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Chan Lowe: Republican anti-voter fraud laws


There must be some centrally located underground room where Republican governors and pols from Republican-majority state legislatures met to lay out a coordinated national strategy. Otherwise, why would so many states simultaneously try to pass anti-immigrant laws, union-busting laws⎯and most egregious of all⎯voter suppression laws?

Republican chief executives and supermajorities have willfully misinterpreted the economic “mandate” they were given last November and instead are using it to cram through cherished agenda items that they were never elected to promote.

If you really want to know the difference between a liberal and a conservative, it is glaringly apparent in this so-called anti-voter fraud legislation that is being foisted upon us in so many states, including my own.

A liberal follows an inner voice that compels him to be conscious of, feel responsible for, and protect the rights of all of his neighbors, regardless of color, creed, sexual orientation, or any other differences⎯including political philosophy. It was liberals in the ACLU who supported the right of neo-Nazis to march in Skokie, Il., much as they were repulsed by the marchers’ message.

A conservative, on the other hand, is so convinced of the righteousness of his ideology that, in his mind, any means to promote it are justified by the ends. Who tends to vote Democrat? College kids, poor people who move a lot, and minorities. So let’s just write some specific laws that make it more difficult for them to vote. We’ll use fraud as a pretext, even though there isn’t any to speak of. Most voters are too uninformed to know they’re being bamboozled.

Besides, the people we’re disenfranchising aren’t really good Americans anyway…at least, not like we are. And nobody else will care.

So, no harm done.

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Yes, the "states rights", local control, smaller, decentralized government arguments we are bombarded with by Republicans during campaign season and beyond quickly result in propositions that show all the evidence of central planning from a top down organization.

Somehow 45% of Americans buy the charade because they agree with the policies and are willing to ignore the obvious contradictions. are so correct. asking for I.D. is definitely racist. i remember my college days, when the racist bartender would ask me for I.D. and that bigot librarian who wanted my I.D. when i needed a book.

who am i kidding though...trying to reason w/ a screaming lib like chan is like trying to nail jello to a tree


So why should non citizens, regardless of race, color or whatever, have the privilege of walking in an voiting and god knows who they are or how many other times they have voted.

Laws are what made this civilization palatable so follow the law stupid or you will have CHAOS> and another obama.

Mr. Lowe:

Your cartoon and accompanying allegations are outrageous.

The Democrat Party has been the party of Secession & Segregation. It is the party that has for 45 years, kept Americans of African descent on an economic plantation; originally with it's Jim Crow Laws, and now, by keeping otherwise hardworking men and women on a dependency track that has been generational. Lives spent dependent on meager government handouts

Cities that have been under Democrat leadership for the last 40 years suffer at the bottom of every social metric and school boards that are controlled by Democrat supported unions, lead the country in every "wrong" statistic imaginable. Our own Broward County School Board graduates young men of African descent at the third lowest rate in the country and was recently the subject of a scathing Florida Grand Jury finding that is remarkable in that, no one seemed to care.

No sir, your commentary is unacceptable.

Your opinion is simply self indulgent, mean spirited, unhelpful and complete nonsense.

Fred Perry
Chairman of the Board,
The Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County, Inc.

@ Fred Perry: Your confused arguments have NOTHING to do with the fact that Republicans are trying to suppress the votes of minorities, young people (news flash, they're real Americans too), people who move often, and recent immigrants. Get a grip.

Mr Perry:

The segregationist and secessionist policies to which you refer belong to the democratic party of the traditional south. Lincoln was a Republican, if you remember, and his views reflected those of the more moderate north.

The members who aligned with those policies you mentioned flocked to the Republican party in 1964. Hmm, what happened THAT year?

So stating what Dems, Whigs, Tories, and Republicans WERE in any other time than today is fallacious. The Dems of today are the only ones still pushing for fairness when it comes to people of color and the poor. That is a fact.

Like you, I believe it's time to look at the value of personal responsibility and engender programs which enable individuals to become productive citizens.
The time for CHANGING policies as they relate to welfare is nigh. But that includes corporate welfare too.

Let's get EVERYONE off the government teat.

As far as the rest of your response, I believe you missed the point of the article. All adults have the right to vote, yet a certain section of the populace is being cheated out of the right to vote. That cross section entails students, transients, and minorities. Did you not see with your own eyes the problems these groups had in getting their vote counted in the last two major elections? And as Chan so aptly put it, those voters just happen to lean towards the left.

As Chairman of the Board of the Boys and Girls Club, I'd have appreciated something more from you than a rhetorical attack (I read enough of that in Tom Jicha's column). Perhaps you can consider constructive response in the future? The beauty of this kind of forum is that we can actually share points and ideas. And maybe even learn that there's merit in others' points of view, and quite possibly come to a conclusion that serves EVERYONE. But the way you come across as confrontational inspires no one acrooss the aisle to even consider your viewpoint.

I'd like to hear your thoughts about the responses to your post. But if you could tone it down to a conversation, maybe we could move forward together.

Thanks! I admire you passion and respect your beliefs, even though they are not my own.

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