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Chan Lowe: Anti-Afghanistan war sentiment


Don’t you remember way back, like four or five years ago, when to talk about winding down a war was condemned as “cutting and running?” When to even question the president’s thinking on the matter of our various foreign military involvements was labeled as unpatriotic, that it was undermining our brave troops who were out there in harm’s way?

Well, today’s Republicans are betting you don’t remember, either. Now that we have a Democratic president running things, it’s all right to question motives like getting involved in a war overseas just to topple a dictator. And now that Afghanistan has lost its luster, we can simply label it “Obama’s War,” and agitate to withdraw the troops without fear that we’re undermining their morale in the process. That’s the wonderful thing about short memories.

But if you’re subversive enough to actually remember the old days, maybe you’ll recall that Republicans always took us to war for righteous reasons, like weapons of mass destruction, yellowcake, and “He tried to kill my daddy. You know, the same daddy that didn’t finish the job the last time, so I’m gonna prove I’m a better president than he was.”

Well, if you can’t come up with any righteous reasons, at least you can take solace in the fact that back then we could afford to pay for our wars. We just took them off the books. It was that simple, and it was the patriotic thing to do.

We waved our hands, and “PFFT!” the debt was pushed off for another day. Easy payment plan. It would never come back to haunt us. At least, not during a Republican administration.

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what happened to all the war protesters we saw daily on the news when bush was in office? where is cindy sheehan now? where is the daily dead soldier count that was on the news all the time? where are the massive anti war parades that were constantly on the news? where are the liberal columnists ripping the president for sending the troops to combat without the approval of congress? what happened to "support the troops, not the war"? all of this seemed to end when obama was elected

hmmmmmm....i wonder why that could be

it kind of makes me think that the liberal press & all those anti war activists didnt really care about the war or soldiers at all. if they did...they would still be protesting. before you discuss war support hypocrisy...take a look in the mirror

As a Greek dramatist said,"In War-Truth is the first casualty."
In modern terms,I'd say the war in Afghanistan is Orwellian..."Up is Down"-"Down is Up"--"War is Peace"-"Peace is War"--"Good is Evil"-"Evil is Good"....On & On the spin-mill goes,& where it stops,nobody knows.
The Kabuki Dance between left & right,red & blue, is a futile shell-game.Meanwhile troops are put in harms way & the private contractors just get richer.....
We're in a asylum,without a good exit strategy....Afghanistan....Where Empire's go to die.....

Very insightful Chan. I also remember those days. There must be a room somehwere where the GOP decide what gets remembered and what is to be forgotten.

Rob, We protested the war for years and all we got was a 4 trillion dollar deficit. CAll it "protesting the war fatigue".
My guess is that you have been on the wrong side of this argument since day one.

Here is an idea: Why not raise taxes on the ones that supported all the moves that sent our men and women to war ?
Call it a goose-stepper's tax.

It's not a question of SHORT memories, it's a question of SELECTIVE memories. We live in a society that seems to have one rule and one rule only: "It's okay if *I* do it, it's not okay if someone else does it." And nowhere is this more evident than when there is a change of party in the White House--it happened in '01 when Bush Jr. took over from Clinton, and it's happening now with Obama...and it could well happen again in '13.

lol @ A1A...ironic that your "protesting the war fatigue" set in right when obama was elected

are you saying the constant coverage by the press of the daily deaths was a protest?

i'm guessing the fatigue will be completely gone when our new republican president is elected

when that gop prez is long will he/she be allowed to say "it's obama's fault?"

Couldn't have been said better Chan.

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