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Chan Lowe: Preparing for Irene


You probably know people up north who, when you call or write to tell them you’re sweating out an impending hurricane, say something smug like, “Well, you chose to live there, didn’t you?” There’s an implicit schadenfreude in the statement, as if we Floridians made a Faustian deal to live in the sun and fun, hoping that we’d never have to pay the piper.

Meanwhile, our more sensible friends and relatives denied themselves and stayed put, enduring the northern winters but sleeping more easily in the summers, secure in the knowledge that they’d still have a roof over their heads come November.

It’s becoming harder and harder to maintain that righteous position these days. Thanks to (dare I say it?) climate change, there are some mighty odd weather events occurring to the north of us. Like record heat waves, unprecedented drought, and equally unprecedented flooding. If you look at the areas most affected by the recent cataclysms, they include the broad swath of territory that encompasses the drainage areas of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, anchored by Texas to the south.

Now, superimpose a political map over your disaster map, and you’ll see that these are all rosy red Republican-voting states. If we wanted to draw broad generalities (and we know this is unfair, but why should we care?), we might conclude that these states must be full of climate change-deniers, since one of the most solid and enduring planks of the Republican platform is that climate change is a fairy tale.

Which means that our northern friends have chosen to remain where they are because they refuse to accept the overwhelming evidence that the so-called “anomalies” they have been experiencing will eventually become commonplace.

Just like hurricanes. As a Floridian, don’t you feel better already?

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Lets not forget the data submitted by scientists that have proven to be fraudulent to support the myth....

Not all of us "up north" or out of South Florida are experiencing "record heat waves, unprecedented drought, and equally unprecedented flooding." I lived in FtLaud and actually enjoyed the hurricanes (as long as they didn't get too big, ha) but I could live without your sweltering heat, humidity and gigantic bugs. I have friends who love it, and that's great; let's all just enjoy where we live. So before you gloat too much, just a reminder that some of us are sitting here at midnight enjoying 64 degrees and light misty rain and are NOT envious. :) And my state is about as liberal as you can get, and I consider manmade "climate change" (I notice you can no longer call it "global warming" to be the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. (The climate has ALWAYS changed and will continue to do so, whether or not I drive my car LOL.) And plenty of scientists agree with me.

For every one piece of data that has turned out to be bogus, there have been how many pieces of data that aren't? Trust me: those of us who do live much closer to the Mason-Dixon line are nervous. But at least if there is warming we won't have to endure two feet of snow at a time as often....

I find your cartoon distasteful and misleading. There are laws against price gouging and government agencies are earnest in enforcing the law when violations occur. Businesses are very leery of the penalties and the public outcry so they just don't do it. Your cartoon implies otherwise. The cynicism in your cartoon and your blog is unbecoming

gp-seriously???? have you driven by a gas station today??? what would be your excuse, then, for the increase. They aren't guilty of gouging, until they are caught. Hurricanes, vacation seasons, middle east turmoil-any excuse they can muster.

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