonialist Kenyan; and Gingrich was joined by Glenn Beck who openly accused the president of being a racist. Moreover, late comer Donald Trump, using his money in the media, appeared to have maximized the birthers' disqualification aspiration, especially in his quest for an openly published copy of the president’s live birth certificate. Argument as such has crossed the mind of many on whether Obama was born in Hawaii or not.

What the reason then for the recent release of Obama’s’ birth certificate? Well, advisers to the president had managed to make the president's birth certificate to the avail of the public. Quite frankly, the president seemed to have been more and more embarrassed; and there could be no doubt people had begun to feel frustrated about those unfounded charges and demands by some members of the party out of power in the White House. Nevertheless most of us are resilient members of society, who are humble to listen to charges and calmly search for facts.

But, as the greatest nation on Earth, we display decency as well as collective respect and comprehension for those who serve our country to help maintain preeminence in the world. Therefore our differences in party philosophies need urgency for reconciliation when approached with mutual respect and understanding. This is why throughout history we only selected a few demagogues to the presidency. This helps secure discipline of our country not just fiscally but also both militarily and diplomatically.

Therefore, should it take scrutiny for any opponent to forge a credible campaign for the White House, lying about the president' birth or using conspiracy theories, will only elevate pundits voices. But, in the end, the American electorate will make an educated choice for the leadership of our nation. In this regard, history already proves that success has always been manifested; and people witness that throughout our time. And as for tomorrow and future, the country’s leadership will undoubtedly keep moving in acceptable direction. So, now, that everyone has a published and certified copy of Obama's birth certificate, it is encouraging to stop seeding and breeding hatred of the president.

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