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Chan Lowe: Snoozin' through a crisis


It’s the financial stigma Republicans won’t talk about, and average Americans won’t remember because it happened before last week.

It was the golden son, George W. Bush, who inherited a humming economy and a surplus from his predecessor. Thanks to his bumbling, and that of the two houses of Congress his party owned for six years⎯we squandered our wealth and undercut our revenue base to the point where yahoos elected in a reactionary wave to the appalling spending spree now threaten to ruin the reputation of the country we all love. The only silver lining to the crash having happened in late 2008 is that there is no way it can be blamed on his successor⎯President Obama’s detractors have to content themselves with attacking him for cleaning up the mess too slowly, and (horrors!) for spending more money in the process.

Meanwhile, President Mission Accomplished slumbers on, enjoying the undisturbed, dreamless sleep of the benighted.

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And the pundits keep talking about drafting yet another Texas governor to run for President. Just what we need...

And dreaming of the library he has built and will never borrow a book from to read...mission finished!

Bush is always an easy target for lefties, basically because you don't have to think too hard or even worry about the facts. Socialists (South Florida Democrats) believe facts are details with round edges, they can be rolled around to fit where they want them. Think about this lefties; there would not have been any "Arab Spring" if there were not free elections in Iraq. There would not have been free elections if it were not for the Iraq War. It cost too much in terms of dollars and far too much in terms of American lives but history will show that the result of Iraq war was the beginning of a democratic revolution in the Middle East. Opps, I forgot you lefties detest a true democracy, free enterprise and everything else at the core of America.

All the while Obama still to this day is getting a free pass on his performance so far. It was his economic policies that were supposed to advert this crisis.
His stimulus was to keep unemployment no higher than 8%.....Failed!
Biden "summer of recovery" will create 600,000 jobs in three months...Failed!!
Health care reform to create 2 million jobs............False!

But its all W's fault!......which YES, unfunded wars and out of control spending Has contributed to this problem. TRUE.

But OBAMA is just making this country's problems EVEN worse. Obama was to be the solution to Bush, according to the left leaning members of the corporate media, but the way I see it, Obama is just a continuation of the Bush presidency. Expand the war on terror, continue to increase the national debt, and further erode the civil rights guaranteed by the U.S. constitution.

If you want to blame former presidents for the current situation, start with Nixon ( who closed the Gold Standard) and every president since him, Carter, Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, OBAMA!!!!!!!

wow was that propaganda written by a sentinel employee or outsourced to debbie wasserman shultz? that diatribe was nasty,vile and full of 1/2 truths!
shame on you ! the sentinel always babbles about diversity..but I guess in this section liberals have 100% control!they need to hire another cartoon/op ed person stat!

Amazing Jeff.... Couldn't counter the Bush facts there, nut job??

Perhaps you have forgotten the recession that he inherited and the actions that he took that resulted in 50+ months of job growth for the country. Newt and his men were responsible for the surplus and balanced budgets while President Clinton was figuring out what IS IS . The came Pelosi , Reid , Barney , Dodd etc and President Obama who have already caused more debt that the previous Presidents.It is a very good thing that the House was rescued by the people of the country or the debt limit would have been raised , taxes and spending increased etc . I am not a member of either party but you seem to not care about the facts and only about getting Obama reelected ,which is not going to happen. Enjoy your weekend .


What you forget to mention is that the last two years of the BusH administration The Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate. A Reid, Pelosi tag team. MOST of the spending including the first TARP fiasco came under their watch. No Cartoon about that is there???

If America is going to survive we need to shrink government at all levels. The liberal concept of wealth redistribution has never worked and will never work. There are no guarantees that our country will survive but we all know that with Debbie, Harry and Nancy piling trillions more on the debt pile the job will be very difficult. We need to start by creating real jobs. Support free enterprise by creating an environment where business wants to create new jobs.

the recession began under clinton...a clear fact completely overlooked by liberals...since the economy began shrinking in clinton's last quarter (was that bush's fault?)

i could list facts & figures, but how about just a nice quote from Clinton’s Chairman Of Council Of Economic Advisors, Joseph Stiglitz: “It would be nice for us veterans of the Clinton Administration if we could simply blame mismanagement by President George W. Bush’s economic team for this seemingly sudden turnaround in the economy, which coincided so closely with its taking charge. But … the economy was slipping into recession even before Bush took office, and the corporate scandals that are rocking America began much earlier.” (Joseph Stiglitz, “The Roaring Nineties,” The Atlantic Monthly, 10/02)

now, onto the present...wasnt LAST summer the summer of recovery? so is this the 2nd summer of recovery? i dont think we can handle too many more summers of recovery.

nancy pelosi said signing obamacare would instantly create 400,000 jobs...joe biden said "never in my wildest dreams would i have imagined the stimulus would work so well"...and of course obama joking around about those shovel ready jobs not being so ready.

instead of obsessing over a past about focusing on what this prez is doing...or not doing. either he, pelosi, reid, biden etc are intentionally lying to us...or they really don't know what they are doing. neither option is good...but those are the only two choices

Hey Tom..............

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 214,000 net new jobs were created in the United States from August 2009 to August 2010. Texas created 119,000 jobs during the same period. That's over 1 state...1 conservative run state.

yeah, having the guy in charge of that state instead of Owebama would be really bad

The mantra for the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy is that the recipients would use those additional funds to create American jobs thereby aiding our economy.
The reality of that mantra has never been explored. Did those additional funds increase jobs in the USA or did it increase American jobs shipped overseas?

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