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Chan Lowe: Obama strokes the Latino community


If I were a Latino, me estaría herviendo la sangre (my blood would be boiling) right about now.

El Presidente came down to El Paso on a campaign sweep, paying lip service to the notion of immigration reform, but he was really laying it out to the Latino community this way: “Vote Democratic, because we’ll only show you benign neglect, whereas the Republicans really have it in for you.”

The greatest continuous gift the Republican Party lavishes on the Democrats is its harsh and inhumane immigration policy, which not only offends moderate sensibilities, it’s even opposed by the very business community the GOP purportedly serves.

Why? Because businesses and moderates don’t vote in Republican primaries. Those who do vote base their attitude toward immigration on a gut reaction rather than reason (“I resent folks who aren’t like me, who come in here spoutin’ their jabber, who grab a slice of the American Dream they don’t deserve, and who take jobs that I wouldn’t work anyway”).

So the Republicans, being shackled to this loser policy, will never claim a significant portion of the Latino vote as long as the Dems don’t screw it up.

But Dems being Dems, they can mess up anything. They’re on the verge of it now by not trying hard enough to come through on the promises they made to Latinos (the ones they always make at election time) that they would help grease the way for them and their loved ones to be assimilated into American society. Obama has some political juice, but he’s not about to blow what he has on them. He’s got bigger fish to fry with debt ceilings and other matters. The problem is, he’s always got bigger fish to fry.

So the reason for burning all that aviation fuel to get Air Force One to El Paso was, basically, to throw empty candy wrappers at the crowd in hopes of enticing them out of their casas on election day. It may not be enough this time.

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Was it at all necessary to put words into the mouths of GOPers to make that point? I'm personally offended. You don't know me. I vote in the GOP primary, and I certainly don't resent anyone, especially those who only want a better life. You really hate anyone that's even the slightest bit right of center, don't you? It amazes me how some (Chan Lowe) who live in a galaxy far, far to the Left of any practical reality stereotype, denigrate, make fun of, and basically try to marginalize anyone who has a differing point of view, while at the same time try to take the moral high ground on every issue. Your point is well taken about Manana Obama, but why is it necessary to make such harsh blanket statements about an entire political party that just simply ARE NOT TRUE to make the point about Obama? You have some responsibility wielding the power of the pen and you use it carelessly, or to promote a hateful agenda. You should be ashamed of yourself. And since I see that you have to approve these comments, I know this will never be seen by anyone. I know the people at the SS love it so they probably just encourage it. As a whole, I think disgusting would be too kind a word to describe what it is you're doing here.

The funny part is Beck, Hannity, Palin, Bachmann, or any of the other right wing nutjobs do the very thing you describe.

Yet you'd probably just call them editorialists, right? This is an editorial, It's **supposed** to be biased. Had you focused a little more in school, you'd probably know that and understand that the 1st Amendment affords Mr. Lowe the opportunity to, what was it you said, "denigrate" you?

And if you think Mr. Lowe is bad, take a look at the Drudge Report, National Review and Breitbart on any given day. You'll really see what bad is.

"...It amazes me how some (Chan Lowe) who live in a galaxy far, far to the Left of any practical reality stereotype, denigrate, make fun of, and basically try to marginalize anyone who has a differing point of view, while at the same time try to take the moral high ground on every issue. ..."

Posted by: common cents | May 12, 2011 10:22 AM

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